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Thank you Allan Prpic, weel done !!
Allan did an amazing job representing the dealership and his industry. As one who has been to many dealerships through the decades this experience was the best I/we have had. No pressure, no talking over us or our suggestions, only working towards finding a solution that would meet the family’s needs. Allan has set high bar for sale persons to follow; respectful, industry knowledge, courteous, and most of all his mannerism throughout the process were all why a sale was made. We could have bought a car anywhere, but we purchased it here from Allan Prpic. Thank you, Allan it is because of your qualities Dennette’s father now has a vehicle that will last him for many years and give us piece of mind when he is out and about. Kevin and Dennette
Great service , great people from sales rep ,Allen , up
Great service and people from Tony in service , Allan in sales , Gurg in financing. Everyone is always very helpful and accommodating. Allan was super honest and got me a super deal , exactly what I was looking for and very helpful with things I didn't understand
Professional & efficient
Peter Olson was a great person to deal with. He was very accommodating & always willing to help even after the sale was finalized. I've dealt with many sales personnel in my life but none as helpful as Peter Olson. Great job.
Excellent service by all at Key West ford
Thanks to Key West Ford in having Jag Dhillion To assist me in purchasing the truck. Jag was so accommodating and professional thank you very much and I love my truck Regards Trevor Reid
Rewarding Experience
Key West Ford’s sales team ( my main contact Peter Olson) were a pleasure to deal with when I recently went looking to replace my 8 year old F150 pick up. Peter was very thorough in showing and explaining the dealerships new and pre owned vehicles as well as what new vehicles were available at other lower mainland dealers. I left the dealership to think about my options returning a few days later and purchased a great 1 year old ,well optioned pick up , exactly what I was looking for ! I’d like to thank Peter for answering all my questions on comparisons between different models,options,new or pre- owned, I’d also like to thank Michelle for making the “ paper work “ very easy to get through.
Qucik and professional.
We had a pleasure to work with the Key West Ford sales team, very professional approach and quick solution. Special thanks to Anson Song for a hard work and great deal !!!... Fully recommended
Used Forester XT
Thank you For giving me a great deal on this used vehicle. In addition, all of the staff was very polite and well mannered. Dealership worth looking at!
Amazing service
Jag answered for every question I asked, was polite and really helped in choosing the right options. Thanks to him and the rest of the staff of Key West Ford I can finally enjoy a new truck.
Highly recommend!
Jag was extremely helpful and worked hard to get us the car we wanted for the budget we had. He was flexible and didn’t pressure us to buy. We had a great experience at the dealership and appreciated the honesty. Next time we need a car we will be back!
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The name suggests speed - with Federal Way drivers gleefully seeking out the 2019 Civic Sport, certain that it will deliver full-throttle responses. The true value of this four-cylinder sedan, however, extends far beyond performance. Instead Honda has paired it with a series of safety features, bringing true protection to the Washington highways.

As CNET explains, the new Civic Sport pairs it potent powertrain (158 HP and 138 lb.-ft of torque) with advanced security. Adaptive cruise control yields seamless accelerations, regulating the performance-band to maintain safe following distances between passing platforms. Automatic emergency braking utilizes front-mounted sensors to monitor approaching obstacles, with the ABS function smoothly engaging to lessen speed and reduce the chance of under-steerage; while the forward collision warning system releases audible chirps whenever its radar scans detect potential concerns.

To further bolster security the 2019 Civic Sport also features traffic sign recognition software - which instantly identifies road markers and notifies drivers of real-time speed limit changes. Should the car accelerate beyond these parameters, a visual warning will be issued via a virtual windshield display; and operators will have enough time to reduce their accelerations.

The new Civic proves more than just a powerhouse. Instead it delivers superior safety. To learn more about this Honda platform contact our team today!
Craving all-terrain performance? Hyundai recommends sliding behind the wheel of its 2019 Santa Fe XL - a crossover that adapts seamlessly to changing inclines through its potent powertrain suite. Seek out fun this fall in Snoqualmie!

According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2019 Santa Fe XL proves a dynamic force on the backroads. Beneath its hood purrs a 3.3L V6, which produces up to 290 HP and 267 lb.-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission allows for intuitive shifting, instantly identifying optimal gear ratios; while a uni-body construction promotes balanced handling, blending gas-filled dampers with dual stabilizer bars. 18-inch alloy wheels glide smoothly across snow and dust alike; and a multi-link suspension seamlessly adjusts to changing pavement grades, promising a refined ride.

With every rev the new Santa Fe XL enables drivers to conquer the highway - utilizing a custom-tuned power steering column to ensure easy responses and tight turns (it features a curb-to-curb radius of only 36.9 feet). Dynamic handling is now guaranteed.

To learn more about the 2019 Santa Fe XL - or other Hyundai crossovers - contact our team today! We’ll gladly provide further specs, as well as schedule test-drives at your earliest convenience.
Want to enhance your commute? Subaru suggests sliding inside its 2019 Ascent Touring - an SUV that delivers top-tier standard features and emphasizes passenger comfort.

As the Hartford Courant explains, the new Ascent Touring will delight those searching for more than mere power (although its turbocharged 2.4L engine will still delight). Inside its cabin is a suite of upgraded features, ensuring easier miles for every driver. Premium leather seats yield a supple ride, while soft-touch materials define the dash and headliners. A panoramic moonroof floods the interior with light, but integrated sunshades allow for custom ambient control (should the day simply prove too bright). A 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound system provides robust bass-lines, ably assisting all seasonal soundtracks; and the central media console boasts an advanced navigation system, connecting users to turn-by-turn support and real-time traffic monitoring.

The Touring trim further impresses with its 20-inch wheels. These ensure a smooth ride, gliding over every terrain with ease; and, when paired with steering-responsive headlamps and active cruise control, they provide drivers with a refined cabin experience.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today for further information about the 2019 Ascent Touring and its many convenience features - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Subaru models.
Defy boredom on the byways. Slide inside the 2018 Durango R/T and discover a bevy of digital options -- all tailored for long miles and empty landscapes.

As the Journal Gazette explains, the latest Dodge SUV proves ready for even the dullest commutes. Anchored by the UConnect media console, this platform allows passengers to take control of their infotainment experiences - promising Bluetooth-powered links and seamless engagements. Activate the 8.4-inch 4C display and discover an intuitive interface, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software allowing for quick device syncing. Integrated voice-command functionality ensures easy access to Google Search and SiriusXM channels, while HD Radio bolsters every audio signal. A dual-remote USB port lets users download their favorite content directly onto the screen; and an optional charging outlet maintains high battery levels in tablets, phones, and more.

Most impressive, however, is the Dodge Durango’s Bose audio system - which pairs six-speaker clarity with a Beats subwoofer. The entire cabin will shake with 560-watts of pure Hi-Fi sound. Use this to transform the R/T into both a concert hall or a movie theater (with the optional Blu-Ray DVD package offering rear-mounted dual screens).

The 2018 Durango R/T delivers superior entertainment to Bothell - allowing families to finally enjoy each mile. To learn more about this Dodge platform contact us today.
Experience a highway upgrade in the 2018 Sonata Sport. Hyundai has fused this sedan with a series of comfort and convenience features - allowing Federal Way drivers to redefine their commutes. No longer endure a less than perfect cabin.

According to the Herald Net, Hyundai promises exceptional ease with each mile. Slip into its Sonata Sport and discover dual-zone automatic temperature controls, which provide precise climate options for each passenger (adjust the console-mounted vents to achieve optimum air-flow). A heated steering wheel defends against chilly Washington mornings, greeting drivers with supple leather and multi-level settings; while the tilting/telescoping column offers a comfortable alignment. The premium cloth seats boast 10-way power adjusters, cradling the body with seamless automatic support; and a sunroof yields quick access to the outside world, requiring only the press of a button to activate.

To further delight drivers the 2018 Sport also features a wireless charging device - which allows them to maintain steady battery levels on every smart-device. Take advantage of this when streaming content via the integrated Bluetooth links and Apple CarPlay console.

The new Sonata Sport will reinvigorate every commute. To learn more about this Hyundai platform contact our team today!
new chevy bolt for sale seattle bellevue waSacrifice no more, Issaquah. With the release of the 2019 Bolt Chevrolet ensures that you can indeed have it all - pairing an impressive electric engine (200 HP and 266 lb.-ft of torque) with dynamic tech options. You won’t find yourself compromising infotainment for performance any longer.

As CNET explains, the new Bolt is a masterclass of virtuality. A 10.2-inch LCD touchscreen anchors the media console, allowing drivers to effortlessly engage with content via capacitive controls. 4G LTE hot-spots are integrated directly into the cabin, bringing seamless connectivity (power up to seven devices at once); while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software enhance every mile through their search functions and content downloads. Satellite radio provides access to endless channels, and the inclusion of six speakers ensures that each chord rocks the C-Pillars.

Also available for tech lovers is the 3GB data package - which allows each passenger to stream their favorite social feeds, videos, and more without fearing lags. Discover seamless connection times on every tablet. 

The 2019 Bolt is no mere EV. It’s instead a roaming hot-spot, providing riders with the infotainment options they crave. To learn more about this platform (or to request a test-drive in one of our current Chevrolet models) contact our team today.
new subaru ascent for sale seattle bellevue waExploring the Washington backroads no longer proves a challenge - with Subaru unveiling its 2019 Ascent. This crossover proves ready for the roughest miles, connecting drivers to impressive all-terrain power. Rev on, Auburn!

According to The Portland Tribune, the new Ascent will dominate every mile. Beneath its hood sits a 2.4L DOHC engine, which produces a potent 260 HP (at 5,600 RPMs) and 277 lb.-ft of torque (at 2,000 to 4,800 RPMs). The aluminum-alloy block boasts a 16-valve design, with advanced intercoolers delivering precise intakes; while direct-injection capability bolsters fuel distribution to promote seamless power. An integrated turbocharger further impresses, enabling the horizontally-opposed BOXER configuration to push past any obstacle.

Mated to this four-cylinder engine is a Lineartronic continuously variable transmission - which pairs paddle-shifting functionality with an eight-speed gear ratio. This allows the Ascent to more effectively accommodate changing terrains, with Adaptive Control technology intuitively identifying, selecting, and maintaining the best ratios. Acceleration now proves seamless.

With the release of the 2019 Ascent Subaru brings off-road power to Auburn. To learn more about how this crossover will conquer every adventure - or to request further financing information - contact our team today.

new subaru brz limited for sale seattle bellevue waWant to upgrade the highway experience? Slip behind the wheel of the 2019 BRZ Limited - a Subaru sport coupe that promises both exceptional performance and undeniable comfort. Accept nothing less than perfection, Renton.

According to CNET, the new BRZ Limited elevates every mile. Subaru has fitted this platform with a series of top-tier standard features, ensuring that drivers achieve the best of all worlds. Dual-zone automatic climate controls promote a comfortable cabin, allowing riders to select their precise temperature preferences; while heated Alcantara-lined seats counter even the coldest days with ease. A keyless start system offers a convenient push-button design; a seven-inch LCD display screen anchors the central console; and the inclusion of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology yields maximum entertainment, effortlessly syncing social feeds and music files into the Starlink system (all of which can then be accessed with fluid capacitive commands).

The value of the BRZ extends beyond the cabin, however. Subaru has also paired this ride with a six-speed manual transmission - which enables drivers to define every gear ratio, ensuring a smooth low-to-high range that pushes the 2.0L inline-four engine to its limits (205 HP and 156 lb.-ft of torque).

Want to learn more about the Limited’s standard features? Contact our team today!

Rarely do expectations and reality follow the same path (with performance specs never quite measuring up), and drivers often feel pangs of disappointment as they press against a pedal. High speeds are denied; power proves weak; and everything that was craved is, sadly, compromised.

The 2019 Charger SRT Hellcat will change this.

As GT Spirit explains, this Dodge platform is primed to impress. Beneath its hood roars a 6.2L Hemi V8. Flanked by superchargers, this engine delivers 707 HP and 650 lb.-ft of torque (ensuring a 0 to 60 run of 3.4 seconds). An eight-speed automatic transmission bolsters the chassis through paddle-shift precision, while enlarged air valves allow for maximum intakes. An after-run chiller provides steady temperatures, pushing cool bursts through the system; and launch assist technology enables smooth accelerations, optimizing the power-band for every rev.

The 2019 Charger is designed to thrill - and drivers will no longer find themselves denied top-tier performance. Instead they can indulge in up to 203 miles-per-hour of pure Dodge fun.

Curious about this fastback? Visit our dealership today to request further specs or pricing information - and don’t forget to check out our other available Dodge platforms as well.
The weather outside may not be frightful - but the traffic surely is. The season seems to summon every car to the highway, forcing you to navigate the frenzy; and, when driver behaviors prove erratic, this becomes a terrifying challenge.

Allow the 2018 Honda Accord to help ease your mind.

According to Business Insider, the 2018 Accord delivers superior summer safety. This sedan is anchored by a suite of intuitive systems - all of which assess changing road conditions. Blind spot lenses are integrated within the side-view mirrors, affording wide-angle observations and digital warnings should an obstacle approach. Sensors sit on the rear bumper, sending out radar-scans to monitor too-close vehicles; while adaptive cruise control releases 3D mapping technology, automatically noting traffic flow to regulate speed responses (both the brake and accelerator are engaged as needed to maintain optimal distances). Lane keeping assistance further aids operators, seamlessly guiding the platform back to its correct position if a sudden veer is detected.

Through these systems - all of which stream information through an available six-inch color display screen, affording drivers real-time information and high-definition interfacing - the 2018 Accord delivers seasonal security. Travel with confidence, Federal Way!

To learn more about this and other Honda sedans contact our team today.

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