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Local Events And Attractions Around Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
st. pawktrick's day pawty seattle washington 2017St. Patrick’s Day is going to the dogs - and we mean that in the best way possible. Today, Seapine Brewing will partner with the Seattle Humane Society for an event like no other.

Prepare for the St. Pawtrick’s Day Pawty!

From 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., the Seapine Brewery will provide pet-owners with a tail-wagging good time. The St. Pawtrick’s Day Pawty allows men and women to celebrate with their four-legged friends - providing free treats and goodie bags, exclusive pet supply coupons, raffle prizes, and more! Dress your pup in his clover-covered best for a chance to win the costume contest; and strike a pose at the photo booth.

This event lets dog-lovers enjoy an evening of furry fun - and to also rally together for an important cause. Proceeds from the St. Pawtrick’s Day Pawty will benefit the Seattle Humane Society, helping animals in need across the city.

There’s no better way to spend the holiday! Take care, though: the downtown streets will prove crowded. This is why we recommend the 2017 Ford Explorer, which boasts Enhanced Active Park Assistance to navigate even the tightest spaces. Ultrasonic sensors scan the surroundings, gauging the best available routes and sending notifications to the steering column. Automated braking and speed-monitoring functions are then engaged to ensure a smooth parallel or perpendicular result.

Through this, drivers can easily find the perfect parking space for their St. Pawtrick’s Day adventures.

To learn more about this event click here.

To learn more about the 2017 Explorer contact us.

Prepare for filthy fun. The 2017 Tacoma Mud Run will soon begin, delivering a series of dusty trails and towering obstacles. Push yourself to the limits as you compete against both your friends and the elements.

On March 25th the annual Mud Run will offer athletes the chance to test their skills. This two-mile course - which stretches through Swan Creek Park - pits men, women, and children against an ever-fickle terrain. Race through deep-rutted roads; scurry beneath ropes and wires; and battle rolling logs. The route is fraught with challenges... and excitement.

Appearances truly are deceiving. Despite its dirty miles, the Mud Run is meant for participants of all ages - emphasizing good times and endless laughter. Jump through puddles with your family, sampling obstacles of varying difficulty levels. It’s a perfectly messy way to spend a morning.

After crossing the finish line, runners may want to free themselves of that mess. This is why we recommend the 2017 Ford Explorer for all race escapes. This SUV offers hill-descent control - blending Intelligent 4WD performance with an exclusive Terrain Management System. With this, it can effortlessly transition from Swan Creek Park’s rugged trails to the downtown Tacoma streets. It maintains a smooth deceleration, automatically applying brake pressure as needed and delivering balanced torque distributions. This ensures a calm ride from the podium to the highway.

To register for the Mud Run click here.

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A-Squared plus B-Squared leads to fun in Seattle. On February 25th, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival will begin - connecting families to an exciting exploration of geometry, algebra, and more. Prepare for good times and challenging problems.

Take the 2017 Ford Explorer to the University of Washington (12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.). There discover endless puzzles. The Mathematics Festival allows families to participate in a series of team-oriented activities - each showcasing unique disciplines of science and engineering. Enjoy dynamic exhibitions, with students from across the state encouraged to slip on their thinking caps and engage with one another. The purpose is to inspire confidence with every problem solved.

The 2017 Explorer also inspires such confidence. Boasting a 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine, this SUV generates 290 HP and 255 lb.-ft of torque - ensuring a spirited ride to the University of Washington. It utilizes variable control cam timing to maximize every revolution, carefully distributing power to the front-wheel-drivetrain. This ensures that no incline proves too steep and no curve proves too sharp, with Ford creating a smooth low-to-high response. Reaching the festival will be an easy task, therefore, and families will arrive right in schedule.

Indulge in numbers and wonder. To purchase tickets to the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival click here.

To learn more about the 2017 Explorer contact us.
There’s trouble brewing in Seattle - with lonesome figures stalking the alleys, their fedoras pulled low and their eyes filled with secrets. Shadows and silhouettes flood the city, and ominous music lilts always in the background.

The Noir City Festival will soon begin!

Form February 16th to February 22nd, Seattle will host the Noir City Festival - a celebration of classic films and timeless themes. Take the 2017 Ford Explorer to the SIFF Cinema, where a collection of beloved actors (including Burt Lancaster, Sam Jaffe, Lee Marvin, and others) will dazzle on the screen. Each day reveals a new film - with every frame lit with smoky images and claustrophobic angles. This is the event of the year for mystery-fans!

To ensure that those fans arrive safely to the SIFF Cinema, we recommend the 2017 Explorer. This SUV boasts exclusive Curve Control technology - which allows it to deftly handle every freeway exit. It will monitor driver speeds, immediately adjusting reactions (up to 10 miles-per-hour in one second) if they prove too fast for an approaching turn. It constantly scans the road to assess upcoming topography, and it utilizes four-wheel precision to keep itself perfectly balanced.

This ensures that drivers can wind their way through even the tightest city corners - with the 2017 Explorer accommodating sudden twists, traffic jams, and more with ease.

To purchase tickets to the Noir City Festival click here.

To learn more about the 2017 Explorer contact us.

seattle washington art walk 2017The New Year’s fireworks have sputtered into smoke - but their colors remain, captured in the canvases of Seattle’s Art Walk.

Journey to Pioneer Square and discover downtown masterpieces. Art Walk - a tradition started in 1981 and embraced by collectors and casual palette patrons alike - fuses the city with bold lines, delivering exhibitions that will amuse, bemuse, and impress. On January 5th, participating galleries will open their doors and provide guests with access to their most accomplished works.

For those considering purchasing these works, the 2017 Ford Explorer will be essential. Tomorrow take this SUV to Pioneer Square and prepare to fill its expansive cargo bay with paintings, sculptures, and more. Utilize the class-exclusive power-folding third row to quickly store all pieces, with the level-load floor allowing for easy entry and stability. All items will fit seamlessly within the cabin (which boasts a total passenger volume of 151 cu.-ft).

The Art Walk hosts a variety of showcases - some of which prove too large for even the Explorer’s interior. A trailer may instead be needed. Don’t fret, Seattle drivers: this SUV boasts up to 5,000-pounds of towing capabilities to accommodate every purchase.

Experience the cultural event of 2017. Art Walk is coming.

To learn more about this festival click here.

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Tucked among the North Cascades is Leavenworth - a cobblestone collection of timber-framed shops and colored lights. Indulge in Bavarian traditions this holiday, finding old-world charm with every mile.

Take the 2017 Ford Explorer to Leavenworth and discover the annual Christmas Festival. This event promises fun for the entire family, with its many activities flanked by European-inspired architecture and snowy scenes. Stroll down the lanes and experience:

Live Entertainment - provided by the Army National Guard Dixie Band and local bell choirs.

Delicious Treats - including roasted chestnuts and spiced apple cider.

Childrens’ Entertainment - such as photo-ops with Santa Claus and Father Christmas.

Outdoor Sports - including tubing, skiing, and snowboarding.

.... and much more!

Leavenworth’s downtown transforms into a holiday celebration, making this the perfect event for families.

The 2017 Ford Explorer is also the perfect vehicle for traveling. A two-hour trek to Leavenworth can prove challenging for little minds - with children quickly becoming bored of the passing scenery. Engage them with this SUV’s many infotainment features, including its smart-charging USB ports (which allow for quick device syncing) and the advanced SiriusXM package (which offers more than 150 unique channels and high-definition streaming).

Through these options - along with the SYNC 3 system, a 12-speaker Sony audio system, and 12-volt chargers - the 2017 Explorer keeps all passengers entertained during the long miles to Leavenworth.

To learn more about this and other Ford SUVs contact us today.

2017 ford explorer for sale seattle washingtonIt’s a series of bags and boxes - all piled high within your arms, threatening to topple with every step. You stumble toward your car, feeling the cold clench of a key between your fingers. If you can somehow open the door, then all will be right with the world.

That rightness proves elusive, however, as your packages quickly overwhelm the scant cargo space. Your car is now stuffed with ribbons, bows, and delicate gifts - and you’ve still got dozens of boxes left to store. This... is not good.

Sound Ford Renton agrees. That’s why we suggest relying on the 2017 Explorer. This SUV proves ideal for holiday shopping, effortlessly accommodating even the longest of wish-lists with its newly extended cabin and flat-fold capabilities. Conquer every trip to the: Urban Craft Uprising, Unique Boutique Show, Bizarre Bazaar, and Magic in the Market!

The 2017 Explorer offers an expansive tri-row configuration. When all seats are raised, this delivers 43.8 cu.-ft of cargo storage. When they’re all folded, however, that amount doubles - with 81.7 cu.-ft suddenly available. This allows drivers to quickly secure even the largest packages, with PowerFold technology ensuring one-touch ease.

No longer struggle with small trunk space and unmovable seating. Let the Explorer instead provide holiday relief - and, to further ensure convenience, take advantage of this SUV’s 5,000-pound towing ratio to haul those heavier gifts (such as off-road toys and sporting goods). Fuse the season with best-in-class performance.

To learn more about the 2017 Explorer (as well as our other Ford vehicles) contact us today.

portland oregon forest park seattle washington day tripAdventure awaits beyond Seattle. Travel to the city of Portland, where the famed Forest Park promises all-terrain fun for the family. This 5,000-acre sprawl allows visitors to experience natural wonder. It stands as one of America’s largest urban park systems, following the eastern curve of the Tualatin Mountains; and its 80 miles of soft-surface pathways makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.

It also makes it ideal for the 2016 Ford Explorer.

Travel through the depths of Forest Park, discovering wide-circling loops and sudden inclines. To navigate these changing terrains, take advantage of the 2016 Explorer’s Intelligent 4WD. This innovative system promotes effortless handling, automatically assessing road conditions and distributing power to the front and rear wheels. This distribution allows for precise traction, keeping the SUV steady as it rolls over rocks and broken branches.

This makes it a perfect companion for every Forest Park expedition. With its untouched trails - which include the Wildwood and Lief Erikson drives - this conservancy poses a challenge for most vehicles. Through Intelligent 4WD, however, the Explorer can easily navigate the roads. Pair this with class-exclusive Hill Descent Control to ensure smooth rides in Portland.

To learn more Forest Park click here.

To learn more about the 2016 Ford Explorer contact us today. 
2017 ford explorer for sale seattle washingtonThe season has changed - marked now by crisp air and fire-tipped leaves, with the swelter of summer left behind. Fall has arrived and with it comes the chance for sweet flavors and sweeter memories. Journey from Seattle for an apple-picking adventure!

Waiting just beyond Seattle is Jones Creek Farm, the area's premier apple-picking destination. Slide into the 2017 Ford Explorer and travel to the beatific Skaait Valley. There you’ll find lush orchards of Ginger Golds, Quebec Belles, Mott Pinks, and many more - all begging to be plucked.

Your family will delight in this nostalgic activity, with Jones Creek Farm allowing guests to choose as many bushels as they please. Load these fruits (along with the orchard’s many pears and plums) into your baskets and enjoy an afternoon in the great outdoors.

Worried about bringing all of those goodies home? The Sound Ford team suggests relying on the 2017 Ford Explorer. With its massive storage capabilities - 152 cu.-ft - and tri-row configuration, this SUV proves perfect for an apple-picking expedition. Effortlessly store your precious (and delicious) cargo; and ensure that this cargo remains secure, relying on the new 20-inch XLT wheels and sport-tuned suspension to provide a smooth ride home.

To learn more about the Jones Creek Farm click here.

To learn more about the 2017 Ford Explorer contact us.
new ford explorer for sale seattle washingtonThe trip was hastily planned - a last-minute adventure before the winter begins, with your family wanting to experience the beauty of Mount Rainier. You all craved the rugged trails carved along the glaciers, wanted to stroll through the alpine meadows (hoping to catch a glimpse of deer in the distance). It was need for more than digital consoles and high-definition thrills.

You’re lamenting the loss of those thrills, however, as you travel toward the mountain. Your car offers a pitiable infotainment experience, leaving your family to amuse themselves during the trip. This... is an experiment in failure.

Ford recognizes the needs of families. Adventure and seamless connectivity is now required, with every mile meant to deliver dynamic entertainment. The 2016 Explorer provides that entertainment.

This rugged platform - famed for its Terrain Management System, which allows it to quickly adapt to changing trail conditions, promising precise power with every curve - offers a suite of technology options. These include:

The SYNC 3 System - which blends voice-activated interfacing with a series of custom applications, ensuring effortless digital streaming, Bluetooth access, and video content.

Smart-Charging USBs - which keep every device powered, generating more than twice the functionality of traditional outlets.

Sony Audio System - which offers 500-watts of dynamic sound, pairing LIVE acoustic technology with Clear Phase definition.

SiriusXM Radio - which provides more than 150 channels of commercial-free entertainment.

Through these features, the 2016 Ford Explorer allows families to enjoy the road, guiding them to Mount Rainier in familiar comfort.

To learn more about the Ford Explorer contact us today!