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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
The foundation for tomorrow is set today, which is why Ford Motor Company is accelerating its efforts to reduce city traffic congestion. The automaker recently solidified an agreement with businessman and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, only weeks after he revealed his plans for a new philanthropic organization (Bloomberg Philanthropies), which is geared towards city planners.

Mark Fields, Ford's CEO, announced on November 15 at the Los Angeles Auto Show that the Blue Oval will collaborate with Bloomberg Philanthropies in its efforts to prepare cities for self-driving cars, and their use for addressing various challenges. "We’re discussing how we can work together to help create the city of tomorrow, incubating ideas around mobility and to accelerate solutions in cities," Fields stated. "Working with Bloomberg, we will collect the best ideas from around the world and put them into action." Learn more about Ford's efforts in the video below:

Although Bloomberg's initiative originally went public back in October, it only took a few weeks before Ford established its partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies. Ford's City Solutions team initiated the collaboration once it was clear that Bloomberg Philanthropies closely aligns with the City Solutions team's objectives - as described on, the group "was created to work with cities and study their transportation needs," as well as determine the best plan for interactions between pioneering self-driving vehicles, ride-sharing services, shuttle services and more traditional mass transit systems. With the City Solutions team, and the greater Ford Smart Mobility division it falls under, Ford intends to take its mobility and autonomous vehicle development projects to the next level. The end goal, ultimately, is to facilitate greater connections between vehicles produced by the automotive industry, automaker services and transportation services.

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'A' is for apple, and it's also for 'award' - like the one Ford Motor Company received for the second time recently by CDP, an international nonprofit that serves to drive sustainable economies. The organization presented Ford and 23 other companies an 'A' grade recently for its water management efforts, an accolade sought after by over 600 companies total. Ford and the other award-winning companies will be listed on an exclusive list of corporate leaders in CDP's report, Thirsty business: Why water is vital to climate action, which was released on November 15.

Morgan Gillepsy, the head of water at CDP, praised Ford and the other noted companies for their commitment to environmental accountability. “The business case for action to improve water security has never been stronger or more urgent," 
Gillepsy said. "We congratulate Ford Motor Company for achieving a position on CDP’s Water A List. The company is responding to market demand for environmental accountability and at the same time making progress toward achieving a water-secure world. And, as our report shows, this will make a difference to companies working to fulfill their carbon reduction potential and the sustainable development goals.” Learn more about Ford's water sustainability in the video below:

Ford's recognition stems from its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The Blue Oval is aiming to reduce its water use per vehicle by 72 percent as of 2020, in pursuit of using zero potable (drinking water for vehicle manufacturing. Representatives for Ford recognize the importance of preserving clean drinking water, considering how many people worldwide have little access to it.

“Water is a precious resource,” Andy Hobbs, Ford 's director of the Environmental Quality Office, said. “We recognize that every person has the right to accessible, clean and affordable drinking water, that’s why we’ve established such an aggressive 2020 target. We aspire to have zero water withdrawal for our manufacturing processes and we are proud that CDP is recognizing our efforts to remain a water conservation leader.”

Ford's initiatives, in 
particular regard to water, sparked 16 years ago with its Global Water Management Initiative. For 15 years, the project saved 10 billion gallons of water, resulting in a 61 percent decrease overall. Ford hopes to save 30 percent more per vehicle from 2015 to 2020 by incorporating new technologies and real-time water metering.

Learn more about Ford's sustainability by visiting our team at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. Don't forget to take a test-drive while you're there!
Third time's a charm for Ford, but so are the second and first times. For the third year running, Ford Motor Company has taken the Kelley Blue Book "Best Buy" of the year for trucks award. The award specifically spotlights the 2017 Ford F-150, which stole the show with its updated features. 

The Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards serve to identify and share the best of the best when it comes to all available 2017 model-year vehicles; the awards are given after a yearlong vetting process that includes expert vehicle evaluation and testing - not just of a select number of vehicles available in the US, but of almost every new vehicle. The respected designation also takes into account a large pool of vehicle-related data, such as vehicle pricing and transaction prices, which is used to analyze and compare each vehicle. This year, the 2017 Ford-F150 scored highly across the judging categories, dazzling with its updated powertrain lineup that introduced the all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost and 10-speed automatic (which is Ford-built). That's not all; the powertrain also provides an increase of 50 lb-ft peak torque and shows improvements in the trifecta of EPA fuel economy ratings of 1 mpg more than its predecessor. See the Ford F-150 on-the-go in the video below:

The 2017 F-150 also brings back the STX Appearance Package, which bundles a variety of interior and exterior features that F-150 drivers previously had limited access to. The updated features, in turn, give customers even more bang for their buck. Drivers can also enjoy heightened convenience and comfort using features such as BLIS with cross-traffic alerts for trailer coverage, SYNC Connect for remote vehicle security, and the FordPass smartphone platform for monitoring fuel levels from afar.

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"Mobility" is the name of the game for Ford Motor Company, as president and CEO Mark Fields introduced it in 2015. His announcement, at the time, gave wind of the automaker's plans to invest in 25 mobility experiments worldwide, the majority of them in larger metropolitan areas. From that point onward, “'mobility' has become the buzzword of an auto industry in transition from selling sheet metal to marketing all means of personal transportation," according to a article.

Just a hair shy of two years after Fields' initial claim, media and shareholders are curious as to how the Blue Oval will reap the benefits of mobility. But the answer may be discovered from simply analyzing urban trends. In recent news, Fields announced Ford's partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute's Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles to assist with the reshaping of transportation in urban areas. Not much later, Ford Smart Mobility LLC's newly appointed CEO, Rajendra Rao, also brought to light the next steps for Ford's foray into mobility. Learn more about Smart Mobility in the video below:

As Ford states, by 2030 over half of the global population - 60%, to be exact - will reside in cities. This increase in urban growth will simultaneously raise the number of challenges affiliated with transportation in cities. To preempt these issues, Ford City Solutions is slated to work with emerging megacities internationally to ensure the ease of freight and traffic. Rao also shared that the ultimate mission of Ford Smart Mobility is to design, build, grow and invest in emerging mobility services, and build upon learnings of prior mobility experiments to streamline Ford's ventures. An example of such is Chariot, a van-pooling service that addresses the growing demand for private bus services. With Chariot, a San Francisco-based company, Rao said that Ford is providing a mobility service that has the potential for profit as it expands.

Ultimately, the core of Ford's mobility innovations is to make and sell vehicles while staying cognizant of the future's demands and needs. Learn more about Ford City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility LLC, and the Blue Oval's other ventures by talking to any of our team members at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. 

A decorated relationship almost twenty years in the making came to a close at the end of November, when Greg Biffle and Roush Fenway Racing announced their plan to part ways. The pair raced Fords together in NASCAR's three national touring series, and it appears that the third time was a charm. Although Biffle's plans for the future are yet to be determined, the 19-time NASCAR Premier Series winner is certain that they won't include racing with RFR in NASCAR. Watch Biffle in action when he won the NASCAR Premier Series season finale for the third year in a row:

With his NASCAR retirement on the horizon, Biffle's achievements behind the wheel of a Ford are worth reminiscing:

- Back in 2000, Biffle won Ford's first NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship.
- Two years later, he took top prize at Ford's first NASCAR XFINITY Series championship.
- On June 16, 2013, Biffle scored the 1,000th Ford victory in NASCAR, which was held at the Michigan International Speedway.
- In a tie with Davey Allison with 19 wins, he ranked 11th on Ford's all-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win list.
- Biffle is ranked fourth on NASCAR's list of drivers with the most Ford victories in the top three series combined. His total is 53 (19NSCS, 18 NXS, and 16 NCWTS).
- For three years in a row (2004-2006), he won the season-closing Ford 400 at Ford Championship Weekend.

In acknowledgment of his career, Raj Nair, the executive VP of product development and the chief technical officer for Ford, said, "One of my fondest memories in NASCAR is being able to welcome Greg to Victory Lane at Michigan when he won our 1,000th NASCAR race. We had so many Ford employees at the track that day and it’s a moment that I’ll always cherish. We wish Greg nothing but the best and thank him for all he’s done in representing Ford on and off the track.” 

Learn more about Ford's presence on the raceways by visiting us at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.
After snagging a slew of awards in the recent months, including the "Best Buy" of the Year award for trucks and the 2017 Motor Trend "Truck of the Year" title, Ford Motor Company's 2017 F-150 line of pickups was recently named by US News & World Report as the 2017 Best Truck Brand. This year marks the second in a row that the Blue Oval snagged the accolade for the publication.

To calculate the brand ratings that resulted in the F-150's award, US News & World Report relied on its own vehicle scores. From there, judges determined the qualifying automaker candidates to win each of the report's four award categories. Other components such as reliability and safety data played a role in the final decisions, as did consensus opinions of the auto industry. Watch the F-150 in action in the video below:

The notable award is not a surprise, given the high praises that the F-150 has received over the calendar year. They came flooding in on the heels of the multiple updates that the truck line received for its 2017 model year, including an updated 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine and a ten-speed automatic transmission. As Jamie Page Deaton, the Managing Editor of US News Best Cars, said on, “Consumers have an overwhelming number of factors to consider when comparing cars. The Best Vehicle Brand awards simplify the process by giving people guidance on the top brands in the categories that matter to them.”

Want to learn more about Ford's other 2016 achievements in the auto industry and beyond? Swing by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and talk to any of our representatives today. 
A lack of activity rarely warrants an award, but Ford Motor Company received honors for just that on October 27. The acclaimed automaker was acknowledged at the 16th annual Zero Injury Safety Awards Gala, which was held at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C., for its excellence in maintaining injury-free work hours. The awards ceremony followed a cocktail hour and dinner reception.
Ford vehicle in transit

Criteria for the awards, according to NMAPC's website, revolved around "contractors, industrial business owners/clients and building trades crafts on projects performed under the terms of the National Maintenance Agreements or National Power Generation Maintenance Agreements program." Award recipients fell under two categories, the Zero Recordable Award (200,000 or more hours) and the Zero Recordable Certificate of Merit (under 200,000 hours). With 312,959 injury-free work hours clocked in, Ford received the Zero Recordable Award. The hours were distributed amongst four of its projects recognized at the event: Aristeo Construction in Louisville, Kentucky; Dearborn Mid-West Company in Louisville, Kentucky; Abel Construction Company, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky; and Midwest Steel, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky. The Blue Oval was also acknowledged for its efforts at last year's Zero Injury Safety Awards Gala. 

Out of the distribution of nonfatal occupational injury and illness cases by category of illness (private industry) in 2015, a staggering 95.2% of reported cases were injuries - 2,905,900 total. In an industry like automotive production, which can present an array of potential hazards, maintaining a no-injury status is particularly exceptional.

To learn more about Ford Motor Company's efforts to stay a zero-injury automaker, stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and speak to any of our representatives. Don't forget to test-drive one of our vehicles while you're there!
Watch any feel-good movie or TV show, and you're bound to catch a glimpse of friends driving down the highway in a red-hot convertible - it's usually depicted as the car necessary for a driving experience filled with fun and adventure. But the team at Ford Motor Company is out to shatter that stereotype with the 2017 C-Max Hybrid SE, which the Blue Oval is promoting as the "fun-to-drive hybrid" going into the new year. And just in time for 2017, Ford is offering C-Max Hybrid SE's for lease at only $63 a month.New 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid SE available now for lease!

Coupled with its eco-friendly features, the five-door C-Max Hybrid SE is sure to appeal to a wide range of drivers. Its power-split hybrid architecture enables its lithium-ion battery and 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas-powered engine to work independently or in tandem, utilizing the generator and motor. The C-Max Hybrid, powered by  provides 188 combined horsepower and can even top 85 mph speeds when in all-electric mode, a feat not many vehicles can best. For that reason alone, it's no wonder that Ford's coined it as the fun-to-drive hybrid.

To keep numbers in check while on the road, drivers can monitor their performance in real time using SmartGauge® with EcoGuide and Brake Coach. Drivers who want to fast, but fear the repercussions that come with
braking, need not fear: Ford's ensured that even decelerating is efficient, an accomplishment that owes itself to regenerative braking. The innovation recovers over 94 percent of the energy normally lose through friction brakes and engine drag, and actually sends it back to the battery for use at a later time. As an extra-helpful precaution, the Brake Coach feature takes drivers through the steps to brake in a way that best utilizes the Regenerative Braking System. Other features of the SmartGauge include Energy History, Energy Coach and Efficiency Leaves, which all contribute to the greater system that assists drivers with improving performance on the road long-term. 

Special to the C-Max Hybrid, the EcoSelect feature also facilitates greater efficiency for operation. Gone are the days of aggressive heating and cooling, which can disrupt one's driving experience. Drivers will also enjoy less jarring acceleration and behavioral changes in the engine as a result of the feature, which is operable with the simple push of a button on the center console. 

Sign your lease and drive off into 2017 with the C-Max Hybrid SE, available now at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.

Auto enthusiasts know that the SEMA Show is the premier event to recognize the best of the best, and no detail is missed. So when Mickey Thompson was awarded a Project Excellence Award by Ford Motor Company at this year's show, attendees took note.

The honor was bestowed in recognition of Thompson's custom 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty, which was built by Mike Duval of X-Treme Toyz. Its nickname, Tall Boy, was no misnomer; the Super Duty loomed over passersby from its pedestal at the Mickey Thompson SEMA Show booth, highlighting its 40-inch Baja MTZP3 tires and all 20 inches of each Sidebiter II wheels. The Blue Oval referred to Thompson's Super Duty as the "toughest Super Duty ever," according to, a phrase not to be taken casually. After all, the truck bested a variety of other candidates based on criteria such as new product development, vehicle appearance, marketability and brand fit, vehicle display and use of aftermarket parts. Catch more SEMA action in the video below:

As Ken Warner, the vice president of marketing for Mickey Thompson, said, “Our new 40-inch Baja MTZP3 all-terrain tires and 20-inch Sidebiter II wheels provide the perfect foundation for this sophisticated new Super Duty to deliver great style and performance. We’re honored to have received this special award of recognition from Ford, a company we’ve worked closely with on several custom project vehicles over the years.” Lon Zaback, the manager of global design planning and strategy, reinforced Warner's statement, saying in the official award letter, "Your excellence in building this project provides a benchmark for all other aftermarket companies."

Project Tall Boy features include 40/14.50R20 Baja MTZP3 tires and 20x12 Sidebiter II wheels, as well as products from brands such as AFE,
Fabtec, Fab-Fours, and more. Stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to learn more about the Project Excellence Award and more.

New 2017 Ford Fusion SE Energi Available for Lease Now

(Posted on Dec 5, 2016 at 12:00PM )
Just in time for the upcoming new year, Ford's 2017 Fusion SE Energi is now available for lease. With a sticker price of only $63 per month, it's a great way to start 2017 while keeping your wallet full. New 2017 Ford Fusion SE Energi available for lease

If holiday shopping has you reaching for another cup of java, cruising around in the 2017 Energi is bound to give you the boost you need to power through the rest of the year and beyond. Although the Blue Oval kept many of the Energi's existing features the same for this new model, the upgrades warrant attention as well.

Drivers who have navigated the streets with prior versions of the Energi will appreciate its front-wheel-drive powertrain, which Ford kept for the 2017 model. The powertrain boasts 
a 118-hp electric motor that works in tandem with a 141-hp 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder, which pumps out 188 horsepower. Thanks to the Energi's EV mode, drivers also have the refreshing option to restrict the gas engine's participation only to extreme power demands, such as driving up a steep hill.

Also the same for the new model is the 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which provides juice necessary for electric propulsion. It obtains its charge on-the-move with a two-pronged help approach: from a second motor/generator that is driven by the engine, and from regenerative braking. Once stationary in park mode, drivers can plug it into a charger, which draws power from electrical grids. Overall, the 2017 Energi has 95 MPGe
city, MPGe highway, and 88 MPGe combined EPA ratings when using gasoline and electric power together; drivers who 'plug in' frequently and only drive short distances can clock in even more impressive numbers. Ultimately, compared to the standard Fusion hybrid, the Energi stands out with its larger battery pack and affiliated capabilities, which may seal the deal for some buyers.

It wouldn't be a 
notably new model without some big changes, though, and Ford delivers in that department. Namely, LED headlights and taillights make their debut with the new Energi, as well as a new front and rear fascia, chrome accents, and updated 17-inch wheels. For more eco-minded drivers, there's also a Platinum model available that adapts the model for an even more environmentally friendly driving experience. Open the doors, and you'll notice interior upgrades such as a new center console with a gear selector that's built rotary-style, as well as the improved Sync 3 infotainment system. Willing to splurge a little for a grand level of plush comfort? Go with the Platinum upgrade, and you'll be able to enjoy leather - both in a quilted form on the seats, and in a padded form on the steering wheel and dashtop.

Don't wait to take advantage of this limited time opportunity - stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and lease your all-new Energi today.