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perfect attention
i was very satisfied with the attention given by the knowledgeable and trustable Michael and other professionals at the dealer on their own jurisdictions, i strongly recommend this FORD DEALER to every one looking for a vehicle, you will find trustworthy answers.
Our overall experience was excellent
Our experience was exceptional, we were appreciated the knowledgable staff who were available to answer all our questions and help us make an informed decision.
Great customer service - super satisfied with the results
I had really great experience with this dealership this is my second time purchasing from them Jag was my salesperson this go around and he was great. They really worked hard getting my approval on something that I would like and something that I can afford. I would definitely recommend going to the stealership for a seamless process and options I have nothing to complain about with this purchase or my previous purchase. Nicholas and finance was also amazing great customer service I'm really happy with the assistance I received and the overall outcome. I'll definitely be back in a year maybe two for my next vehicle upgrade. Thanks a million, Kathleen
Great experience and never felt pressured to buy.
Purchased a car from Mike Nokes at Key West Ford and the experience was exceptional. I never felt pressured and at all times felt like Mike was trying to get me the right car for my new family. He didn't BS me when it came to negotiating the price and his boss Wes was reasonable when it came to the trade in value of my car. You can also tell that Wes has the best interests of his sales staff and wants to work with them to make a deal happen that leaves both sides happy. Gurj in financing was great to deal with and worked with me to find the right extended insurance for my needs at a decent price. I left extremely happy with the car I wanted at a great price. I would happily purchase another car from Mike at Key West Ford and recommend anyone heading there to search Mike out. Thanks for the Lincoln!
Awesome Experience with Great People!
After one whole days search for a used car. Me and my wife could not find a single car fits our expectations. Finally we decided and turn to Key West Ford hoping that we might be able to find one what we need as we love FORDS. As soon as we got off the car. Nikola Bebek the sales person greeted us. He gave a great service to us. The finest thing I noticed in him was that he never said no to all the requests I did while I was searching for a car. Nick gave his fullest support for me to go home with a Ford Fusion. But It was too big for my daughter to learn. Thanks to Key West Ford that I could exchange within one month. I had to Trouble Nick again. Happily excepted my request and I end up with a 2015 Ford Focus which is a great car. When I came to the finance I met another fine person Nicholas Terezakis. He took the courage to get me the best rates and monthly payments which I was fully satisfied. These two gentlemen have given me a great service through out the process. Which kept me happy without worries. Certainly they have helped me to build confidence over the dealership. GREAT WORK!
They helped me alot and got me in a good car
Mike and west helped me out so much to get out of a bad car and in to a good car they did a great job and iam happy i went to key west ford i love my car thank you guys for helping me and careing so much about your customers you guys did a great job
Great Work!
This dealership was very organized. Fulfilled all their promises. Delivery of vehicle was seamless and very speedy. Car was fully detailed. Couldn't of asked for much more. Wish all of my car or truck purchases were this satisfying. Great selection for a picky buyer like me. Thank you very much Ian, Kal and Kam.
Key West Ford-Excellent
Jag my salesman was exceptional. Great presentation , service, information ,price, was friendly and made me feel like I was a long time client and my needs were the most important aspect of buying a truck. Kal and the rest of the staff assisted in the purchase of a fantastic truck from Key West Ford.
Michael Nokes is the man you need to talk to if you ever need to purchase a vehicle. This guy knows whats best for you and makes sure that you are completely satisfied. I purchased 2 vehicle from this guy and so far never was i dissappointed.
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need to fix timing belt seattle washington areaYour car’s timing belt is a vital internal engine piece, which rotates the crankshaft and cam in tandem while making sure every cylinder fires when it’s supposed to. While made from heavy-duty nylon and rubber, it is subject to serious stress from your motor and like most essential car parts will eventually wear down (or worse, break) and need to be replaced.

If your timing belt isn’t working, neither is your car.  Luckily, Your Mechanic compiled a list of warning signs that your car will give you when there’s a problem with the timing belt. If your vehicle has any of these symptoms, get in touch with your local mechanic right away.

1. Ticking noise coming from the engine

Your timing belt is fastened to the engine’s camshaft and crank through a series of pulleys. The former runs the rocker arm assembly and head valves, while the latter sends power to the connecting rods in the engine. These parts may cause a ticking sound in the motor when the timing belt begins to wear out. If you hear this, get to the nearest mechanic right away.

2. The engine won't turn over

Everyone has experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when you turn the key in the ignition and the engine won’t turn over. This can be caused by a number of things, including a broken timing belt. While you may hear the starter motor engage, without the timing belt the camshaft and crank can’t do their jobs. Keep in mind that in this situation, the broken timing belt can lead to other serious problems like damaging the oil pump, crank bearings, or cylinder head hardware.

3. Engine misfires

Occasionally, the timing belt can slip on the camshaft drive, causing a cylinder to open or close at the wrong time. This situation may cause a serious misfire. To avoid disastrous engine damage, you need to get you and your vehicle to a mechanic lickety-split.

4. Oil leaking from in front of the motor

It’s not uncommon for an engine to leak motor oil from the timing belt cover. A worn out or cracked gasket may also be the cause of an oil leak. Both of these situations can cause the engine to overheat or wear the belt out faster than usual. It’s best to have your car looked at before the problem escalates.

Is your timing belt broken? Have you forgotten when your replacement interval is scheduled? In both cases, Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington can help.  We offer a range of services, including timing belt repair and replacement. Schedule an appointment online or call us directly at 877-217-4519.