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ford dealership renton seattle tacoma washingtonIf one were to look back on Henry Ford’s resume, it would appear that he was a Jack of a Trades. Over the years, he gathered experience in various industries and vocations, which would later shape his career and the world of transportation as we know it today.

As a young lad of only 12 years old, Ford spent most of his spare time in a small machine shop. By the time he was 15, he had constructed his first steam engine, then a year later he left Detroit to work as an apprentice machinist. His apprenticeship went on for three years, after which he returned home to Dearborn. Ford furthered his career by operating and repairing steam engines, finding occasional work in a Detroit factory and refurbishing his father's farm equipment. In 1888, Ford went on to support his new bride, Clara Bryant, by running a sawmill.

However, that job didn’t last long – in 1891, Henry Ford went on to become an engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company. Two years into the position, he was promoted to Chief Engineer, which allowed him the funds and time to devote to his personal experiments – most notably, internal combustion engines, which was the foundation that led to the creation of the Ford Motor Company.

Fascinating, right? To learn more about our brand’s early 
beginnings and Henry Ford’s incredible history, contact our dealership in Renton, Washington.