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It’s a series of numbers. With the release of the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, Dodge has fused high-performance with equations - bolstering power, speed, and torque distribution through statistical analysis. The most meticulous science is now responsible for the world’s wildest ride.

We’re impressed - aren't you?

According to Car and Driver, the new Challenger Demon has been carefully crafted for the track. Dodge engineers have partnered with mathematicians to ensure a full-throttle experience like no other. This speedster has been transformed, delivering a bevy of high-percentage upgrades:

Driveshaft Torque Capacity: 15% Increase.
Half-Shaft Torque Capacity: 20% Increase.
Differential Gear Strength: 30% Increase.
Horsepower: 7% Increase.

Through these advancements, the SRT Demon can now wage war on the competition - generating up to 757 HP! It’s an all-wheel powerhouse that, according to Road and Track, will yield a 10-second quarter-mile. This will allow it to dominate the drag-strip and earn strong showings at the podium.

Want to see it in action? Check out this exclusive promotional clip from Dodge!

The 2017 Challenger SRT Demon will deliver supercharged performance on the track - and, hopefully, on the Seattle streets as well. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this rally-racer will come to our city soon.

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The rumors are running wild. Since its debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, the Challenger SRT Demon has left drivers flustered - sharing speculations with every hour. They’re desperate to learn more about this Dodge platform, but the company has remained (frustratingly) silent.

Car and Driver wishes to end that silence.

In a recent article, the popular automotive website discusses the Challenger SRT Demon - wanting to examine its potential power and offer consumers some form of relief. Though none of the following specs have been confirmed, they do deliver a series of compelling possibilities:

The SRT Demon will yield 800 HP and 705 lb.-ft of torque: the Challenger's promotional license plate reads 2576. This, the Car and Driver team surmises, could be a reference to the engine's maximum RPM capabilities (as divided by four wheels). That would generate almost 800 HP.

The SRT Demon will feature all-wheel-drive: the use of an AWD system is very likely. Dodge announced that this model would feature drag-radials and these, typically, are paired with all-wheel responses to ensure optimum street-racing. 

The SRT Demon will offer a class-leading lightweight frame: this platform should be drastically lighter than previous Challengers, blending carbon fiber panels with an aluminum fascia. This could eliminate more than 350-pounds and ensure quicker responses.

These predictions (should they prove true) promise a platform that will impress on the track. Are you as excited as we are?

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It’s a promise of performance - with Dodge fusing high speeds with all-terrain power. Its latest Challenger GT won’t merely dominate the track. It will also blitz down highways and suburban corners alike, delivering a new all-wheel-drivetrain.

This news left guests at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show stunned - and it’s left our team quite impressed.

According to Torque News, Dodge recently revealed its 2017 Challenger GT Hellcat at the Auto Show. This platform - which offers extraordinary style, pairing sculpted rocker panels with an aerodynamic hood - serves as the company’s cornerstone display. Guests surge around its lean body, eager for a peek at the power inside. Within this monster beats a V6 heart. It yields 305 HP and 268 lb.-ft of torque, generating dynamic responses on the road.

What truly thrills drivers, however, is the release of an all-wheel-drivetrain. Dodge is creating new performance possibilities with its Challenger GT, allowing it to rev through every terrain with ease. Pure American muscle meets adaptable design. Check it out!

The 2017 Challenger GT will soon arrive in North American showrooms. We’ve readied our lot for this AWD powerhouse - knowing that will will prove an undeniable force on the charts.

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The future often shapes the Detroit Auto Show, with engineers promising performance and power in equal measure. They reveal plans for the years to come, offering glimpses into the next generations of design.

Dodge is redefining this tradition - embracing the future by celebrating the past.

According to the The Detroit News, Dodge has just provided drivers with the perfect compromise of old-school style and new-school power - with plans to resurrect its original Challenger SRT Demon. This platform (which first debuted in 1971) will serve as the successor to the current Hellcat, delivering more than 707 HP. It will yield greater speed, with company representative Tim Kuniskis noting: “The car is conceived, designed, and engineered for a subculture of enthusiasts who know that a tenth is a car and a half second is your reputation.”

This provides hints of spectacular performance - though Dodge has yet to unveil the Demon’s official specs. Those should arrive later this week, but critics are already speculating about potential engine options. Many believe that it will share the 6.7L V8 used by the Hellcat, making it a leading contender on the track.

With the release of the Demon, Dodge is offering drivers the chance to experience full-throttle fun. We can’t wait to see this platform in Seattle!

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2017 will be a year of adventures - with drivers discovering backroads, hidden paths, and the trails long since forgotten. Every terrain will be explored, and every mile will be conquered. North Americans will seek out the horizon, no matter how distant.

With the help of Dodge’s all-wheel fleet, that distance should prove easy to overcome.

According to Yahoo, Dodge is fusing its entire 2017 line-up with all-wheel performance. Popular platforms - including the Charger, the Grand Caravan, the Durango, the Journey, and the Challenger - will all boast off-road capabilities, with the integrated AWD providing smooth transitions between inclines. This will allow drivers to indulge in every escapade, without fearing imprecise torque distribution or ineffective power.

Want to see that power in action? Check out this exclusive promotion from Dodge, showcasing the enhanced abilities of its 2017 fleet.

Many automotive manufacturers boast all-wheel platforms. Dodge, however, is the only one to transform each of its vehicles - offering this technology to more than SUVs or cargo vans. It’s instead revving up the responses of every sedan, hatchback, and rally-runner; and this proves perfect for drivers craving off-road thrills.

What do you think about this AWD upgrade? Will a Dodge find its way into your garage this year? Share your thoughts with us today!
Less is never more. This is the mantra shouted by Dodge - with every engine tailored to accelerated speeds and enhanced performance. Every mile must leave past records in the proverbial dust.

With the release of the twin-charged Challenger Hellcat X, this goal certainly seems well within reach.

According to Road and Track, Dodge will soon cause both the roads and its competition to tremble. A twin-charged Hellcat X is on the way! This platform - created to raise funds for the Dream Giveaway charity - transforms a beast into a monster. Its original stock form boasted an already impressive 707 HP. With this new generation, however, drivers can experience pure power.

Dodge has fused its Hellcat with a twin-turbo design, allowing the V8 engine to generate a staggering 805 HP! This should deliver fast speeds and dynamic drifting, with every lap showcasing supercharged capabilities.

Want to see this model in action? Check out the video below.

With the creation of the Hellcat X, Dodge is delivering new V8 capabilities - and we can only hope that this speedster will enter the North American market. Currently, no production schedule has been offered but, should the demand prove high, the Challenger may receive a national release.

We have our fingers crossed.

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The new year has not yet begun - but Dodge is already blitzing toward record performance, shattering driver expectations for 2017. It’s fusing its Challenger GT with staggering capabilities and next-gen power.

According to HighSnobiety, the 2017 Challenger GT will serve as the world’s first all-wheel-drive muscle coupe. This V6 powerhouse will roar through every terrain, with its advanced shift-paddle system instantly redistributing the 268 lb.-ft of torque to ensure peak results. This will allow the car to rev down the track, the highway, and every byway in between.

Dodge isn’t content to merely offer all-wheel performance, however. It also wants to redefine strength - fusing the GT with a responsive 3.6L Pentastar engine. This generates 305 HP, allowing the coupe to dominate the competition. An eight-speed automatic transmission and exclusive launch control also promise exceptional responses, funneling all V6 energy into a series of custom drive modes.

Through this, the 2017 Challenger GT allows race fans to take control of every mile - ensuring premium speed and all-wheel precision. This will be the year’s definitive muscle platform.

What do you think about Dodge’s latest GT? Share your thoughts about this and other coupe options today!

With great power comes great expectations - with drivers anticipating broken records and the rattle of an engine with every mile. Dodge seeks to fulfill those anticipations, delivering a new Challenger platform for the rally crowd.

According to Auto Week, the Dodge Challenger will soon receive a sport-turned upgrade. With the introduction of the Scat Pack - a series of OEM add-ons that include a front splitter and a lowered suspension to ensure more aerodynamic performance  - the car will now generate 485 HP and 475 lb.-ft of torque. Its rugged 6.4L V8 HEMI engine will deliver race-ready responses, blitzing down the track at 5,000 RPMs.

This will impress every American muscle fan, with the Challenger pushing past competitors in a whirl of smoke and sheer speed. Want to see it action? Watch the Auto World News' promotion below for a sneak-peak at the exclusive Scat Pack.

Since its initial launch in 1958, the Dodge Challenger has served as the automotive benchmark - redefining the market with its dynamic power and unbridled performance. The Scat Pack edition is no exception, connecting drivers to HEMI handling with every mile.

Pardon us while we catch our breath. This V8 has left us unprepared and overwhelmed. 

To learn more about the 2016 Challenger (as well as other new or used Dodge models) contact us today. We'll gladly provide spec details, schedule a test-drive in our available models, or suggest OEM options to further improve your ride.