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Great friendly dealership
Super friendly dealership, huge inventory of used cars, you will have no problem finding what you’re looking for. Dealt with Peter Olson who is a sales guy and he was awesome, super friendly and probably the least pushy sales guy I’ve ever met which was nice.
Best dealer
Best sales person in Canada. Has full knowledge about each and every car. I would recommend each and every friend of mine to go to him and buy a car. Loved my experience working with him. Good job sir!
Thank you Allan Prpic, weel done !!
Allan did an amazing job representing the dealership and his industry. As one who has been to many dealerships through the decades this experience was the best I/we have had. No pressure, no talking over us or our suggestions, only working towards finding a solution that would meet the family’s needs. Allan has set high bar for sale persons to follow; respectful, industry knowledge, courteous, and most of all his mannerism throughout the process were all why a sale was made. We could have bought a car anywhere, but we purchased it here from Allan Prpic. Thank you, Allan it is because of your qualities Dennette’s father now has a vehicle that will last him for many years and give us piece of mind when he is out and about. Kevin and Dennette
Great service , great people from sales rep ,Allen , up
Great service and people from Tony in service , Allan in sales , Gurg in financing. Everyone is always very helpful and accommodating. Allan was super honest and got me a super deal , exactly what I was looking for and very helpful with things I didn't understand
Professional & efficient
Peter Olson was a great person to deal with. He was very accommodating & always willing to help even after the sale was finalized. I've dealt with many sales personnel in my life but none as helpful as Peter Olson. Great job.
Excellent service by all at Key West ford
Thanks to Key West Ford in having Jag Dhillion To assist me in purchasing the truck. Jag was so accommodating and professional thank you very much and I love my truck Regards Trevor Reid
Rewarding Experience
Key West Ford’s sales team ( my main contact Peter Olson) were a pleasure to deal with when I recently went looking to replace my 8 year old F150 pick up. Peter was very thorough in showing and explaining the dealerships new and pre owned vehicles as well as what new vehicles were available at other lower mainland dealers. I left the dealership to think about my options returning a few days later and purchased a great 1 year old ,well optioned pick up , exactly what I was looking for ! I’d like to thank Peter for answering all my questions on comparisons between different models,options,new or pre- owned, I’d also like to thank Michelle for making the “ paper work “ very easy to get through.
Qucik and professional.
We had a pleasure to work with the Key West Ford sales team, very professional approach and quick solution. Special thanks to Anson Song for a hard work and great deal !!!... Fully recommended
Used Forester XT
Thank you For giving me a great deal on this used vehicle. In addition, all of the staff was very polite and well mannered. Dealership worth looking at!
Sound Ford Blogs - Ask Darby About The Ford Brand
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2015 ford escape s for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Darby,

I just got married, and I need to program an extra key for my wife. I have a 2015 Ford Escape. Is that something I can do myself?

Thanks a lot,

Congratulations! Yes, you can absolutely do this yourself. Programming a spare integrated keyhead transmitter is fairly simple. Just be sure to take a look at the owner’s manual before you get started. You will also need to place two Intelligent Access keys inside the Escape and have the new one readily available.
  • To begin, insert the already coded key into the ignition. Turn the vehicle on for a minimum of 3 seconds. Do not exceed 10 secs. Switch it off and remove it.
  • Next, insert the second one and repeat the same process.
  • Lastly, using the blank key, flip the engine on again for at least 6 secs.
That should do it! If it does not work, try following the same steps again. In the event that it does not sync, you can always head over to a professional.

Do you still have questions about the 2015 Escape? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, Washington to learn more today! 

2015 ford edge sel for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Darby,

I don’t have time to wait for a mechanic all day, but the brake fluid on 2015 Ford Edge needs to be changed out. Is this something I can do myself?


Yes! You can absolutely perform this maintenance task yourself. Be sure to station the vehicle on a level surface with the parking brake active. You will also want to wear protection for your eyes and hands due to the toxicity of the solution. Remove or roll-up loose clothing and follow these simple steps:
  • Pop the hood and locate the master cylinder at the back of the engine bay on the driver’s side.
  • Use a disposable cloth to wipe dirt and water away from the reservoir. You don’t want any to get inside.
  • Take a look at the liquid level on the side of the container. If it’s above the “MIN” line, you don’t need to go any further.
  • If it’s low, refill it to the “MAX” mark with the proper brake fluid. You can find out which formula the Edge takes by searching in the owner’s manual.
  • Don’t forget to clean the cap before closing it.
Contact Sound Ford for more help with your pre-owned Edge today!
2014 ford focus se for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Darby,

I’ve got an hour commute every morning to work. My 2014 Ford Focus is pretty good on gas, but is there any way I can ramp up the fuel economy a bit more?


Saving money is crucial in today’s economy, and gas stations can be very draining on our wallets. However, you will be happy to know that there are a few tips and tricks to get more out of your full tank.

The first way to combat low mileage is to upkeep your vehicle’s maintenance. Properly inflated tires and the recommended grade of motor oil can increase the engine’s efficiency by 6%. Also, make sure that the oxygen sensor is functioning correctly. This can make a 40% difference in the car’s overall performance.

Another way to stretch your dollar is to change the way you drive. By going at highway speeds, not changing lanes too often, and applying the brakes slowly, you can affect the consumption of energy by 33%. Other suggestions include: removing excess weight, keeping the windows rolled up, and turning off the Focus when the traffic is stopped for too long.

Still have questions? Contact our team at Sound Ford to learn more today!

2018 ford ecosport s for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Darby,

I took my friends to a music festival over the weekend, and they pretty much trashed out my new 2018 Ford Ecosport. One of them spilled something on the backseat. How can I clean it?


Oh, no! That’s so sad. However, there are several fixes for this problem. Getting your 2018 Ford Ecosport back to being spotless is feasible. Here how to do it:

First, you will need to vacuum the inside of the vehicle. This includes the carpets and seats. You can use special attachments to get into hard-to-reach places.

Next, spray a cloth cleaning solution onto the affected areas. Scrub it out with a sponge. For tougher stains and soiled carpets, you can enlist the help of a stronger product and a bristle brush to really dig in and break apart the discolored blotch.

Lastly, you can shine up accent trims with a plastic/vinyl washing solution. Go over the instrument cluster, emblems, buttons, air vents, infotainment interface, and dashboard with wipe or towel. Cotton swabs are handy to get into crevices.

Your Ecosport should be sparkling by now! If you have any other questions, get in touch with our dealership in Renton, Washington today!

new 2018 ford expedition max platinum for sale in bellevue washingtonDear Darby,

My family and I just got back from a two-week camping trip. Needless to say, my new 2018 Ford Expedition Max is filthy now. Besides heading to the car wash, do you have any special tips for getting my baby clean again?


The good news is that getting your 2018 Expedition Max to sparkle is absolutely possible. It just requires a pleasant day and some elbow grease! You could always have it detailed professionally, but doing it yourself will save a chunk of change. For the exterior, follow these simple steps:
  • Inspect the vehicle for problem areas such as bird droppings, tar, scratches, and tree sap. Pretreat these areas with a solution for easy removal.
  • Using a lambswool mitt and a wash, begin at the top and work your way down. For the tire sidewalls, a nylon- or natural-bristle brush can help get the grime out.
  • Rinse the outside with the garden hose starting at the roof and wipe it dry with microfiber towels. Start with the windows, then move to the painted metal.
  • Apply wax in a circular motion and remove once it has hardened.
  • Spray all glass with an ammonia-free product and polish the chrome.

Now you have a glistening SUV! Contact Sound Ford for more information today.
2016 ford fiesta se for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

Every time I step on the brakes, there’s a weird hissing sound. I’ve got a 2016 Ford Fiesta. Should I have it looked at?

Best wishes,

Having functioning brakes is one of the most important aspects of driving any vehicle. When they are not working properly, it could spell disaster. Most are designed to wear down slowly. With proper maintenance, they should be good for a quite a while.

However, the pads can become worn more quickly if you spend a lot of time on the road or in rush hour traffic. Constant stopping and going can use up the lifespan, and you may start to hear a grinding sound. You might also notice a squishy feeling when you push the pedal or a steering wheel shudder.

If you think yours are about to throw in the towel, don’t wait. Get an inspection as soon as possible. A professional will check the rotors for rough patches and look for signs of warping or cracking.

Want to learn more about maintenance for the 2016 Fiesta? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, Washington today! We are always ready to answer your questions. 
2018 ford escape sel for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

How do I know if the cruise control is working in my 2018 Ford Escape?


There is a difference between being turned on and being engaged. For the 2018 Ford Escape, adaptive cruise control is a handy function that will keep you going at the right pace on the highway.

The symbol for this operation looks like a car with an mph gauge in front of it. If this signal is lit up in white, that means that the system is on. When it is illuminated in green, the program is actively in use.

Ranked as the #2 Compact SUV by U.S. News & World Report, this year’s Escape is a popular choice among buyers. With the SEL trim level, you will have access to an array of driver assistance features besides speed management.

Rear parking sensors are located all around the vehicle to alert you when there is an obstacle blocking your path. This can help prevent fender benders. The SYNC3 tech interface is displayed on an 8-inch touchscreen and uses Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling.

Want to learn more about the 2018 Escape? Contact Sound Ford in Renton, Washington to schedule a test drive today!
new 2018 ford explorer xlt for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

My 2018 Ford Explorer is showing a weird light on the dash. It looks like a car with wavy lines behind it. What does this mean?


Don’t panic! This indicator is for stability control. When you turn your vehicle on, it should light up momentarily. If it stays illuminated or does not brighten at all, this could mean that the operation has malfunctioned. It should be inspected by a professional immediately to pinpoint the issue.

When this AdvancTrac Electronic feature is flashing, you should proceed with caution. It is designed to keep the wheels from spinning and losing solidity on the road. Sometimes referred to as ESC, it prevents the Explorer from skidding and sliding sideways.

It is crucial that this system works properly for safety during inclement weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice all pose threats to our security when driving. Dangerous scenarios and hazardous situations can be handled smoothly and with grace when everything is active.

If you have other questions about your new 2018 Explorer, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Sound Ford in Renton, Washington. We are always here to help you understand your vehicle.

2015 ford edge titanium for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I heard through the grapevine that I can update the SYNC system in my 2015 Ford Edge Titanium. How can I do this?


You will be happy to know that the process is very easy. Simply follow these simple steps and be sure to allow at least an hour of free time.

First, you will need to activate or log-in to your SYNC owner account and register your vehicle. Visit the Software Updates page and download the available files to an empty USB drive with at least 2 GB of space.

Next, make sure your 2015 Edge is in a well-ventilated location and turn it on. Plug the USB into the provided port and follow these instructions:

  • Select Menu.
  • Scroll to SYNC Settings and press OK.
  • Choose Install and opt for "Yes" when prompted on the screen.
Then, you will hear an audible voice explain the reboot which will take 20 to 30 minutes. Once completed, SYNC will restart. You may verify its success by taking a peek at Systems Info.

You’re done! It wasn’t hard at all. If you have other questions about your pre-owned Edge, don’t hesitate to contact Sound Ford in Renton, Washington today.

2018 ford flex sel for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I have the 2018 Ford Flex SEL. How do I know which SYNC version I have?

Best wishes,

That’s a great question! There are currently four SYNC systems that have evolved over time. Each one has its own strengths. I’ll break them down for you.

First is the Basic with MyFord. Displayed on a centrally-located 4.2-in monitor, it shows quintessential information such as caller id, a digital clock, song titles, and the current temperature outside.

Second is the technology with voice-controlled navigation. This terminal is in color and provides you with a visual representation of 3D maps and landmark icons. It also includes HD radio.

The third option comes with MyFord Touch. This advanced feature operates as an interactive 8-inch touchscreen. Five-way controls are mounted on the steering wheel as well. The media hub even adds two USB ports, an SD card reader, and input jacks.

Lastly, SYNC3 is the newest version and comes on your SEL model. It offers at-a-glance access to routes, audio, and phone details. It is loaded with everything and even allows you to receive text messages.

All of this information applies to any Ford vehicle. If you have other questions about your 2018 Flex, contact our dealership in Renton, Washington today!
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