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Automotive News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
The 2016 Tampa Bay International Auto Show has ended - but drivers are still rhapsodizing about its many exhibits. It delivered a series of pick-ups and high-performance roadsters, stunning guests with more than 300 displays. The world’s biggest brands (including Ford, Toyota, Subaru, and Jeep) all introduced their latest engine advancements, and they set the stage for a spectacular new year.

Hyundai was no exception, offering drivers a sneak-peek at its latest Genesis G90.

The 2017 G90 debuted in Tampa Bay. This striking sedan embraces luxury, with every detail tailored to passenger comfort. Nappa leather frames the interior, with custom stitching highlighting the elongated cabin and heated seats. Wood trim anchors the 12.3-inch touchscreen, while the ergonomically-designed toggles allow for effortless infotainment interfacing. This spacious five-seater ensures smooth highway adventures. 

It also ensures premium performance. The 2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 features a 3.3L turbocharged engine. When combined with its HTRACK all-wheel-drivetrain, this yields 365 HP.

Safety proves a cornerstone of the G90 as well. The car was recently named a ‘Top Pick’ by the IIHS, with particular acclaim given to its pedestrian detection technology, blind spot monitoring, and multi-view camera system.

Guests at the Tampa Bay International Auto Show swooned over the 2017 Genesis G90 - and we know our customers will do the same. To learn more about this model (as well as other Hyundai platforms) contact us today.

Few names prove as iconic as Aston Martin - a meticulously crafted brand, meant to inspire generations with its signature style and undeniable sophistication. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the 2017 One 77 earned many gasps at the Tampa Bay International Auto Show.

From December 2nd to December 4th, Aston Martin delighted roadster fans with its One 77. This powerhouse won the hearts (and pocketbooks) of Tampa Bay drivers, boasting a sleek profile that defies drag. The bullet-like body blitzes down the track, and the low-arching roof cuts through the wind. This allows the car to take full advantage of its new 6.0L V12 engine, which yields 565 HP.

These numbers will surely impress One 77 aficionados, revving past the previous generation's 510 HP. Aston Martin attributes this increase to the new 6-speed automatic transmission - which delivers three custom drive modes and improved responses.

No official release date has been given for the One 77. Critics note, however, that it should arrive by mid-2017, sparing drivers the frustration of a lengthy wait.

What do you think about this roadster? Does it leave you as breathless as the guests at the Tampa Bay International Auto Show? If so, share your thoughts with us today!
2016 has proven to be the year of the EV - with Chevrolet's new Bolt earning much acclaim from critics. It was recently named Car Of The Year by MotorTrend and has redefined the hybrid market.

During the 2016 Tampa Bay International Auto Show, however, the Bolt gained only a few passing glances - while its sport utility cousin (the Spark) instead reigned supreme.

Electric platforms failed to inspire Tampa Bay drivers. All-terrain performance, however, ignited both the stages and the message boards. The 2017 Chevrolet Spark generated much interest at the Auto Show, with guests marveling at its unique blend of power and connectivity. This compact SUV boasts a spirited 1.4L engine, delivering 98 HP and 37 miles-per-gallon. This makes it an ideal option for the highway or those bumpy country roads.

To further delight drivers, the 2017 Spark also offers a series of tech features - including integrated 4G LTE hotspots and a responsive 7-inch touchscreen. Through this, it adapts to all smartphone needs, allowing passengers to instantly sync to both their favorite social feeds and the MyLink hub. This promotes real-time navigation, voice-activated interfacing, and seamless media streaming.

Hybrid technology may prove the future of automotives - but SUV functionality dominates the present. The 2017 Chevrolet Spark revved up guests at the Tampa Bay International Auto Show, and we know it will soon roar to the top of the charts.

To learn more about this and other Chevrolet SUVs contact us today.
National pride often defines the Tampa Bay International Auto Show - with engineers from Ford, Jeep, and Dodge dominating the stages. They offer signature North American fastbacks and SUVs, connecting drivers to the performance they need.

During the 2016 Auto Show, however, international flair has proven impossible to deny - or resist. Italian powerhouse Ferrari recently displayed its 2016 LaFerrari at the event, drawing gasps and grins alike. This 949 HP stunner isn’t tailored for everyday adventures. It’s instead meant for those one-of-a-kind experiences.

We’ll wait for you to collect both your thoughts and your jaw (we know it just hit the floor).

According to the DuPont Registry, the 2016 LaFerrari is a masterpiece of speed and style. The lean carbon fiber body delivers an aggressive profile, with sculpted fenders and slim side sills. This helps to reduce wind resistance, allowing the 6.3L V12 engine to push past every obstacle. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission offers seamless track transitions, while an advanced electric powertrain promotes efficiency.

These elements combine for precise power, with the 2016 LaFerrari accelerating from 0 to 60 in a mere 2.6 seconds. It’s among the world’s fastest hybrids and represents a new age in innovation.

We’re impressed - and we know our customers are too.

To learn more about the LaFerrari showcase at the 2016 Tampa Bay International Auto Show contact us today.
The spotlights are growing dim at the 2016 Tampa Bay International Auto Show, with only a few hours remaining before the day ends. Drivers entering the Convention Center, however, will still find a few stray illuminations - all flickering toward the Volkswagen showcases.

Volkswagen has earned considerable acclaim at the Auto Show. Critics and consumers alike have flocked to its fleet of sedans, sport utility vehicles, and hatchbacks. Each delivers the brand’s signature styling - impressing with precise arches, retro-inspired headlamps, and dynamic colors. The full 2017 line-up took the stage in Tampa, introducing guests to the latest Jetta and Tiguan platforms.

The true stand-out, however, was the 2017 Beetle. This convertible delighted crowds with its redesigned fascia, with the black-matte trim and new Fuchsia Metallic panels creating a vintage look. The interior also thrilled, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities now offered. When paired with the upgraded touchscreen, these features allow Volkswagen to adapt to all connectivity demands, providing a more efficient infotainment experience. 

The Tampa Bay International Auto Show has delivered more than 300 showcases. Volkswagen, however, has managed to catch the attention of every guest - boasting bold design and intuitive technology for 2017.

To learn more about the Auto Show contact us today!
High speeds dominate the Tampa Bay International Auto Show - with powerhouse showcases from Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ford revving onto the endless stages. None, however, can steal the spotlight from the Dodger Charger Hellcat.

On December 2nd, Dodge premiered its new Charger Hellcat to an ever-eager Tampa audience. This turbocharged sedan thrilled guests with its bold design and enhanced engine - earning much acclaim as it rolled onto the showroom floor. It ranks as one of the world’s fastest sedans, yielding a massive 707 HP.

This high-performance output allows the Hellcat to roar past the competition, delivering exceptional speeds on the highway. Those speeds are perfectly complemented by the car’s exclusive Tri-Mode design, which offers three unique handling responses (Sport, Track, and Street). By utilizing a Bilstein damping system, Dodge allows drivers to more confidently adapt to all conditions - with the precise suspension and advanced electric-power steering deftly handling even the tightest turns.

The Charger Hellcat is scheduled for a 2017 release. We can’t wait to see this platform blitzing down the Seattle streets - leaving all other sedans in the dust.

To learn more about the Hellcat (as well as our other Dodge models) contact us today.
tampa bay international auto show exhibit 2016Change is brewing at the Tampa Bay Convention Center. Among the endless aisles of Ford pony-cars and Toyota off-roaders comes a promise of progress - with every engineer turning their eyes toward the future.

Connectivity defines the Tampa Bay International Auto Show. Representatives form the world’s premier brands (including Jeep, Porsche, and Dodge) are delivering new trends to the public - emphasizing mobile strategies and online ease. Every showcase promotes virtuality, with each convertible, sedan, and SUV fused with instant smartphone access.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, exhibitors at the Auto Show are redefining how consumers interact with both engineers and dealerships. Cars, they argue, must be readily available to the public; and they’re ensuring that readiness through: more accessible vehicle information (including safety reports and specs), improved infotainment experiences (including voice-activated commands and seamless phone interfacing), and even self-driving capabilities. Through this, drivers can finally take control of the road.

The not-so-distant future of automotives demands immediate Internet responses - and all brands are starting to shape their line-ups toward a shared vision of consumer ease. General Motors’ Social Media Manager, Derek Humphrey, perfectly captures this sentiment: "They (customers) walk in already knowing what they want. … Some will even have the VIN ready. ... More than ever, car dealerships and manufacturers have to appeal to Web-savvy consumers. You have to be able to get their attention online."

What do you think about this switch toward digital data? Will it improve your driving experiences? Share your thoughts with us today!
In the shadow of SEMA and the Los Angeles Auto Show is Tampa - an unlikely arena for the world’s latest concept cars and powerhouse platforms. The city lacks the notoriety of its automotive brethren, and too many consumers dismiss its showcases.

Sound Ford Renton knows, however, that the Tampa Bay International Auto Show promises exceptional performance - and we wish we were now in Florida.

Today begins the last of 2016's major automotive events. From December 2nd to December 4th, more than 350 exhibitors (including Jeep, Fiat, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Nissan) will battle for the spotlight at the Tampa Convention Center. Guests will find themselves surrounded by hybrid powertrains, fastback styling, and all-terrain beasts - and, more importantly, they’ll be able to push these platforms to the limit.

The Tampa Bay International Auto Show boasts exclusive testing facilities, allowing drivers to discover high-speed thrills. Indulge in smooth handling and all-wheel performance from:

The BMW X5 Xdrive35!
The Dodge Charger!
The Fiat 124 Spider!
The Ford Mustang!
The Dodge Challenger!
... and many more!

These platforms will define the 2017 automotive year, and Tampa Bay guests will be able to sample their V8 speeds. We’ll confess: we’re jealous.

To learn more about the Tampa Bay International Auto Show contact us today.