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buy a ford in seattleFord’s making bold moves as the 21st-century hums along. The company has stayed at the forefront of technology in the automotive sector—and in order to continue that trend, they’re actually now looking at the aviation industry for inspiration.
No, Ford has no plans for flying cars or passenger planes. However, the Detroit-based company does believe that airlines have specific insight that is relevant to their future plans for self-driving vehicles. The Big Blue Oval brand is developing businesses in Washington and Miami that are supported by autonomous tech, and they’ve invested more than $1 billion in Pittsburgh-based Argo AI. 
All the above said, what’s the connection between autonomous automobiles and airlines? Well, Ford believes that the aviation industry’s knowledge of how to maximize the time their craft stay in the sky—and how to optimize seat-selling—is critical for the upcoming ride-hailing and delivery services the self-driving revolution will bring.
"We've learned a lot of things we've already incorporated into our model about utilization, and that's what drives the business," he said. "We are designing our first car to go hundreds of thousands of miles in a shorter period of time, and it's the same as airlines using expensive planes and refurbishing them every few years."
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