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Are you ready to upgrade to a new car, but not sure how to prepare your previous one for trade in? An article by CBS News offers some great tips on what you can do to boost your vehicle’s value, before exchanging it for a chunk of change at a local dealership.

Car Maintenance - While you don’t need to spend a fortune on upgrading everything in your old car, it is advisable to make sure all of your routine maintenance, like tire rotation, an oil change, and battery check, are all up to date. Simple repairs like this can significantly increase the value of your vehicle.

Body Work - All of those little dings, dents, and scratches on your car that you learned to live with, will be noticeable to prospective buyers. Thankfully, these small imperfections can be quickly and affordably removed by a nearby mechanic.

Car Detailing - Who said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? The appearance of your vehicle’s exterior and cabin will be the first thing people see before they even put the key in the ignition. Paying a professional to give your car a thorough cleaning could increase its trade in value by several hundred dollars.

Get your car in tip top shape for trade in at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. You can make an appointment online now or give us a call at 888-809-5272.