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Peter Olson at Key West Ford is a Rock Star!
Pete had really taken care of us from start to finish; this is the first vehicle my partner and I had purchased together and he had made the process so easy for us while taking the time to ease our minds for such a big decision. All considered, finding Pete at Key West was the best case scenario after months of searching in the proverbial shark tank that you would find at any other place. Peter and Key West Ford as a whole have been stellar at providing top quality service, I would definitely recommend Peter and his team to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle with peace of mind. His dealership has everything in house from financing to insurance whereas we could take our new baby home on the same day! There were a few items noted after the sale that Pete happily and speedily addressed that reassured us we are in good hands for years to come. Thank you Pete, Michelle and Wes; you all have truly been Rock Stars!
New lease vehicle - amazing experience!
Huge thanks to the team at Key West Ford! This is my second lease (first one 4 years ago) and they knocked it out of the park again. Really easy to deal with & no BS, just really straightforward and honest. Being a single female this type of purchase can easily be intimidating and/or difficult but Peter Olson and the team (Mike & Michelle) made it seamless and left me feeling confident about my purchase. Thank you!
Great place
Bought a Ford Escape Titanium and was one of the best car buying experiences I have had. At 72 years old I have had a few. Great dealership, was never under any pressure to buy or make a deal, Peter Olson was very knowledgable on the vehicles I was looking at and Wes Upton was great to deal with. It was friendly and quickly finalized. All in all a totally super place to deal with.
Repeat Customer
My wife and I have now each bought 2 cars each from Key West in the last 9 years. Great experience dealing with this dealership.
Fantastic charismatic no pressure
Allan sold me a gently used honda the other day. This guy really wants everyone to be happy and comfortable. I felt he was totally looking out for my best interest and and he went way out of his way to do so from the umbrellas (cause it was raining) to the hot coffee to warm us up.. as well as getting me a really good deal on my car with minimal haggling. He really wants you to have the car at the best deal possible and I was more than happy with his service.. when I was ready to except the deal..he said "I'll get you out of here and driving your new car in 45 mins"!! .. and sure enough I was out of there 45 minutes later I was on my way home. It was a real pleasure dealing with Allan and I hope hes around next time I wanna upgrade.
No xxxxxxxx salestalk. It's a very welcoming place and the salesmen (Peter & Lino) were simply the best. My buying experience is as smooth as it should be...
Key West Ford
this is not my first visit here &’that’s because of the excellent service!! I would highly recommend a visit here before going elsewhere for your vehicle!!
The best choice
When I told Alan what I want and what was my financial condition he introduced me the best fit. A beautiful Mustang that I am extremely happy with . You can trust Alan.
Best sales experience with Peter Olson ever!
Peter Olson is the best sales person we have ever dealt with!He gave us all the information required to make a knowing decision on our vehicle. He did not have the vehicle we were looking for at first within our price range and kilometres. He kept us in the loop while he searched and found us our 2017 Ford Escape SE AWD which we love. It took weeks to find us what we were looking for but it was worth the wait! We would not hesitate to recommend Peter Olson to our friends, family, and anyone who reads this. He is very honest and went above and beyond for us. Top Shelf!
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- Ford Edge Auburn Washington
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- Ford Edge Burien Washington
- Ford Edge Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Edge Everett Washington
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- Ford Escape Auburn Washington
- Ford Escape Bellevue Washington
- Ford Escape Bothell Washington
- Ford Escape Burien Washington
- Ford Escape Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Escape Everett Washington
- Ford Escape Federal Way Washington
- Ford Escape Issaquah Washington
- Ford Escape Kent Washington
- Ford Escape Kirkland Washington
- Ford Escape Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Escape Marysville Washington
- Ford Escape Renton Washington
- Ford Escape Seattle Washington
- Ford Escape Tacoma Washington

Ford Explorer
- Ford Explorer Auburn Washington
- Ford Explorer Bellevue Washington
- Ford Explorer Bothell Washington
- Ford Explorer Burien Washington
- Ford Explorer Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Explorer Everett Washington
- Ford Explorer Federal Way Washington
- Ford Explorer Issaquah Washington
- Ford Explorer Kent Washington
- Ford Explorer Kirkland Washington
- Ford Explorer Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Explorer Marysville Washington
- Ford Explorer Renton Washington
- Ford Explorer Seattle Washington
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Ford Mustang
- Ford Mustang Auburn Washington
- Ford Mustang Bellevue Washington
- Ford Mustang Bothell Washington
- Ford Mustang Burien Washington
- Ford Mustang Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Mustang Everett Washington
- Ford Mustang Federal Way Washington
- Ford Mustang Issaquah Washington
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- Ford Mustang Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Mustang Marysville Washington
- Ford Mustang Renton Washington
- Ford Mustang Seattle Washington
- Ford Mustang Tacoma Washington

Ford Fiesta
- Ford Fiesta Auburn Washington
- Ford Fiesta Bellevue Washington
- Ford Fiesta Bothell Washington
- Ford Fiesta Burien Washington
- Ford Fiesta Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Fiesta Everett Washington
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- Ford Fiesta Kent Washington
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- Ford Fiesta Renton Washington
- Ford Fiesta Seattle Washington
- Ford Fiesta Tacoma Washington

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- Ford Focus Auburn Washington
- Ford Focus Bellevue Washington
- Ford Focus Bothell Washington
- Ford Focus Burien Washington
- Ford Focus Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Focus Everett Washington
- Ford Focus Federal Way Washington
- Ford Focus Issaquah Washington
- Ford Focus Kent Washington
- Ford Focus Kirkland Washington
- Ford Focus Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Focus Marysville Washington
- Ford Focus Renton Washington
- Ford Focus Seattle Washington
- Ford Focus Tacoma Washington

Ford Fusion
- Ford Fusion Auburn Washington
- Ford Fusion Bellevue Washington
- Ford Fusion Bothell Washington
- Ford Fusion Burien Washington
- Ford Fusion Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Fusion Everett Washington
- Ford Fusion Federal Way Washington
- Ford Fusion Issaquah Washington
- Ford Fusion Kent Washington
- Ford Fusion Kirkland Washington
- Ford Fusion Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Fusion Marysville Washington
- Ford Fusion Renton Washington
- Ford Fusion Seattle Washington
- Ford Fusion Tacoma Washington

Ford C-Max
- Ford C-Max Auburn Washington
- Ford C-Max Bellevue Washington
- Ford C-Max Bothell Washington
- Ford C-Max Burien Washington
- Ford C-Max Enumclaw Washington
- Ford C-Max Everett Washington
- Ford C-Max Federal Way Washington
- Ford C-Max Issaquah Washington
- Ford C-Max Kent Washington
- Ford C-Max Kirkland Washington
- Ford C-Max Lynnwood Washington
- Ford C-Max Marysville Washington
- Ford C-Max Renton Washington
- Ford C-Max Seattle Washington
- Ford C-Max Tacoma Washington

Ford Super Duty
- Ford Super Duty Auburn Washington
- Ford Super Duty Bellevue Washington
- Ford Super Duty Bothell Washington
- Ford Super Duty Burien Washington
- Ford Super Duty Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Super Duty Everett Washington
- Ford Super Duty Federal Way Washington
- Ford Super Duty Issaquah Washington
- Ford Super Duty Kent Washington
- Ford Super Duty Kirkland Washington
- Ford Super Duty Lynnwood Washington
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- Ford Super Duty Renton Washington
- Ford Super Duty Seattle Washington
- Ford Super Duty Tacoma Washington

Ford Transit and Transit Connect 
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Auburn Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Bellevue Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Bothell Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Burien Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Everett Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Federal Way Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Issaquah Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Kent Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Kirkland Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Marysville Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Renton Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Seattle Washington
- Ford Transit and Transit Connect Tacoma Washington

Ford Expedition
- Ford Expedition Auburn Washington
- Ford Expedition Bellevue Washington
- Ford Expedition Bothell Washington
- Ford Expedition Burien Washington
- Ford Expedition Enumclaw Washington
- Ford Expedition Everett Washington
- Ford Expedition Federal Way Washington
- Ford Expedition Issaquah Washington
- Ford Expedition Kent Washington
- Ford Expedition Kirkland Washington
- Ford Expedition Lynnwood Washington
- Ford Expedition Marysville Washington
- Ford Expedition Renton Washington
- Ford Expedition Seattle Washington
- Ford Expedition Tacoma Washington

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