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Breathing is an autonomic function, one people don't give a second thought to most of the time. But in areas that are rapidly becoming more polluted, the simple act of inhaling and exhaling clean air is becoming less of a reality. In order to help prevent this from happening, Ford's City Solutions team recently announced its vision for the "City of Tomorrow," a long-term project intended to help address mounting mobility issues in urban environments - namely, air pollution and gridlock.

The initiative helps make Ford's mark as more than an automaker, in a world where organic life and technology coexist and often conflict. The City Solutions team - a group unique to the auto industry - is collaborating with cities internationally, working to develop and execute lasting mobility solutions. Helping to pave the way towards success is a second partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, as well as its global coalition of mayors. Watch the video below to learn more:

According to Bill Ford, Ford's executive chairman, “This is an issue that goes far beyond congestion. It is one that represents a massive challenge to mankind, one that affects our well-being and access to health care, clean drinking water, food, a safe place to live and even the ability to find work. By solving the mobility challenge, we have the chance to create a better world for future generations. It’s both an exciting opportunity and a big responsibility.”

Ford's plan looks towards the future with optimism, utilizing near-term mobility initiatives such as ride-sharing, reconfigurable roads, drones and autonomous and electric vehicles to interact with urban infrastructure and, ultimately, facilitate a transportation ecosystem that operates fluidly. 

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