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ford hybrid and electric cars in Seattle Washington
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2020 ford f150 hybrid for sale seattle bellevue waSomething efficient this way comes. Prepare, Tacoma, as Ford readies its assembly lines for the next generation of hybrid performance. The 2020 F-150 will soon arrive; and it promises exceptional capability, with rumors already swirling about its proposed powertrain.

Are you ready, Washington?

According to TFL Truck, the 2020 F-150 Hybrid will deliver class-leading performance. Anchoring its chassis will be a dual-motor system - one shared with the current Lincoln Aviator. A 3.0L EcoBoost engine will yield twin-turbo strength, affording drivers up to 450 HP and 600 lb.-ft of torque; while a 28-kWh lithium-ion battery will supplement each sequence, reducing overall fuel consumption and injecting 240-volt efficiency into every mile. Through this, the truck will achieve a high-output range (current economy numbers are unknown, but critics anticipate an increase of at least 15%); and the inclusion of a 10-speed transmission will further enhance responses, bolstering each gear ratio with crisp automatic precision.

TFL Truck is quick to note that these specs have yet to be officially confirmed by Ford - but they’re confident that the Big Blue Oval will deliver an Aviator-inspired pick-up to the market. This EV will redefine the Washington highways, blending segment-shattering power with pure economy.

To learn more about the 2020 F-150 Hybrid - as well as other F-Series variants - contact our team today.
2019 ford fusion hybrid se for sale seattle bellevue waEmbrace every mile with confidence - trusting the newly enhanced safety features of the 2019 Fusion Hybrid SE. This Ford sedan promises superior collision prevention, allowing drivers to efficiently navigate even the toughest roads.

As Ford explains, Snoqualmie drivers no longer need to fear the highway. Instead the 2019 Fusion Hybrid SE delivers automated support - with its Co-Pilot 360 suite intuitively responding to changing conditions. This system standardizes traditionally top-tier technologies, ensuring protection for all through its:

Pedestrian Detection Software - sensors generate 3D scans of each mile, instantly detecting the presence of an approaching obstacle (including people). Notifications are streamed via the eight-inch touchscreen, affording drivers enough time to adjust their speeds and trajectories.

Lane Keeping Assistance - high-definition cameras monitor the alignment of each mile marker. This allows them to quickly identify sudden pitch changes, recognizing when the Fusion strays too far from its optimal positioning. The steering column is immediately engaged to correct this, and the brakes are applied to lessen speed.

High-Beam Lighting - wide-angle beams activate in low-visibility conditions (such as rain, sleet, or fog) and provide improved sight-lines.

The Ford Co-Pilot 360 system enables Snoqualmie drivers to conquer every mile - safely. To learn more about how this system impacts the 2019 Fusion Hybrid SE contact our team today.
2020 ford hybrid cars for sale seattle tacoma waSomething efficient this way comes… possibly. Ford has just unveiled its 2020 Mondeo Hybrid, and critics across Seattle are wondering whether this station wagon will make its way here.

We certainly hope so.

As Wards Auto explains, the 2020 Mondeo will soon dominate the family market overseas - with Ford introducing this platform in England, Germany, and France by the end of next year. A four-door design promises everyday ease, while a convenient hatchback profile will deliver ample storage (approximately 58 cu.-ft). The styling will prove classic, emphasizing a sloping roofline, sharp fenders, and tinted glass.

What most impresses about this hybrid, however, is its powertrain. Ford will pair the Mondeo with 2.0L Atkinson-cycle engine, along with a supplemental 1.4-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This will ensure potent performance, with 187 HP generated; and the inclusion of regenerative braking technology will further optimize every rev (restoring up to 90% of all expended energy).

Intrigued? We certainly are - and we can only hope that Ford will bring the 2020 Mondeo Hybrid to Seattle, adding it to the brand’s growing EV fleet. No official word has been released on this subject, but high consumer interest could lead to a Washington arrival.

Want to learn more about the new Mondeo? Contact us today!
2019 ford fusion energi for sale seattle bellevue waThe EV experience is often marred by slow speeds. Drivers appreciate the efficiency of every rev - but they can’t help but crave smoother accelerations, wanting to push their sedans beyond the mild-mannered limits.

The 2019 Fusion Energi will (happily) oblige this request.

Ford has just unveiled its latest EV platform - and this promises powerful responses on the highway. The 2019 Fusion Energi boasts a 2.0L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle engine, generating 141 HP at its baseline level. This number quickly swells, however, when paired with the integrated 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery, which supplements each sequence and provides a dynamic burst of power (raising the metric to 195 HP). A synchronous electric motor offers further assistance, ensuring 129 lb.-ft of torque; and the combination of 93-octane fuel with a 120-volt charge port yields superior performance.

This innovative tri-engine system propels the 2019 Fusion Energi past the competition - with critics estimating a top-speed ratio of 85 MPH (in electric mode) and 155 MPH (in traditional). This platform is primed to impress on straightway and sharp curves alike.

Want to take it for a ride? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the new Ford Energi and its spirited highway performance.

2019 ford fusion for sale vancouver bcIt’s a celebration of efficiency. Across the hybrid market critics and consumers cheer with the news of an improved battery system for the 2019 Fusion Electric - knowing that the enhanced drive-range (25 MPGe instead of the original 21 MPGe) promises class-leading commutes.

Ford knows, however, that economy proves only part of the highway equation - which is why it’s pairing the new Fusion with a bevy of safety features. Prepare for the ultimate sedan option, Kirkland.

According to Green Car Reports, the 2019 Fusion Electric delivers premium safety to the Washington market - with Ford emphasizing autonomous responses with every mile. Among the key features are:

Forward Collision Warnings: sensors monitor all traffic patterns, detecting variations in speed and trajectory. If an obstacle is observed, they’ll immediately alert the driver via the LCD display screen; and they’ll also engage the ABS system if no actions are taken in a timely manner.

Adaptive Cruise Control: a fascia-mounted radar system delivers real-time assessments of vehicle movements, ensuring that the Fusion maintains a safe following distance. This feature moderates both acceleration and braking functions, creating a more fluid ride.

Automatic High Beams: these options can detect changing conditions, activating their halogen bulbs to counter rain, fog, and low-light environments. This improves visibility and lessens the chance of a crash.

The 2019 Fusion Electric offers a dynamic suite of features. To learn more about them contact our team today - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our current hybrid models!
Navigating the urban jungle will soon prove much easier - and more efficient. Ford has just announced that it’s bringing the 2019 Transit Connect Hybrid to North America, ensuring a next-generation experience for consumers. Get ready for a new kind of taxi service.

According to The News Wheel, Ford seeks to revitalize the taxi market. The 2019 Transit Connect Hybrid - which should rev off the assembly line by early fall - will prove an economical alternative to the traditional Yellow Cabs. Beneath its hood will sit a 1.5L GDI inline-four engine, which will combine both lithium-ion support with a supplemental electric motor. These technologies will ensure a highway MPG rating of 30 (improving upon the platform’s predecessor by 63%), and they will allow the van to remain on the streets for extended periods of time. Pump visits will be drastically reduced, with the Big Blue Oval emphasizing both auto start-stop technology and regenerative braking functions.

When these elements combine, they will allow the 2019 Transit Connect Hybrid to deliver improved performance - eliminating engine idle time and lessening overall fuel consumption. Combine this with a practical five-passenger configuration and more than 60 cu.-ft of cargo storage to ensure a premier urban experience.

The 2019 Transit Connect Hybrid will serve as the most efficient ride-share option in Seattle - and we can’t wait to see this van in action. To learn more about it contact our team today!

2020 looms far in the distance - and yet Bothell critics are already squinting toward the horizon, hoping to catch a glimpse of this year as it approaches. They have their calendars marked and their binoculars ready.

Why are they so keen on this particular year? We think it’s because of Ford’s latest hybrid promise.

According to Car Scoops, Ford is planning a massive hybrid launch by 2020 - with more than 40 lithium-ion vehicles planned. All of its crossover platforms (including the Explorer, Escape, and Edge) will now boast an EV alternative; and it also intends to bring new performance to the half-ton and sport coupe markets as well (with both F-150 and Mustang options currently revving toward the assembly line). This will be the largest undertaking of its kind in North American history.

It will also inject much-needed economy into the Bothell market - with critics expecting a 15% overall increase across Ford’s entire line-up. MPG ratios will rise and the inclusion of key technologies (including the brand’s signature SmartGauge system, which assesses performance metrics and provides real-time acceleration, braking, and handling suggestions to drivers to improve their efficiency) will ensure enhanced mobility. The hybrid vehicle will be revitalized.

What do you think of this upcoming EV transition? Share your opinions with our team today!
We often warn of the dangers of rumors. Idle gossip - however well-intentioned - can leave consumers disappointed in the end, with every assumption disproven and every speculation undermined. It’s best, we know, to stick to the facts.

When considering the 2020 Mustang Hybrid, however, we may not be able to heed our own advice.

According to Car Scoops, the 2020 Mustang Hybrid will soon enter production - and critics are already tossing around potential specs. While none of these have been confirmed, they do have us crossing our fingers.


Critics anticipate the new Mustang will feature a 2.3L four-cylinder. EcoBoost technology is expected to maximize fuel distribution, while auto start-stop capabilities should further lessen consumption by powering down the ignition while idling.


Rumors suggest that this hybrid will offer a 400 HP power-band, as well as up to 400 lb.-ft of torque. Ford has suggested that the 2020 Mustang will share similarities with the GT, and this spec range would support that.


Unlike traditional hybrids - which favor a CVT - the Mustang may boast a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford has fused this system to most of its 2018 fleet, and it’s likely that it would wish to continue this pattern.

Should these features prove true, they would propel the Mustang to the top of the charts - branding it the ultimate hybrid for Seattle. To learn more contact us today!
The search for economy too often leads drivers away from safety - forcing them to travel those long, lonely roads to the fuel station without the support of automatic braking. They’ll choose a hybrid for its value at the pump… and keep their fingers crossed that they’ll never have to trust it in an accident.

Ford knows that those odds will never prove favorable. This is why it’s bolstered the 2019 Fusion Hybrid will advanced safety features - ensuring that Seattle drivers remain protected on the road.

Anchoring the new Fusion is the Co-Pilot 360. As the Detroit Free Press explains, this collection of safety technologies brings peace of mind to every mile - allowing consumers to more confidently navigate the highway. Automatic emergency braking engages when an obstacle is identified (with both cross-traffic alerts and a pedestrian detection system yielding real-time scans of the surrounding environment). Lane-keeping functionality ensures balanced handling, instantly correcting vehicle alignment; while high-beams sense low-light conditions and switch themselves on. Blind spot warnings deliver a series of chirps to notify drivers of approaching cars; and LED bulbs cut through even the darkest days with ease.

To further enhance the 2019 Fusion Hybrid’s capabilities, Ford also provides a rear-view camera - which blends grid-line support with a capacitive touchscreen. High-definition video feeds are streamed to the center console, offering 180-degree perspectives. Track traffic and pedestrians with the press of a button.

Safety is no longer forgotten within the hybrid market. To learn more about Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 system contact us today.

Hybrid mobility will soon receive a diesel upgrade - with Ford fusing its 2019 Transit Connect with a new EcoBlue engine. Prepare for premium performance with every mile.

According to Hybrid Cars, the 2019 Transit Connect will impress both at the pump and on the highway. Anchored by a new 2.0L EcoBlue engine, this diesel machine should generate 123 HP and 221 lb.-ft of torque. It will pair an eight-speed automatic transmission with a peppy FWD to ensure maximum performance, with critics anticipating direct-injection fuel distribution to improve overall revs. This will allow the platform to accommodate commercial hauls with ease, with a 2,000-pound payload rating expected.

What should prove most appealing to drivers, however, is the Connect’s efficiency. Blending a diesel engine with available lithium-ion supplemental support, this platform should achieve 19 MPGs in the city and 27 MPGs on the highway. Some critics believe, however, that these numbers could rise as high as 10% (once the EcoBlue has made its official debut, all specs will be confirmed). Less time will be wasted at the pump!

With the release of the 2019 Transit, Ford is bridging the gap between commercial power and smart mobility. To learn more contact us today.

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