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how to check your the treadware on your tires seattle washingtonChecking the tread of your tires is a key indicator of whether or not they need to be replaced. You should be looking closely at your wheels once every month or before a long road trip. One article explains a simple method which can be done at home using just a coin.

The penny test allows you to examine your tire’s treadwear. All you need for this low-cost inspection is a one-cent piece. Follow the three easy steps below to see if you need to visit your local mechanic.

1. Hold the penny between your thumb and forefinger so that you can see the top half of Abraham Lincoln’s portrait.

2. Find a low point in your tire’s tread and place Abe’s head between the grooves.

3. If part of the head is obscured between his crown and chin, your tires have a safe and legal amount of tread. If Lincoln’s portrait is completely visible, your car’s grip is dangerously reduced.

How did your tires fair in the test? If any of them were below the limit or you’re still not sure, come to the service department at Sound Ford, in Seattle Washington. We’ll inspect and replace your wheels, if necessary. Make an appointment online or call us at 888-809-5272.