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Review of sale service
I had an exceptional experience dealing with the whole team at key west Ford, especially Jag and Nicholas T. They went above and beyond to help us get our new vehicle!! I would recommend to others for sure.
Excellent customer service
Peter was an ideal salesman. He was friendly, helpful and put us under no pressure. We got a great deal on exactly the right car.
excellent customer service
i googled vehicles, found a truck i was interested in and emailed dealer info request. salesman got back to me next day. went for a test drive and told them i love the truck. they washed, fueled, and did the spay bed liner before i was even ready to pick up!! i was very impressed with the efficiency!! a big thanks to Nick who was able to finance, Ivan the manager and Peter the salesman. would def recommend to friends and family looking to buy vehicle. I love my new truck!
Peter, Ben and Nick Helped me to Get My Dream Car!
Mustang has been my dream car since high school, finally got it owing to the help from Peter, Ben, and Nicholas. I contacted several Ford dealers at the same time and Ben was the first one who replied to me. I was very surprised because it was 11 pm. At least I knew he cared about his business and wanted to get the sale. So I visited them first. Peter was really patient and knowledgable. He showed me all my options both new & used. I immediately knew what I exactly wanted after the first visit. One thing I really appreciate is he was not pushy at all. I got to visit different dealers to see more options but eventually, I chose Key West because, of course, I love the car he recommended, also, Ben and Peter made me feel they will still be happy to help after selling the car to me, will not just simply ignore the aftersale service. Nick helped me to make the financing easy. They care and they help. No more words, highly recommended!
Great service!
We had the unfortunate need to have our van replaced due to an accident. Flynn had a replacement van in stock and we were back on the road very quickly. The van was ready on time as promised.
Buying used Ford F-150
We received great service from Peter and he gave us lots of time to make our decision on buying the right truck. He even got the price down a little for us.
Appreciate the value add
We appreciated the telephone information provided by Jeff Upton when we were inquiring about a used truck. We needed to determine whether it had the heavy duty towing capabilities that we needed. Jeff went out of his way to do some digging to determine the vehicle's tow capacity and he provided helpful information that we could use to assess other vehicles as we continued our search. That vehicle didn't work out but we subsequently came in to look at another and was served by Peter Olson. He did a great job on intro and test drive, and again, did some backchecking with Nissan to determine if this vehicle had a factory installed tow package. We felt that the negotiation and pricing was fair and we didn't get the high pressure sales tactics that I hate so much. When we came back to pick up the vehicle the next day, Peter had gone out of his way to have the tow hitch, which was really rusty, painted! A real value-add and a pleasant surprise. Nick was great to deal with for the contract signing, very pleasant.
Promised great service and delivered.
Shopping a used sporty SUV for my wife met with Robert Klaus who did a great job on intro and test drive. Came back next day and completed the deal with Micheal and Michelle in finance. Peter Olson worked with Robert behind the scenes coordinating the whole adventure. Painless process, friendly low pressure easy to deal with folks. the whole team came out to see my wife off in her new car including all the management team and the owner himself, all stood there in the pouring rain to watch her drive away! Highly recommend Robert and Peter if youre out car shopping. old fashioned personal service gets it done.
My experience at Key West Ford
I will share here my experience with Key West Ford. I have spent more than 7 hours with Mr. Peter olson (salesman), he was incredibly patient with me, showed me more than 12 possibilities of vehicles (in my budget). After we pick some cars he took me to do 5 test drives with the vehicles what really helped me so much on my choice. Today I just pick up my car at Key West Ford just all clean (little issues on the vehicle were fixed just as promissed to me) and with fuel only for me to drive. I would like to thank Mr Peter Olsen and Key West Ford Team. Thank you so much. Dário Zumerle

Most Common Ford Questions For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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new 2018 ford ecosport titanium for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I know my new 2018 Ford Ecosport has loads of high-tech features. Can you teach me how to use the climate controls? I wasn’t prepared for how cold it is in the winter here in Washington!


The 2018 Ford Ecosport Titanium comes with a slew of advanced functions meant to make your life easier. One of those cool gadgets is climate comfort via the Sync 3 infotainment interface. You may use this tool to customize the feel of the cabin to your liking.

Some of the features you can manage are defrosting, fan speed, and temperature. This system is voice-activated, so you don’t even have to use your hands. However, if you prefer an old-fashioned method, you can swipe and select on the touchscreen.

If you want to speak your command, simply press the button with the speech icon located on your steering wheel. When prompted, you can say a wide range of things like, “Climate set the temperature to 70 degrees.” Sync 3 will then follow the order, and you will be warmed up in no time!

Do you have other questions about the 2018 Ecosport? Contact Sound Ford in Renton, WA to learn more today.
2019 ford edge titanium for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

Every time my husband drives my 2019 Ford Edge, he messes up my seat. He’s a lot taller than me, and it drives me crazy! How can I get it back into the position I want?


Most newer Ford models are equipped with power adjustable seating for the driver and passenger sides. This makes it much easier to switch between angles and poses. You need to be comfortable when you are operating any kind of vehicle.

The 2019 Edge is fitted with controls located closest to the door at the bottom of the chair. It may have up to 3 levers. The front one moves forward and back. Using this same piece, push up or down to raise or lower the position. To recline or straighten, use the middle/vertical switch. The third is for lumbar support, which comes in handy during longer rides.

You may want to change up the alignment if you have to sit for an extended period of time. This might be the case in rush hour traffic or road trips.

Want to learn more about the 2019 Edge? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA for answers to your questions today!

2018 ford fusion titanium for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

My 2018 Ford Fusion Titanium has something called adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go. Can you tell me what this is and how to use it?


Ford first introduced the Adaptive Cruise Control feature with Stop-and-Go back in 2017. Newer models have this handy function to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle on longer rides. It helps to keep an appropriate distance between you and the car ahead of you.

This system eliminates the needs for pressing the accelerator or stomping the brake pedal. It also maintains a preset space between traffic and can even come to a complete stop. Sensors monitor other automobiles and modify your driving according to the information gathered.

To activate this operation, select the ON button, get up to your desired speed, and choose SET. The arrows adjust the gap. The buttons are located on the steering wheel for easy access. A green illuminated icon will indicate that Adaptive Cruise Control is working. This advanced self-driving technology may help to prevent accidents.

Want to learn more about the Fusion? Contact Sound Ford in Renton, WA for answers to all of your questions today!

2019 ford ranger xlt for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

Everyone assumes that I know a lot about cars because I just purchased the new 2019 Ford Ranger. I upgraded because I really like this truck, but I’m still a novice when it comes to being knowledgeable about vehicles. I feel silly for asking, but can you help me find the VIN?


It’s perfectly normal to not know everything about automobiles. You will be happy to learn that the VIN is actually very easy to locate. Since you just recently bought the 2019 Ford Ranger, you may still have the official documents nearby. Take a peek at the registration form or insurance card. It should have the number on there.

If you’ve already filed away the papers, you can check two physical spots on the Ranger. Look at the interior driver’s side doorframe or the lower left corner of the windshield (from the outside). This 17-digit alphanumeric code is the identifier for your vehicle.

Now that you have the VIN, you may use it to access your FordPass account. Simply scan it with your smartphone.

Do you have other questions about the 2019 Ranger? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA for answers today!
2019 ford fusion hybrid titanium for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I’m seriously thinking about getting the new 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The idea of driving around in an environmentally-friendly vehicle is very appealing. Can you tell me how to keep the battery charge up?


Always pushing the boundaries, the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid is an innovative model that is better than ever before. Powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is coupled with a lithium-ion battery-fed motor, this advanced ride generates 188 hp. It also boasts a cool feature known as Grade Assist.

This function helps to maintain your speed by providing extra high-voltage charging capability. You can turn this system on by pressing the switch located on the gear shifter. A lamp icon will illuminate on the instrument cluster to indicate that it is working. To change back to normal Drive, just push the button again.

This operation is only active when you are coasting downhill. That means that it is okay to leave it on at all times.

Do you want to learn more about the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA for answers to all of your questions today!
2018 ford f-150 xlt for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I’m old school, and all of this modern technology is confusing. What’s the point of the Auto Start/Stop system in the 2018 Ford F-150?


The new 2018 Ford F-150 can come with a wide variety of helpful functions. One of these is known as Auto Start-Stop Technology. This feature was designed by engineers to reduce fuel consumption, which is something many truck enthusiasts love! It also cuts back on the amount of emissions the vehicle releases into the environment.

This operation activates when you turn on the ignition. You will see a green illuminated icon appear at the bottom left corner of the instrument cluster. When you press the brake and come to a full halt at a red light or stop sign, the motor will shut off. This does not affect headlights, radio/entertainment, or temperature settings.

Once you accelerate, the F-150’s 3.5-liter V6 will come on again with no delay. Please note that for safety reasons this system will not work if you are towing a trailer.

Want to learn more about America’s favorite pickup? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA today!

2019 ford expedition max platinum for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

My family and I are planning on taking several road trips this summer. We love going to the lake and are looking for a vehicle that can manage to pull our boat. I don’t think a truck will suit our needs, so I’m interested in the 2019 Ford Expedition Max. Can you tell me more about its performance and towing capacity?


The new 2019 Ford Expedition Max is the perfect ride for you! This massive SUV can carry eight passengers and has the towing ability of a heavy-duty truck. With a maximum cargo area of 104.6 cubic feet, you can fit just about anything inside.

Under the sizable hood is a robust 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that pumps out a whopping 400 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. It’s number one in its class for strength and features Intelligent 4WD that enables it to handle all sorts of weather and rough terrain.

Equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the new Expedition Max has a fuel economy set at 20 mpg combined (17 city/23 highway). That’s pretty good for an automobile of this magnitude. It can even tug along 6,000 lbs of extra weight without breaking a sweat.

Contact Sound Ford to learn more today!

2018 ford ecosport se for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I have two German shepherds that love to travel with me everywhere I go. Taking the 2018 Ford Ecosport into consideration, how much cargo room does it offer? I need a vehicle that can take on my fur babies without any problems.

Thanks a lot,

I’ve got great news for you! The new 2018 Ford Ecosport is perfect for hitting the dog park with your four-legged family members. This subcompact crossover gives off fun, energetic vibes and has ample space for your friends and non-human passengers. Its sleek, futuristic body style is a great conversation starter too.

Measuring 160 inches long and 70 inches wide, this petite SUV can carry 5 people with ease. This standard configuration provides 20.9 cubic feet of space behind the back row. There is even a handy shelf to help you keep your things organized. You can bring along chairs, toys, sports gear, and more. To access the maximum 50 cubes, simply fold down the seats. Whichever way you choose, your canine companions will certainly enjoy the ride!

Do you have other questions about the features in the new Ecosport? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA for answers today.

2018 ford f-150 xlt for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I like to take my kids fishing on the weekends. We are trying to explore the state a bit more and experience different lakes. Some of them are quite a ways away. Is it possible to use cruise control with tow mode in the new 2018 Ford F-150? That would make these long road trips much easier!

Thanks a lot,

The 2018 Ford F-150 features an innovative function known as adaptive cruise control. This system holds a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead. It keeps you from having to constantly use the brakes to adjust your speed.

To use this setting, press the On/Off button located on the steering wheel. A grey indicator light will appear on the information display. You can then accelerate and select the Set key.

There are four gap presets that you can choose from as well. The smallest is one bar, and it is the sportiest option. Two is the default. Three and four are comfort levels and are best suited for extended drives. Yes, it works in tow mode too!

Want to learn more about the innovative F-150? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA to schedule a test drive today!

2017 ford escape titanium for sale in renton washingtonDear Darby,

I’ve got the 2017 Ford Escape. Can you tell me how to use the power liftgate? I’m a little confused.

Thanks a lot,

Vehicles like the 2017 Ford Escape and C-Max have a very interesting feature that makes loading up the back easier. If your model comes equipped with Intelligent Access, you can also open and close the liftgate hands-free.

With the foot-activated system, all you have to do is kick your leg under the middle section of the rear bumper where the license plate is located. Then step away to allow the door to move. It’s that simple!

If this process doesn’t work for any reason, you can use the remote. Innovations like this are why the 2017 Escape was ranked by U.S. & World Report as the #2 Affordable Compact SUV. The Titanium trim level provides other cool advancements like adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning as well. You can even listen to HD radio through the premium 10-speaker Sony stereo.

Want to learn more about the 2017 Escape? Get in touch with Sound Ford in Renton, WA for answers to all of your questions today!
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