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Local Events And Attractions Around Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
Enter a world of pure enchantment. Throughout August (4-5, 11-12, and 18-19) the doors of Kelley Farm will open, revealing a gathering of knights and maidens most gracious. The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire will soon begin! Drive the 2018 Explorer to Bonney Lake and discover a 14th century adventure. Watch as warriors joust in the center arena; delight in the antics of the Piccolo Puppet Players; and track down storybook creatures in the infamous Gnome Hunt. This event delivers fun for the entire family, blending maypole dancing with pirate-inspired chess tournaments. With each weekend comes a new theme to enjoy!

The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire promises an experience like no other; and, to ensure that you don’t miss a single moment of fun, we recommend traveling in the 2018 Explorer Limited. This Ford SUV boasts an advanced navigation system - blending voice-activated interfacing with an eight-inch touchscreen. Turn-by-turn directions are displayed in vivid LCD color; while intuitive Map Modes showcase the surrounding environment, warning of traffic accidents and poor weather to optimize route planning. Integrated search functions boast GPS tracking and can quickly find nearby points-of-interest (including fuel stations and ATMs); and capacitive swiping technology allow drivers to re-focus the display as needed, zooming in on specific intersections or gridline locales.

This promises easy miles for families seeking the Midsummer Renaissance Faire - letting them quickly (and efficiently) reach the shores of Bonney Lake. To learn more contact us today!