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Jag was super help full and well knowable of the cars he did great job to explain everything and at the end help to set up Bluetooth and navigation system I am really thankful to Jag for this experience Great service and for sure will come back afin
Great sales and communication
I bought a used 2016 mustang gt just recently from Lino. He was very helpful, friendly and answered all my questions. I also spoke in great length with Michael Nokes the sales manager. He was easy to get along with and a general overall nice guy. I would definitely recommend key west ford to anyone looking for a brand new or used ford. Lino didn’t pressure me into buying that first day I arrived. You will feel comfortable dealing with him and Michael nokes.
Excellent service and follow through
We were window shopping for a new vehicle in the near future. Tom showed us exactly what we wanted and made the deal happen today. We are exceptionally happy with his service and would recommend friends and family go see him at Key West Ford!
Very helpful, knowledgeable staff that made it easy to decide on a vehicle. We are happy with the experience and would definitely recommend this dealership.
Best attention to my needs & very respectful 😊
Jag and the team are very hospitable. They all made me feel as tho’ I was their guest. I was lucky that they had exactly what I needed in the lot and I was given the best deal I could have hoped for. Thank you, Jag !
Very good
We went to the dealership and found a car we liked, our dealer was Jag Dhillon and he sold me an amazing car and we were able to negotiate a good price. Would recommend
Got a great 2018 F150
Very happy to deal with Jag. Got a new F150 at a great deal and he was able to close the deal within minutes. The truck was courtesy detailed and he made sure I had no questions before I left the dealership. Would deal with the dealership again in the future.
Fantastic deal and service on purchasing used vehicle
I was looking for good quality used car for my daughter who is attending University. Found car that she liked in excellent condition at Key West Ford dealership in New Westminster. Received fantastic deal from Jag who followed through with a minor servicing item before delivery. Jag was courteous to our family and pleasure to deal with. We appreciated keeping us apprised of detail and items through follow up. Great and friendly dealership of which I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a car to purchase.
No pessure!
Was a nice day a good deal and will go back in the near for another good deal! Had a nice follow up and much liked. Murray and Judy foley
Sound Ford Blogs - Commercial Fleet
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Have you ever thought about leaving the world behind and living in a comfortable van? Meet Jen, a young woman of just 28 who refuses to conform to the corporate, consumer lifestyle. She had worked two jobs but quit both and saved up her income so that she could explore and live her best life. To save money, she lives in a Ford Transit Connect!

Jen loves the vehicle--she even named it! She got the wagon for a great price and which enables her to live as she wishes. Even though she has a basic model, she is thrilled with the simplicity and ease of use of the van. She said that she gets 27 highway miles to the gallon in the Transit Connect.

Though Jen lives in an older Transit Connect, it’s very similar to the brand new 2019 model that is just hitting showrooms. On its way to Sound Ford, this vehicle has lots of space. MotorTrend even specifically notes how great this vehicle would be for people who are entrepreneurs or who use their autos for recreational purposes. They particularly note baby boomers who might be out adventuring.

New tech is impressive for 2019, with a floating 6.5-inch screen and a
 4G LTE modem capable that can connect 10 devices to the internet. In addition, you’ll find a wireless charging station in a cubby beneath that screen and two USB ports. In the rear, 12-volt and 110-volt outlets come in handy, too.

Stop by Sound Ford the next time you’re in the Newcastle, Washington, area
and test drive the 2019 Transit Connect!
The 2018 Transit Connect XL LWB is a wonderful vehicle for small businesses, because it combines a spacious interior with a powerful engine, so you never have to leave gear or deliveries behind. It’s sturdy and well-reviewed, and it can really help you to get your company off the ground.
A review by Motor Trend loved the 2018 Transit Connect for its large hold area, which can accommodate 104.2 cubic feet of equipment. It doesn’t matter how heavy the gear is, either, since the vehicle has a 1,610-pound maximum payload.

Part of what enables the work wagon to be so strong is its 2.5-liter engine, which boasts 169 horsepower and 171 foot-pounds of torque. It’s not just brute force, though. There’s a serious convenience factor here, with a handy hold-area light and folding rear seats to maximize your efficiency.

You’ll save time, thanks to a 15.8-gallon fuel tank. Even better, 20 miles to the gallon city and 27 miles to the gallon highway saves you some serious cash at the pump!

If you’re in the Bothell, Washington, area, stop by and test drive the 2018 Transit Connect XL LWB now! At your local Seattle Sound Ford dealer, we can’t wait to help you get your new company off the ground.

Is your group in need of a larger vehicle for outings? If so, look beyond a traditional minivan, which may only seat 7 or 8 and doesn’t have the tremendous safety features offered by Ford. Instead, take a peek at the 2017 Transit T-350. This preowned van has traveled only 28,541 miles so far, so purchasing it now is a great deal for your organization.

You may not think about it, but the more powerful your van, the better capable your organization will be to get around and count on reliable transportation. This one boasts a six-speed automatic transmission, which makes it easy to drive. Its 3.7-liter V-6 engine offers 270 horsepower, which makes it a snap to head up steep hills, even when you’ve maxed out its 15-passenger capacity. It’s fun to drive, too, since it provides 250 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.

A review by loved how comfortable and spacious this van was. It’s also a solid choice, with a 50-state vehicle emissions clearance and excellent fuel economy. Fully galvanized steel panels will last for many years to come, so you know your organization won’t have to budget for anything additional.

Stop by our Seattle Sound Ford dealership if you’re near Kirkland, Washington, and take a test drive of the 2017 Transit T-350. It will make all the difference for your organization!
Is your business in need of a sizable and powerful new fleet van? If so, you should definitely check out the 2017 Ford Transit T-350 148 Low Roof. It boasts a gutsy engine that is more than capable of hauling whatever you need it to. In addition, it has many value-added features, all coming to you in a vehicle that only has 18,382 miles to its name. This is a great bargain!

The Ford starts off strong with a 3.7-liter V-6 engine that throws 270 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. Between rear-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic transmission, there shouldn’t be anything too difficult to adjust to for non-commercial drivers.

If you’ve got a lot of gear, don’t worry. This fleet vehicle boasts 315.2 cubic feet of space, so you’ll be more than covered. Loading and removing items is a snap, thanks to sliding rear passenger and split swing-out cargo doors. In addition, a removable fourth-row bench adds flexibility. Lights in the hold area also come in handy for late-night deliveries.

The next time you’re in the Burien, Washington, area, stop by our Seattle Sound Ford dealership and take a test drive of this fabulous work van, given 5 stars by Car and Driver. You won’t be disappointed!
If you’ve been considering a preowned fleet wagon, you should have the 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT LWB high on your list. With plenty of space, a powerful engine, and a rear liftgate for ease of use, this vehicle is an amazing choice for small businesses.

The van starts off strong with a 120.6-inch wheelbase and 15 feet, three inches of overall length. That’s plenty of room to accommodate all of your gear. In addition, it has the power to haul anything you ask of it, thanks to a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine, capable of providing 169 horsepower and 171 lb-ft of torque. Due to
the Ford’s efficiency, you’ll enjoy great fuel economy, too--as high as 21 mpg city and 29 mpg highway.

Edmunds gave this vehicle 4.5 out of 5 stars, so you know it’s a solid choice. They loved its punchy and efficient turbocharged engine and six-speed automatic transmission, as well as its completely customizable cargo area, perfect for companies with frequently changing needs.

If the 2016 Transit Connect XLT LWB sounds perfect for your business, stop by our showroom in Lynnwood, Washington. At Sound Ford, we can’t wait to set up a test drive for you!

2016 ford transit t-250 for sale renton burien washingtonDoes your organization need a sturdy vehicle at an affordable price for trips or errands? A minivan won’t cut it, because you have too many people to transport. Why not check out the 2016 Ford Transit T-250 Low Roof? This preowned fleet van has just 16,820 miles to its name, so you know it’s a worthy investment for your group.

Your entire crew will always be safe in this Ford, thanks to features like front and rear anti-roll bars and passenger airbag sensors. All-season tires make it a snap for the vehicle to grip the road, and HD shock absorbers keep the ride smooth. A backup camera eases your mind while you’re out and about, too.

Kelley Blue Book says that the Transit elevates the level of the American van to a previously unheard of degree. They loved its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, which they called “amazingly powerful and fuel efficient.” It’s a comfortable choice, too, thanks to tinted glass and amenities like cupholders for the convenience of your passengers.

If you’re buying on a budget for your group, the 2016 Transit T-250 Low Roof might be perfect for you. Stop by your Bothell, Washington, Sound Ford dealership today for a test drive! 
2018 ford transit connect for sale bothell burien washingtonDoes your business need a new fleet vehicle? It may be time to check out the 2018 Ford Transit Connect XL. It has a powerful engine, so it never fails to haul your load. In fact, it can accommodate 1,610 pounds and offers 104.2 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s impressive! No matter what your company carries, this fabulous van has you covered.

The Ford Transit Connect XL starts strong with a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Duratec engine, which boasts 169 horsepower and 171 lb-ft of torque. It has 
flex-fuel capacity, and it can hold 15.8 gallons of gasoline at a time.

This fleet wagon is filled with safety features, including front and rear anti-roll bars. Variable speed intermittent wipers make it easy to see out the front windshield in all weather. A full array of airbags lends peace of mind, and a sensor turns off the passenger one if the rider is small enough that it might cause injury. Brake assist and power steering provide extra help on the road.

If the 2018 Transit Connect XL sounds like it might be an ideal choice, hurry 
in to Sound Ford in Renton, Washington, today and take a test drive! The Car Connection loved it, and you will, too! 
2016 ford transit t350 for sale lynnwood bothell washingtonAre you in the market for a fleet vehicle that can take your business’s transportation needs up a level? Perhaps your budget is limited and you won’t be able to buy something brand new. Don’t worry, because at Sound Ford, we have a variety of preowned choices in amazing condition at great prices.

Take, for instance, this 2016 Transit T-350 148 Low Roof. With just 32,855 miles to its name, the fleet van is well worth a test drive. It boasts plenty of power, thanks to its 3.5-liter V6 engine, which provides 400 lb-ft of torque and 310 horsepower. No matter how steep the hill or how heavy the load, this vehicle has your back. In fact, it has a 2,900-pound maximum payload and 277.7-cubic-foot capacity, so you can feel free to pack it full.

The work van has a six-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. A black step bumper further makes it a great choice, as do handy cargo-area lights. The back doors swing out for maximum clearance, great when you’re filling the hold with larger items. Still not convinced? A reviewer from gave it 4.6 out of 5 stars. That’s impressive!

Are you nearby in Renton or Bothell, Washington? Stop by Sound Ford today and test drive the 2016 Transit T-350!
Are you trying to stick to a budget at work but really need a fleet vehicle? Have you considered switching to a preowned van that’s like new and very reasonably priced? If not, you might miss out on a wonderful opportunity. This 2017 Ford Transit T-350 is spacious and powerful, and with only 28,541 miles to its name, it’s barely been around the block.

The Ford mates a six-speed automatic transmission to a 3.7-liter V-6 engine. It can provide 270 horsepower, so you can haul any load. At 4,000 rpm, the vehicle is capable of throwing 250 lb-ft of torque. The van uses 
rear-wheel drive and regular gasoline, so driving it is a snap. There’s no learning curve here! reviewers gave this Ford 4.5 of 5 stars overall, loving how handy it was for small businesses. They said it was comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and held plenty of equipment. Some even used it for their families on long trips!

This great van boasts 315.2 cubic feet of space, more than enough for all of your gear. Depending on your purpose of ownership, you can also seat 15 in the Transit T-350, which is very convenient if you run a shuttle service.

If the 2017 Transit T-350 sounds like the perfect choice for you, hurry 
in to your Seattle Sound Ford dealership today and take a test drive!
If you’re looking to replace one of your company’s fleet vehicles, you should consider the 2018 Ford Transit Connect XL. It’s powerful and boasts plenty of interior space, despite having a very reasonably sized footprint. Best of all, this van comes at an affordable price, perfect for keeping your budget on track.

The Car Connection loved the vehicle, saying that it drives just like a passenger auto, making it easy to learn the ropes. They were also impressed at how quiet and comfortable it was inside the cab. In fact, the reviewer further stated that the Transit Connect XL was the nimblest and sportiest van of its type they had ever operated.

You’ll never need to worry about accommodating all of your gear in the Ford. It boasts 128.6 cubic feet of equipment, due in part to the flexibility of its four-way folding passenger seats and wonderful design. In addition, it offers a 1,270-pound maximum payload, so you can take just one trip. Even better, the storage area boasts cargo hooks and tie-down anchors to keep you organized.

The Transit Connect XL powers deliveries with a 2.5-liter engine that promises 169 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. With 171 foot-pounds of torque, this efficient van won’t struggle to climb hills.

If the 2018 Transit Connect XL seems like the right fit for you, hurry 
in to your Seattle Sound Ford dealer for a test drive. 
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