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Ford Commercial Fleet News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
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best deals on ford transit connect vans seattle washington areaIf you want a people hauler that’s nimble, powerful, and comes with a good EPA rating, consider a pre-owned 2017 Ford Transit Connect wagon.

The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine under the hood cranks out an energetic 169 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired to a six-speed automatic transmission that shifts gears seamlessly, even during intense acceleration. The Transit Connect gets a respectable fuel economy of 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

This 7-person minivan alternative uses antilock disc brakes and comes to a halt smoothly and swiftly. It has electric-assist steering, which is responsive and communicative. According to an Autoblog review, it's better than what you’ll find in much of the competition.

Because it weighs about 500 pounds less than the segment average, the Transit Connect is incredibly light on its toes. It also boasts a low center of gravity, which means that you always feel in control, no matter the driving setting.

Find out if this wagon is right for you at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can take a used 2016 model for a spin and check out the rest of our Transit Connect inventory.
great deals on ford transit connects seattle washington areaThe Ford Transit Connect Titanium wagon is an outstanding option for drivers who expect the best in both safety features and crash test scores. Keep reading to see why you should consider a 2016 used model of this super secure passenger van.

According to an Edmunds review, the Titanium trim level includes Ford’s Blind Spot and Cross-Traffic Warning System. This advanced feature uses sensors on the back and sides of the Transit Connect to detect when another vehicle is getting too close to you or vice versa. In this case, it will send an alert through the speakers, notifying you of the hazard.

Should the worst occur and you’re unable to call for help, the Transit Connect has you covered. Simply pair your smartphone to the van and in the event of an airbag deployment, it will automatically dial emergency services on your behalf.

Speaking of crashes, the Transit Connect is a real trooper. In tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, this people hauler received a perfect five-star score overall. It also earned top marks for side protection.

What are you waiting for? Find out if this van is right for you at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. You can take a used model for a test drive and explore the rest of our Transit inventory.
Katy Peterson is the face behind Mrs. Fixx It, a repair company based in Hightstown, New Jersey. She spends most of her workday seeing to 19th century houses that need lots of extra care. Watch the video below to see how the 2016 Transit Connect cargo van has transformed her small town business into a successful enterprise.

Peterson, aka handywoman extraordinaire, offers a multitude of services including general repairs, carpentry, drywall, and painting. That’s why she needs a commercial vehicle that can accomodate all of her tasks. She’s outfitted her Transit Connect with shelves, racks, drawers, and hooks, so she can access necessary tools and materials in an instant. With 130 cubic-feet of cargo space behind the back two seats, the customization options for your enterprise are limitless.

Mrs. Fixx It loves how nice it is to drive her 2016 Connect. As Peterson has a busy schedule, often traveling to 5-6 locations in one day, she’s happy to have a van that’s dependable. With a turning radius of 36.1 ft, she also gets a commercial vehicle that’s easy to maneuver, which is perfect for navigating driveways or work sites. 

Find out what this van can do for your business at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. You can take the Connect for a test drive and browse our complete Transit inventory.
best deals on ford transit connect cargo vans and wagons seattle washington areaIf you want to invest in a people hauler that includes cutting edge safety features, then a used 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT wagon could be exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out if this 7-person minivan alternative - which received a perfect crash test score from the government - is right for you.

The Transit Connect comes with standard features like anti lock disk brakes, as well as traction and stability control. These essential safety tools prove handy when the Pacific Northwest weather gets slick. Side, front, and curtain airbags are also included to protect everyone on board, no matter where they’re sitting.

Ignore any rumors you hear saying that the Transit Connect is utilitarian. While it is based on America’s best-selling small commercial van, the wagon version can be outfitted with a multitude of advanced safety technology. Add on the Blind Spot and Cross-Traffic Warning systems and they will notify you anytime another vehicle is approaching you at an alarming rate, or vice versa. Edmunds says that the SYNC infotainment systems all include 911 assist, which will contact emergency services in the event of a collision.

Take this van for a test drive at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. You can also check out our entire Transit inventory, which includes full size passenger vans.
best deals on ford transit connect work vans seattle washington areaDo you need a commercial vehicle that will take your Seattle-based enterprise to the next level? Consider a used 2010 Ford Transit Connect work van. According to Car and Driver, it’s the perfect fit for small business owners, in particular, landscapers, plumbers, and builders. Read on to see what sets this European inspired wheels apart from the rest.

The number one thing that makes bosses go ga-ga over the Transit Connect is its voluminous interior. Behind the front two seats, this van boasts an astounding 135 cubic-foot cargo hold. You can use this easy-to-access space to transport cumbersome payloads or customize it to meet your unique needs. Adding shelving units and drawers couldn’t be simpler in this pint-sized commercial vehicle.

The 2010 model also comes with some advanced add-ons, like the in-dash computer. This system uses internet access to connect you to other office computers. It additionally includes a nifty navigation feature, which can help you make deliveries or get to meetings as quickly as possible. There’s even an optional Bluetooth keyboard and printer for preparing important documents on the move.

Find out if a 2010 Connect is right for your enterprise at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can also browse our complete Transit inventory online for both new and used models.
best deals on ford transit connect cargo vans seattle washington areaIf you want a compact commercial vehicle that’s loaded with safety features, consider a pre-owned 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT. When you choose this cargo van, you can be sure that both your employees and payloads will be secure.

The XLT trim level is overflowing with standard safety features that are perfect for when the van’s 128.6 cubic-foot cargo space is filled to the brim. Traction and stability control help keep you and your goods on the right track, when the weather gets blustery.

The Car Connection points out that Hill Start Assist will come in handy, if you ever feel like pushing the 1,620 pound payload capacity to the limit on an incline. There’s even a rearview camera to help you maneuver around tight areas when the back windows are obstructed by cargo.

As a fleet manager, you want to ensure that your workers are on their best and safest behavior at all times. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, there’s Ford MyKey. This feature allows you to set speed parameters, depending on who’s driving the van. That way you know your staff aren’t taking the Transit Connect for any thrill rides.

Find out if this safety superstar is right for your business at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can take a Connect for a test drive and check out our complete Transit inventory.
best deals on ford transit connect minivans seattle washington areaIf you want a van that offers a stand out performance along with special technology to enhance your driving experience, consider a used 2016 Ford Transit Connect wagon. 

Once you take a look at the dash, you may experience deja vu if you’ve ever driven a Ford Focus. According to an Autobytel review, the Transit Connect is actually based on this hatchback’s platform, which is evident not only in the layout of the dashboard, but also the way the van drives. 

Whether you’re attempting some fancy footwork at school drop-off or repositioning on a particularly narrow street, the 2016 Transit Connect performs with grace and ease. In fact, this Ford delivers the smallest turning radius in the segment at 18.1 feet, which is a full three feet shorter than the Ram ProMaster City. 

This super van also comes with some great technology features to enhance your time on the road. You can opt for BLIS, which alerts you when you’re dangerously approaching a vehicle in your blind spot or vice versa. There are even front and back sensors to help prevent fender benders. 

Get behind the wheel of a 2016 model at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can also see our complete Transit inventory online, which includes both new and used vans.
great deals on ford transit connect passenger vans seattle washington areaCarGurus describes the 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon as a versatile van and a capable pint-sized hauler. Read on to see why it’s the perfect vehicle for DIY lovers who want to take their backyard to the next level.

Why build a birdhouse, when you can fit everything you need for an epic tree fort right in the back of the wagon? Simply fold the last two rows of seats and the 19.8 cubic feet of cargo space jumps to a voluminous 104 cu-ft. The rear area also comes with tie-down anchors and hooks to keep any sharp objects from slipping and sliding on your way home.

The Transit Connect’s payload and towing capacities are what make it the ideal set of wheels for active gardeners. This little van can carry up to 1,270 pounds of mulch in one trip. 
Plus, the carpeted floor is gentle on fragile items and easy to vacuum should a flower pot or two topple over. If you also want to add on a year’s worth of fertilizer, hook up the trailer and the wagon will tow as much as 2,000 lbs.

Come to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today and take a used Connect for a test drive and check out our complete Transit inventory.
cheap deals on ford transit connect vans seattle washington areaThe Ford Transit Connect Wagon is the Swiss Army knife of vans. People hauler by day, it can also serve as a capable moving truck on the side. Read on to see why you should consider a used 2015 model for your next vehicle.

With the drivability of a sedan rather than a U-Haul, you can transport your belongings with confidence. It even comes with a standard rearview camera, which helps when you’ve got your dresser blocking the back window.

If you plan to make a few trips from your old house to your new digs and want to bring some friends for free labor, collapse the third row and you’ll be rewarded with 46.8 cubic-feet of space. That’s more than enough room for half a dozen large boxes.

Or maybe you and your sweetheart are moving into your first home together. In that case, collapse the back two rows and you get a capacious 104.2 cu-ft cargo hold. According to a NY Daily News article, that cavern is big enough to swallow up a desk, two dressers, several oversized boxes, three suitcases, and a variety of sundry.

Best of all, once everything is unpacked, you still have an outstanding vehicle for everyday driving. Put a 2015 Connect XLT to the test at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today or check out our complete Transit inventory online now.
great deals on used ford transit connect seattle washington areaIf you need to transport a group of people or a lot of cargo, but the idea of a traditional minivan makes you cringe, then the 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is the vehicle for you. The XLT model starts with a generous 58.9 cubic-feet of space behind the third row, which can nearly double to a 104.2 cu-ft hold with the seats removed.

The energetic turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine cranks out 178 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque, along with an outstanding EPA rating of 22 mpg city/30
hwy. According to Autotrader, even though it can fit you and six of your closest friends, the Transit Connect is nimble, driving more like a sedan than a minivan.

Just because its counterpart is a cargo van, doesn’t mean that the Transit Connect Wagon is limited to a bare-bones interior. Upgrade to the MyFord Touch infotainment system and you’ll get a 6.5-inch touchscreen, which includes navigation to get you to important meetings, concerts, and vacation destinations as swiftly as possible.

Bring your crew to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and put a Connect XLT to the test. If you need a bit more room for people and things, take a look at our complete Transit inventory.
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