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No word proves more frustrating than unknown. It presents far too many questions and far too few answers - with critics and consumers stumbling for some sort of resolution.

Never has this been more evident than with the sudden reveal of a new Escape.

Ford Authority has just released a tantalizing glimpse of a uni-bodied crossover - one that bears Escape badging but none of the expected style. This platform offers a wide frame, with (at least) four inches added to both the overall wheelbase and fender flares. The C-Pillar construction has been heightened, with reinforced aluminum placed along the seams; and even the tail-gate boasts an elongated design, further highlighting the sleek rear.

This, Ford Authority notes, is no traditional Escape. It’s instead a crossover-inspired model, emphasizing ample passenger space and a sporty all-terrain design; and its recent reveal in Detroit comes as a surprise (the Big Blue Oval has made no announcements of a full platform refresh, nor has it provided production dates for the upcoming 2019 or 2020 models). There is no current spec-sheet that matches this particular vehicle.

The dreaded unknown has, therefore, arrived - and Seattle drivers are trying to unravel the mystery of the Escape. Is this a new breed of SUV?

We wish we knew.

No official details have been provided for the Escape. We’ll be certain, however, to keep our customers abreast of any developments. Stay tuned!