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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
A mystery looms over the automotive world - with critics scouring for clues, trying to piece together a possible solution. They all seek answers about the 2020 Bronco; and, with each passing day, they find themselves trudging home in despair. What will this SUV look like? How will Ford transition a vintage powerhouse into a modern market?

The Motor One team thinks they can solve these riddles.

Recently Motor One revealed a possible rendering of the 2020 Bronco - and we think it’s a strong contender. A powerful roofline is flanked by crossbars. Sculpted fenders flow into a thinly creased hood, while slim fog lamps frame the front. The grille is narrow and long, with the Ford logo mounted in the middle; and a slight overhang delivers a retro effect, proving reminiscent of the platform’s first generation. High-arched wheel-wells provide a sharp contrast to the metallic paint; and LED lighting cuts through even the darkest nights.

With the release of this rendering, the Motor One team offers drivers a tantalizing glimpse of the future - taking every hint from Ford and applying it to a virtual uni-body powerhouse. This Bronco (which is rumored to boast a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission) should delight from every angle.

What do you think, Renton? Is this what Ford’s latest SUV will look like? Share your opinions with us today!

Toward the finish line they fly - dozens of crossovers, all trying to claim victory. Exhaust spills onto the pavement; smoke slams beneath the tires; and a blare of horns comes echoing down the track. It’s a battle between every brand… but, as always, there can be only one true winner.

That’s the 2018 Expedition.

According to WBIR, the new Expedition has just been named the Best SUV in North America. Critics from gathered the leading platforms (the Toyota Sequoia, the Nissan Armada, the Chevrolet Tahoe, and Ford’s popular Platinum edition) and pitted them against the elements - racing more than 200 miles across a wide array of terrains and conditions. Every AWD was pushed to the limit; and, when the smoke cleared, only one vehicle proved itself worthy of off-road adventures.

The 2018 Expedition secured a staggering 820 points out of 1000 (its nearest competitor, the Armada, earned a mere 700). The team assessed 17 unique categories - including speed, towing capacity, fuel consumption, and torque - and Ford swept them all. Anchored by a turbocharged V6 this platform delivered:

Speed: 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds.
Towing: 6,000 pounds of conventional trailering.
Economy: Up to 17 MPGs in the city and 24 MPGs on the highway.
Torque: 480 lb.-ft.

The eight-passenger Expedition easily dominated the challenge - with critics praising its 10-speed automatic transmission (which eliminates clutch strain) and its exceptional cargo space (104.6 cu.-ft). This crossover blazed past the competition and delivered superior performance with every mile.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today for further information about the 2018 Expedition!

It’s the age of the crossover - with every chart dominated by all-wheel power and seven-passenger styling. Drivers demand bigger, better, more; and they reward brands for their efforts by flocking to dealerships.

The rise of the 2018 Explorer, therefore, is to be expected.

According to the NW Times, Ford’s venerable crossover has secured strong sales in Tacoma and beyond - with 21,020 units tallied in March. This represents a 3.9% year-to-year growth (in 2017 the platform earned 20,232 units) and helped to bolster the Big Blue Oval’s overall success, with approximately 250,000 vehicles sold across every vertical.

Why are drivers seeking out the 2018 Explorer? We believe it’s the class-leading performance - with this massive crossover (198-inches long, 79-inches wide, and 70-inches high) delivering EcoBoost capability. Beneath its hood sits a 3.5L engine. This pairs direct-injection functionality with turbocharged power, yielding 365 HP and 350 lb.-ft of torque. A six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission offers smooth handling, while gas-pressurized twin-tube shocks deliver a balanced ride on every terrain.

This platform can achieve a 0 to 60 run of just 5.8-seconds - branding it a true off-road beast - and drivers can take advantage of a 122 MPH ratio with every press of the pedal.

Want to learn more? Visit our dealership today to take a test-drive in the top-selling Explorer.

Is this the future of comfort? Recent spy-photos have revealed the interior of the 2020 Escape - and critics are already declaring this SUV a perfect option for families.

Prepare for a new kind of crossover.

According to AutoBlog, the 2020 Escape has just been spotted - and its styling cues prove both new and familiar. The long span of the dash is lined in soft-touch materials, creating a refined appearance. An eight-inch LCD infotainment screen anchors the center console, while enlarged air vents are framed along the lower panel. Chrome accents highlight the instrument gauges; and the media buttons (which include a Bluetooth phone system, an AM/FM stereo, and wireless hot-spot links) all feature wider dimensions to ensure easy interfacing.

When these elements combine, they create a new look for the Escape - streamlining the interior and delivering a more sedan-like atmosphere. AutoBlog notes that some of the materials (including the leather seats and alloy accents) most resemble the 2018 Focus, proving that Ford is seeking to enhance the SUV experience.

What do you think about these spy-photos? Do they make you excited for the 2020 Escape’s impending arrival? Share your opinions with us today!

Pony performance will soon receive a style upgrade - with Ford fusing its signature fastback with a rally sensibility. The Big Blue Oval has partnered (once again) with ROUSH Racing to deliver a new kind of highway experience. The 2018 Mustang JackHammer is on its way.

As MotorTrend explains, the 2018 Mustang JackHammer bolsters each mile with a bold track style. Continental Extreme Contact Sport wheels anchor the chassis, boasting all-terrain treading and a high-gloss shine; while custom stripe detailing runs along the hood and roofline, highlighting the lean profile (188-inches long, 75-inches wide, and 54-inches high). ROUSH badging frames the rear, complementing the LED tail-lights and aero spoiler; and 11 available colors (including Royal Crimson, Triple Yellow, and Lightening Blue) prove dynamic from every angle.

The 2018 Mustang further impresses with its quad-tip design - which pairs brightly polished chrome tips with a signature black stain. This creates a sleek effect on the highway, with drivers staring slack-jawed as this 727 HP beast blazes by.

Want to learn more? Visit our dealership today for further information about the new JackHammer - and don’t hesitate to request a test-drive in one of our current 2018 Mustangs as well!
Prepare, Seattle, for pony domination - with the 2018 Mustang stomping its way across every sales chart. This Ford fastback reigns supreme throughout the globe, conquering crossovers and compacts with V8 ease.

According to Business Insider, the new Mustang proves an unstoppable force. In 2017 it earned a staggering 126,000 total units across the world; and it’s poised to surpass that number by the end of this year’s fourth quarter (in March alone it generated 8,632 total units).

How is this possible? Despite the increase in demand for SUVs and hatchbacks, the 2018 Mustang remains a powerful presence on the charts - with much credit given to its 5.0L V8. This engine, Business Insider reveals, is the most sought-after option in North America, Europe, and China; and it represents more than half of the total pony sales.

We’re not surprised. The V8 delivers incredible performance, generating up to 460 HP and 420 lb.-ft of torque. It utilizes both high-pressure direct-injection and low-pressure port-injection technologies to ensure maximum power; while a six-speed manual transmission promises precise control. A 3.55 limited slip rear axle can accommodate every rev, using electronic stability software and electric steering to maintain peerless traction.

These elements allow the V8 to sail from 0 to 60 in less than four seconds - making this the ultimate pony for every drivers.

To learn more about the 2018 Mustang contact our team today!
On the Seattle streets we have seen many crossovers - the Escape, the Explorer, the Expedition. Never, however, has the Everest revved its way downtown. This platform has instead confined itself to Australia, anchoring Ford’s international brand.

This may soon change.

According to The Drive, the 2018 Everest was recently seen on Ford’s Michigan proving grounds. The crossover - which has never been shipped stateside - was glimpsed by spy photographers, and the resulting images have caused much confusion. Is this platform finally coming to America?

The answer remains unclear.

Despite the best efforts of several critics, Ford would neither confirm nor deny the presence of the Everest - and this has led to intense speculation that a launch is indeed planned. Should that prove true, Seattle will be able to sample premium performance. This crossover boasts a 3.2L five-cylinder engine, which yields 190 HP and 346 lb.-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission promises smooth shifting, while integrated Terrain Management technology seamlessly adapts to every road (it utilizes custom drive-modes to control both acceleration and traction, preventing under-steerage on even the steepest inclines). To further impress, a 6,660 towing capacity provides optimum all-terrain fun, accommodating ATV toys and sporting equipment with ease.

Will the Everest come to Seattle? Only Ford can say - but our team remains hopeful that this SUV will become a consumer favorite. To learn more contact us today!
Will the crossover market receive a pony upgrade? Rumors swirl that Ford is planning to fuse its all-terrain fleet with a Mustang sensibility… and critics are thrilled.

According to Fox News, Ford is debating a radical new production strategy - with its focus shifting from traditional sedans and hatchbacks to crossovers. This will soon translate to an influx of all-wheel powerhouses... and the Mustang may be among them. Speculations have flooded the automotive market, with critics and pony-fans each considering the merits of a big-wheeled platform; and, while no official confirmation has been given, many believe that the odds are favorable.

As Fox News explains, critics agree that a Mustang SUV would fit seamlessly into the brand’s fleet - particularly because it could share the same body-on-frame construction as Ford’s leading platform: the Explorer. Rumors of a shared unibody chassis are gaining momentum, and many anticipate that this model will deliver similar performance capabilities (including an all-wheel-drive, a 10-speed automatic transmission, and a robust V6). HP ratios should exceed 350.

We’ll admit: we’re excited.

Should Ford choose to fuse the Mustang with off-road capabilities, the Seattle market will be forever changed - and so will our dealership. To learn more about this model contact our team today!

The future of backroad performance is revving ever closer - with Ford teasing the release of its 2020 Explorer. This platform (which is currently scheduled for a springtime production next year) was recently spotted on the highways of Beijing, roaring toward the annual Auto Show; and, while it remained fully camouflaged, critics were able to discern a few exciting details.

Are you ready for a new crossover experience?

According to Motor One, Ford allowed crowds at the Beijing Auto Show to take a peek at its 2020 Explorer. Though the fascia was clad in vinyl (and the interior was shrouded), a few clever-eyed critics were able to decipher some key features. The chassis shares the same underpinnings as the new Lincoln Navigator, boasting a modular CD6 on-frame construction that promises an athletic stance. The rear-wheel-drivetrain will promote superior traction, utilizing both a 10-speed automatic transmission and oversized axles; while the LED headlamps have been lengthened in the front to ensure a larger beam path. The grille also appears widened, with a slotted tri-bar design anchoring its center.

The 2020 Explorer - which is rumored to deliver up to 400 HP, courtesy of the anticipated 3.0L turbocharged V6 - should prove a perfect addition to the Seattle backroads, promising rugged style and fierce performance with every rev.

What do you think about this SUV? Share your opinions with our team today!

It’s a series of complicated dials. You push, pull, and press your way across a screen - trying to activate an infotainment system, seeking access to your favorite programs. The console remains quiet, though, and no content appears. You scowl, running your fingers (once again) along the media tower.

Nothing happens.

This, Ford knows, is an all-too-common occurrence for Seattle drivers - with their crossover’s yielding poorly designed tech and inferior interfacing. That’s why the Big Blue Oval has fused its 2018 Expedition Platinum with the best in digital content, utilizing the SYNC 3 system to ensure highway convenience.

According to AutoBlog, the 2018 Expedition Platinum boasts a superior infotainment system. The SYNC 3 - anchored by an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen - allows drivers to seamlessly engage with content. Integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software accommodates smartphones, instantly downloading contact lists, music files, and more into the console; while Siri Eyes Free technology yields voice-activated control. The LCD display boasts intuitive pinch-to-zoom functionality, enabling users to quickly locate their preferred apps; while available Amazon Alexa compatibility provides more than 30,000 custom skill-sets to employ (including remote starts and automated dual-zone temperature changes). Wireless hot-spots are integrated directly into the media tower and ensure smooth connectivity for up to 10 devices, countering data interruptions with 4G LTE precision.

The SYNC 3 console allows drivers to effortlessly define, access, and control their content. It pairs SiriusXM navigation with TravelLink streaming to ensure an effective experience.

Want to test it out? Come to our dealership today to take the 2018 Expedition Platinum (and its SYNC 3 tech) for a spin.