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perfect attention
i was very satisfied with the attention given by the knowledgeable and trustable Michael and other professionals at the dealer on their own jurisdictions, i strongly recommend this FORD DEALER to every one looking for a vehicle, you will find trustworthy answers.
Our overall experience was excellent
Our experience was exceptional, we were appreciated the knowledgable staff who were available to answer all our questions and help us make an informed decision.
Great customer service - super satisfied with the results
I had really great experience with this dealership this is my second time purchasing from them Jag was my salesperson this go around and he was great. They really worked hard getting my approval on something that I would like and something that I can afford. I would definitely recommend going to the stealership for a seamless process and options I have nothing to complain about with this purchase or my previous purchase. Nicholas and finance was also amazing great customer service I'm really happy with the assistance I received and the overall outcome. I'll definitely be back in a year maybe two for my next vehicle upgrade. Thanks a million, Kathleen
Great experience and never felt pressured to buy.
Purchased a car from Mike Nokes at Key West Ford and the experience was exceptional. I never felt pressured and at all times felt like Mike was trying to get me the right car for my new family. He didn't BS me when it came to negotiating the price and his boss Wes was reasonable when it came to the trade in value of my car. You can also tell that Wes has the best interests of his sales staff and wants to work with them to make a deal happen that leaves both sides happy. Gurj in financing was great to deal with and worked with me to find the right extended insurance for my needs at a decent price. I left extremely happy with the car I wanted at a great price. I would happily purchase another car from Mike at Key West Ford and recommend anyone heading there to search Mike out. Thanks for the Lincoln!
Awesome Experience with Great People!
After one whole days search for a used car. Me and my wife could not find a single car fits our expectations. Finally we decided and turn to Key West Ford hoping that we might be able to find one what we need as we love FORDS. As soon as we got off the car. Nikola Bebek the sales person greeted us. He gave a great service to us. The finest thing I noticed in him was that he never said no to all the requests I did while I was searching for a car. Nick gave his fullest support for me to go home with a Ford Fusion. But It was too big for my daughter to learn. Thanks to Key West Ford that I could exchange within one month. I had to Trouble Nick again. Happily excepted my request and I end up with a 2015 Ford Focus which is a great car. When I came to the finance I met another fine person Nicholas Terezakis. He took the courage to get me the best rates and monthly payments which I was fully satisfied. These two gentlemen have given me a great service through out the process. Which kept me happy without worries. Certainly they have helped me to build confidence over the dealership. GREAT WORK!
They helped me alot and got me in a good car
Mike and west helped me out so much to get out of a bad car and in to a good car they did a great job and iam happy i went to key west ford i love my car thank you guys for helping me and careing so much about your customers you guys did a great job
Great Work!
This dealership was very organized. Fulfilled all their promises. Delivery of vehicle was seamless and very speedy. Car was fully detailed. Couldn't of asked for much more. Wish all of my car or truck purchases were this satisfying. Great selection for a picky buyer like me. Thank you very much Ian, Kal and Kam.
Key West Ford-Excellent
Jag my salesman was exceptional. Great presentation , service, information ,price, was friendly and made me feel like I was a long time client and my needs were the most important aspect of buying a truck. Kal and the rest of the staff assisted in the purchase of a fantastic truck from Key West Ford.
Michael Nokes is the man you need to talk to if you ever need to purchase a vehicle. This guy knows whats best for you and makes sure that you are completely satisfied. I purchased 2 vehicle from this guy and so far never was i dissappointed.
Sound Ford Blogs - General Automotive News
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It’s the slowest of speeds - with your van marking every mile with a leisurely puff of exhaust. Your fingers clench impatiently against the wheel. There are errands to accomplish and tasks to fulfill, and yet you’re forced to endure this rickety ride. It’s unacceptable. You press your foot against the pedal, demanding a burst of power. What you receive, however, is a sluggish response. You’re not going anywhere.

Dodge understands the frustration marring the mini market - with vans considered slow, stunted behemoths. To counter this, it’s connecting drivers to the high-performance they’ve too long been denied. The 2018 Durango SRT has arrived.

According to the Post Crescent, the new Durango SRT is an engineering marvel. Despite its massive frame - 201.2-inches long, 85.5-inches wide - this van can deftly maneuver through traffic, delivering a 0 to 60 rev of 4.7 seconds. Anchored by a 6.4L HEMI V8, it yields 475 HP and 470 lb.-ft of torque, easily shattering all previous class records; and its eight-speed automatic transmission takes full advantage of the multi-link AWD, pushing the platform to the limit with every mile.

To further distinguish the 2018 SRT, Dodge has fitted it with a seven-mode drive system - adapting to all terrains through Street, Track, Sport, Snow, Tow, Eco, and Valet settings. Each of these offers custom torque distributions and peerless traction, enabling the van to transition from the suburbs to the backroads with ease.

Performance no longer belongs to the hot hatch segment. Instead the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT will bridge the gap between convenience and power. To learn more contact us today.

It happens with terrible consistency, with every four minutes yielding an automotive crash. Seattle drivers meet in a tangle of smoke and metal, and the results are often tragic. A simple miscalculation - the too sharp press of a pedal, the sudden jerk of a steering wheel - can cause havoc on the highway.

With the release of the 2018 CR-V, Honda seeks to counter this.

According to Car and Driver, the new CR-V promises collision prevention in Seattle - helping consumers more efficiently navigate the roadways. Honda has paired this SUV with a suite of assistance programs, minimizing the chance of an accident through:

Rear Cross Traffic Alerts - which warn drivers of sudden lane changes or blind spot approaches.

Adaptive Cruise Control - which regulates speed based on both traffic patterns and road conditions.

Automated Emergency Braking - which engages when frontal obstacles (including vehicles or pedestrians) are sensed and no immediate actions are taken by the driver to avoid them.

Automatic High Beams - which activate in low-light environments and combat eye strain.

Departure Warnings - which help to maintain appropriate lane positions.

Through these functions, the 2018 CR-V can more effectively respond to the highway, providing drivers with real-time monitoring and support. Accident negation proves the cornerstone of every mile.

To learn more about the new Honda CR-V contact us today.

With all-terrain power comes a sacrifice of economy. Crossovers consume resources, gnashing their chrome-covered teeth together with every sip; and the fuel gauge drops with every mile, chirping reminders for drivers to give it more, more, more.

Jeep seeks to shatter this expectation, delivering a new kind of backroad option. The 2017 Renegade boasts a suite of efficient engine options - which, as St. Louis Today notes, allows consumers to seek out adventures with ease. No longer be burdened by high fuel costs and limited drive-ranges. Instead indulge in economy:

Engine: 1.4L Turbo (FWD)
MPGs: 24, City; 31, Highway.

Engine: 1.4L Turbo (4WD)
MPGs: 24, City; 31, Highway.

Engine: 2.4L (FWD)
MPGs: 22, City; 30, Highway.

Engine: 2.4L (4WD)
MPGs: 21, City; 29, Highway.

The 2017 Renegade promises class-leading economy. Don’t fret, though, Seattle drivers: Jeep understands that superior mileage demands equally superior performance - which is is why it’s fused this powerhouse with a smooth nine-speed automatic transmission and an exclusive Selec-Terrain system (which customizes torque distribution for all conditions, including: snow, sand, and mud). These features combine to provide 184 HP on Washington’s backroads.

Want to test the new Jeep Renegade? Visit our dealership today!
Speed defines the sport coupe market - with engineers emphasizing 0 to 60 blitzes and high-performance handling. Every mile must deliver thrills. With the release of the 2018 S5, however, Audi proves that the highway can yield more than pedal-to-the-metal fun. Prepare for an efficient experience in Seattle.

According to Auto Blog, the new Audi S5 shatters all economy expectations. Bolstered by a turbocharged 3.0L V6, this coupe promises up to 21 MPGs in the city and 30 MPGs on the highway. A rear differential provides precise handling (refining the car’s driving mechanics), while adaptive dampers improve suspension responses. To further enhance efficiency, the torque peak has been lowered to 1,370 RPMs - demanding less fuel to achieve top-speed capabilities.

All of this pairs with a newly lightened frame. The 2018 S5 has shed more than 100 of its predecessor’s pounds, fusing both the undercarriage and engine with aluminum. This helps to counter resource demands, lessening the overall power strain and providing both smoother accelerations and decelerations. Fewer fuel drops are needed.

The S5 impresses both at the track and at the pump. To learn more about this Audi coupe contact us today. We’ll happily provide a test-drive in one of our available models, as well as offer spec and pricing information.

The Washington back-roads prove wild - a series of twists, turns, and steep hills. No sedan can conquer them, and no hatchback can shoulder the strain. A powerful platform is instead needed to push through the mud and muck, ensuring a smooth ride over every terrain.

Audi recommends its 2018 Q5.

This lean SUV is meant for adventure - with its 111-inch wheelbase roaring over rough roads with ease. A turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine waits beneath the hood, delivering 252 HP and 273 lb.-ft of torque. AWD propels the Q5 forward, utilizing adaptive dampers and air springs to create a refined cabin experience; while selectable drive-modes allow users to heighten the chassis, with the custom Lift function raising the entire platform by up to three inches to improve ground clearance. There’s no trail too challenging for this Audi powerhouse.

To further assist drivers, the 2018 Q5 also boasts a seven-speed automatic transmission - which nimbly responds to every incline through exclusive Dual Shift technology. This feature optimizes every gear, allowing the platform to fluidly accelerate around sudden corners. It reduces friction and improves overall control to yield a seamless experience.

The 2018 Audi Q5 is an ideal companion for every adventure. To learn more about this SUV contact us today!

The new era of luxury has begun - with Cadillac unveiling its 2018 Escalade. This SUV (which should make its way to dealerships this fall) promises sleek styling for the Seattle market, introducing drivers to a collection of chrome and custom lighting.

According to WFYI, the new Escalade has been recently spotted in the United States - with its tri-row body impossible to ignore among the crowded New York streets. This Cadillac giant delivers a sophisticated A-pillar construction (with its wheelbase lengthened by three inches to create a crisp profile). A three-slat grille anchors the front, surrounded by LED fin lights and integrated headlamps; while satin-finished chrome punctuates the dark metallic paint. Rugged 22-inch wheels complement the bullet-like side panels, and the acoustic windows add a chic effect.

When these elements combine, they transform the 2018 Escalade from SUV to showstopper - and we’ve no doubt that this platform will race to the top of the luxury charts when it arrives. Prepare for a sport utility surge in Seattle.

What do you think of the latest Escalade? Share your opinions with us today - and don’t forget to visit our dealership to learn more about this and other Cadillac models.

It’s a sudden grind - with your car struggling to climb a highway hill, wheezing with every push of the pedal. You spare a quick glance to the mirror, hoping that there’s no one behind you (just in case your engine fails completely). Long minutes follow, punctuated by the sloppy rumble of a chassis and the occasional curse from you. This day is not going as planned.

Honda sympathizes - which is why it’s recently revealed a suite of transmission options for Seattle drivers, ensuring that they can better adapt to changing road demands. The 2018 Accord is on its way.

According to AutoWeek, the new Accord should prove ideal for Washington’s endless inclines. This sedan has been fused with three unique drivetrains, allowing consumers to conquer every mile. Available options now include: a six-speed manual transmission (which will ensure better user control); a continuously variable automatic transmission (to regulate fuel consumption and lessen engine strain); and a 10-speed automatic transmission (to take advantage of the 2.0L V6 and allow for steady speeds). Each of these will cater to unique environments and eliminate those all too familiar power losses.

Through this, Honda will enable drivers to reclaim the roadways. The 2018 Accord is tailored for performance!

Want to learn more about this robust sedan? Visit our dealership today for further specs and pricing information, as well as to schedule a test-drive in our available Accord models.

Details have proven all too scarce for Wrangler fans - with Jeep hoarding timelines and aftermarket options, guarding every spec as though it’s a secret. Drivers have struggled (in vain) to glean even a hint of information, and every message board has been flooded with frustrations and lamentations alike. There’s simply been no relief.

That is about to change.

According to The Truth About Cars, Jeep has finally revealed details for its latest Wrangler - including the full suite of engines and the production date! By March of next year all-terrain fans will have access to: a 3.5L V6; a turbocharged 2.0L inline-four; a 2.0L hybrid; a 3.2L diesel; and a 2.0L diesel. Each of these powertrains will be mated to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, and stop-start technology will also be implemented to improve efficiency. Further options (including an auxiliary-controlled alternator and a black vinyl soft-top) will arrive by August of 2018, ensuring a fully customizable platform.

These details should thrill Wrangler aficionados, offering them a clear production schedule to follow and plenty of upgrades to consider. Get ready for the evolution of off-roading!

To learn more about the 2018 Wrangler, as well as other Jeep models, contact us today.

Change is a dangerous word - with Seattle drivers wincing every time an automotive brand announces a refreshed (and redefined) platform. Too often do these upgrades prove lackluster, offering neither value nor style. They’re little more than excuses for press releases.

With the release of the 2018 Durango, however, Dodge is providing consumers with something far more substantial.

According to Car and Driver, the Durango has been fused with a suite of options - each meant to improve performance and ensure seamless all-terrain handling. A sport steering wheel offers precision while cornering, while the eight-speed automatic transmission is deftly controlled by a new gearshift. Front and rear parking sensors provide easier maneuvering; a power lift-gate allows for quick cargo access; and an optional 8.4-inch touchscreen delivers high-definition navigation and climate reports, enabling consumers to plan their routes with greater efficiency.

Through these upgrades, the 2018 Durango can adapt to every road - with its entire powertrain tailored for convenience. Change is (finally) a good thing.

Want to learn more about this and other Dodge platforms? Visit our dealership today to request further specs and pricing information.
Rejoice, Seattle adventurers! The next generation of back-road power has arrived - with Jeep unveiling its 2018 Wrangler Rubicon.

Prepare to embrace every terrain. The Four Wheeler Network recently shared spy shots of the new Rubicon - a V8 monster that will dominate rocky trails, sandy shores, and every path in between. This Jeep platform (which is slated for a late fall release) has been fused with drag-defying style, with every line tailored for high-performance responses:

Aerodynamic Windshield - Angled sharply to diffuse air and reduce resistance.

New Fender Flares - Sculpted to decrease friction while cornering.

Vented Hood - Engineered for greater intake ratios.

Sport-Tuned Suspension - Revised from the previous model year to better adapt to changing inclines and environments.

The 2018 Wrangler Rubicon proves perfect for every roadway, with Jeep bolstering its four-door chassis with a series of performance upgrades. When these elements combine, they ensure that the platform can effortlessly combat high winds and shaky trails - allowing Seattle drivers to dominate the coast. 

Want to learn more about the new Rubicon? Visit our dealership today for further information about this and other Jeep models.
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