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2017 Ford EnergiConstantly forgetting where you parked your Ford Energi? Today's common grievance, which affects every driver at some time, is now a worry of yesterday thanks to Ford Motor Company's newest partnership with Samsung. Drivers who own a Samsung Gear S2 or new S3 smartwatch will soon have the convenient capability to integrate their devices to a Ford SYNC®-equipped vehicle; the technology enables its owner to set parking reminders, alerts and more.

For drivers who often rush away from their parked vehicles without noting their specific spots, the advent of this feature takes away the responsibility of memorizing one's location. Rather than having to take your smartphone out and note your location, the app prompts you to simply log your vehicle's location on your watch once you've parked and turned off your vehicle. The details can be as specific as the level, column and other notable points, depending on where you've parked (such as the fifth floor of a parking garage). Later, drivers can easily retrieve the navigation information from their watch and find their cars with ease.

Dave Hatton, Ford's global manager of mobile applications and emergency services, shared that the harmonization of vehicle and wearable technology is the way of the future. “The power of Ford SYNC is its flexibility to connect to new devices and services,” he said. “As wearable technology advances, connecting your vehicle to these devices holds immense potential to help make your life more convenient and more personalized.”

Ford enthusiasts in anticipation of this new technology need only wait until spring, when Gear Auto Link is expected to roll out for integration with a variety of Ford vehicles. In the meantime, visit Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to learn more about Ford's other exciting innovations.

Ford Debuts Augmented Reality Presentation, Takes Driving Experience to New Heights

(Posted on Feb 2, 2017 at 12:00PM )
Augmented reality is the way of the future, and so is Ford. The blend of both, many would argue, is simply a match waiting to happen. And that's exactly what happened at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, where Ford debuted an augmented reality presentation that immersed participants into the technology and raised the bar for vehicle-to-consumer interaction. 

The presentation, which was displayed multiple times during the Auto Show, provided consumers with a live look within a variety of scenarios. In one, participants witnessed aero testing for Ford's all-new GT as it sped through a wind tunnel; in another, they took part in a demonstration of the 2018 F-150's new 10-speed automatic transmission. Yet another gave participants a glimpse into the new EcoSport in action. Watch the video below to get a closer look at Ford's new, groundbreaking experience:

“Think of augmented reality as the blending of virtual reality with real life,” Garett Carr, Ford global auto shows manager, said of the innovation. “It’s like having x-ray vision, with the power to take people deeper into our product and technology stories – it feels a little like magic.”

Whether or not you had the opportunity to attend the 
North American International Auto Show, find out more about Ford's plans for augmented reality technology at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.

Capping off a record year with a 23 percent sales surge in China in December 2016, Ford Motor Company welcomed 2017 with open arms and an optimistic outlook on its new vehicle market.

Independent of the rest of the year, the December sales of Ford and its joint ventures came out to nearly 150,000 vehicle sales in China, which was a 21 percent increase compared to 2015. Such a strong performance was primarily attributable to an increased popularity of Ford's extended lineup, which included the Ford Edge, Explorer and other SUVs, as well as the Ford Taurus. In particular, demand for the Edge and Explorer increased by 123 percent and 36 percent, respectively; the Ford Taurus also exceeded its previously held sales records for the month of December and broke 32,000 sales. Watch the Edge in action in the video below:

The last month of 2016 wasn't a fluke; for the duration of 2016, Ford sales added up to more than 1.27 million vehicles, breaking its own record with a 14 percent increase year-over-year. Performance vehicles in the Ford family also got their time in the spotlight - annual sales of the Ford Mustang rose by 45 percent, while the Focus RS and Focus ST sales climbed 12 percent in 2016.

Find out more about Ford's successes in 2016 and what's to come in 2017 - stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.
2017 Ford F-150If its reigning status as America's best-selling truck for 40 years running - and as the nation's best-selling vehicle for 35 - isn't enough to convince those who doubt the Ford F-150's capability and power, the influx of accolades that have made recent headlines on auto websites should be. Adding to the F-150's award list as of late is Edmunds, which recently dubbed the F-150 the Most Wanted Full-Size Truck.

The Edmunds Most Wanted award gives recognition where it's due to vehicles that are the hottest in their segment, an accolade determined by factors such as sales, editorial expertise, time spent
 on dealer lots, awareness and more.

“In the highly competitive full-size truck category, the Ford F-150 stood out, besting the competition with leading sales and shopper consideration,” Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis, said in a Ford statement. “An Edmunds Most Wanted award gives shoppers confidence and assurance that the F-150 is a smart choice.”

Given its high standing amongst other trucks, it's obvious that Ford values continuous innovation when it comes to the F-Series family. Find out more and test-drive our selection of trucks at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.
The future of the Ford GT is certainly a lot clearer, in more ways than one, thanks to its dashboard's all-digital, high-resolution instrument display that was recently introduced. The innovative design ensures that vital information is quickly and effectively provided to GT drivers using sharp, high-contrast graphics, transmitted accordingly based on a quintet of special driving modes.

The GT's new digital instrument display measures at 10 inches wide, but its upgrades go beyond dimensions. Compared to the original Ford GT, which was equipped with a fixed set of analog buttons, knobs and gauges in its dashboard, the all-new display is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. Its design is impressive, but its options for customization make it a cut above the standard. Drivers' ability to refine information, depending on their drive modes, help guarantee that the most pertinent data is readily available at all times and in the moment. Watch more in the video below:


“Driver focus and attention are key with such high performance,” Jamal Hameedi, the chief engineer of Ford Performance, said of the new technology. “We’ve designed the GT with a sleek digital instrument display that changes depending on driving mode in ways that are important and usable to the driver.”

To the anticipated delight of Ford drivers, the bells and whistles that come with this new display won't be restricted to the GT. Ford already plans to integrate the technology into other future Ford vehicles, so expect to see the full digital instrument display technology in other vehicles not too long from now. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.

2017 Ford F-150You can't spell 'Ford' or 'first' without the letter 'F,' so it makes sense that the automaker's most revered truck - and the recent first-prize winner of the 2017 Autobytel Buyer's Choice Full-Size Truck award - is the F-150. The beloved truck snagged the aforementioned accolade, as well as Autobytel's top award for Choice Truck of the Year.

The Choice Truck of the Year award carries particular significance; it means that the greatest number of truck buyers shopped and submitted dealer contracts for F-150s on, compared to other passenger trucks in the auto industry. With its new title, Ford is setting the bar high - the Buyer's Choice Award is new to Autobytel, covering 17 vehicle subcategories. According to a statement released by Ford, each category winner reflects "leadership in both search traffic and dealer lead generation."

The award from Autobytel is one of many recently given to an F-Series truck. Namely, Ford's F-Series was dubbed the best-selling truck nationwide for 40 years consecutively, in addition to being America's best-selling vehicle for over 35 years. Since its inaugural year in 1977, over 26 million trucks have been sold. Learn more and test-drive our selection of F-150 trucks and more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!

2017 Ford electric vehiclesStaying true to its slogan "Go Further," Ford Motor Company recently presented both a short-term and long-term vision for the future of autonomous vehicles as part of its 'City of Tomorrow' initiative. 

As a proponent for innovation, it's no surprise that Ford representatives already anticipate autonomous vehicles to be introduced worldwide within the next five years. That forward thinking - while unforeseeable to some naysayers - is what has established Ford known as a pioneer in the automotive industry and beyond. 

In conjunction, the automaker also projects upward growth in electrified vehicles that parallels the plan for autonomous vehicle introduction. The aforementioned plans fall within Ford's larger vision, which highlights vehicle and infrastructure connectivity and communications.

On the horizon, autonomous vehicles will be the norm in the City of Tomorrow - and the majority of those will be electrified vehicles. In addition to mass, high-speed public transit taking precedence, Ford also anticipates the prevalence of multi-purpose drones, operating systems that efficiently interpret and manage data from every facet of the ecosystem, upgrading road space into green space and parks, and more.

Now, we want to work with communities to offer even more transportation choices and solutions for people – for decades to come,” Mark Fields, the president and CEO of Ford, said.

Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington offers a variety of electric vehicles to help pave the way for the future. Take a test-drive today!
2018 Ford F-150When it comes to engine capability, Ford's all-new F-150 scores high. By providing the most upgraded F-150 engine lineup to date, the automaker makes the F-150 a shoo-in compared to other trucks on the lot. Not to mention that the 2018 F-150 also steals gold for its towing capacity, which Ford representatives claim is the best of any F-150 ever.

Just how impressive is the new F-150's engine? It makes its debut in all its standard 3.3-liter, V6 glory, with direct injection for added efficiency. The engine is also slated to procure comparable horsepower and lb.-ft. numbers of 282 and 253, respectively, which parallel that of the previous model's standard 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Trucks equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine will also see improvements, which are mainly attributable to the aspirated engine features that contribute to greater torque and power. A specially available 3.0-liter Power Stroke diesel engine is also an option and stands out as the first diesel engine ever offered for the F-150.

Drivers with a penchant for the EcoBoost engine will also be thrilled to know that a brand-new, second-generation 2.7-liter engine from that family is also available; it features direct injection technology, advanced dual port and more. The 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, like its 3.5-liter counterpart, also buddies up with the segment-exclusive, 10-speed automatic transmission that characterizes the 2018 model. Overall, all the engines' bells and whistles combine to provide heightened levels of quality, output and durability. 

Only a few months stand between now and when the new F-150 goes on sale this fall. Until then, check out the current selection of F-150 trucks on our lot at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.
2018 Ford F-150Ford recently gave its F-150 lineup some tough love - more specifically, love that is Built Ford Tough. The 2018 lineup, which was recently announced to the delight of truck enthusiasts worldwide, fulfills the automaker's dedication to crafting vehicles that are both durable and innovative. 

The new F-150 exemplifies both qualities, shining with its segment-exclusive assortment of state-of-the-art, corrosion-inhibiting materials. It also sports a high-strength steel, full boxed ladder frame and a military-grade body made with aluminum alloy. The alloy keeps the truck weight lower while adding capability, helping the F-150 tow heavier and provide unsurpassable payload ratings.

In case any nay-sayers have doubts about its tough factor, Ford offers a variety of looks that will quell any hesitations. All of the new F-150 models have new grilles, bumpers and headlamps, creating what a Ford statement describes as "
a visually wider and more planted stance and maximum differentiation between the series." Signature twin bars with customized colors are also added to the Sport Package-equipped Lariat F-150 for a distinguishable aesthetic. A sculpted tailgate and tailgate applique further embellish the exterior.

Open the doors on the F-150, and you'll notice either of the two new seating trim colors - Dark Marsala in the F-150 Platinum, and Navy Pier in the F-150 Limited. And not one, not two, but six new wheel designs also make their debut with the 2018 F-150, varying in diameter between 17 to 22 inches. 

Our representatives at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington are available to answer any questions you may have about the new F-150. Stop by to learn more and test-drive any of the F-150s currently on the lot!
2018 Ford F-150Ford Motor Company's growing reputation as a pioneer of forward-thinking innovations takes the front seat in its all-new 2018 F-150. A variety of technologies that are first in their segment and exclusive to their class serve to increase the levels of efficiency, driver confidence and productivity in the new truck - all while maintaining drivers' connections to the outside environment.

The upgrades serve to make the F-150 a paragon in the light-duty pickup truck segment. One feature, adaptive cruise control, boasts a stop-and-go functionality that enables drivers to set a cruising speed; from there, radar and camera monitoring ensure that the vehicle keeps a set, safe distance between other cars. Another related perk, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, also helps prevent accidents. 

To say that the F-150 incorporates an abundance of technological features is an understatement. The features include:

• An all-new, embedded 4G LTE modem for a Wi-Fi hot spot, which allows customers to connect up to 10 mobile devices at one time from almost any location.

• A B&O PLAY available audio system, which maximizes the potential of high-end speakers, sound and tuning to facilitate more enjoyable listening experiences on-the-go.

• A 360-degree camera that gives drivers a boost of confidence when connecting a trailer, while simultaneously allowing them to concentrate on other detail-oriented tasks.

• An available lane-keeping system, designed to help cut down the frequency of unintentional vehicle drifting.

Learn more about the new F-150's exciting features at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!