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get oil changed seattle washingtonGetting your vehicle's oil changed is essential maintenance that is often forgotten. According to an article by, the majority of automakers recommend having this service done every 7,500 miles. Manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen suggest 10,000 mi, while BMW ups that figure to 15,000.

If your typical day involves stop and go driving, trailer towing, or idling in traffic, you may need to get your oil changed more often than others. Does your car endure sweltering summers or cold winters? Extreme weather temperatures also increase the frequency of necessary mechanic visits.

Do you drive a Ford? Many of the Blue Oval’s vehicles are equipped with oil life monitors, which will inform you when it’s time to swap out the old for the new. The system bases the urgency on engine temperature, speed, cold starts, climate conditions, and more. If your car doesn’t have this feature, you can always just check the dipstick.

Is your vehicle ready for its next oil change? Come to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and we’ll have you sorted out in no time. Make an appointment online or give us a call at 888-809-5272.