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If you’re searching for a truck, why settle for anything less than Ford’s F-150? This line of pick-ups has stood the test of time, never eroding in excellence and instead only getting better with each passing model year. Right now, we want to dial in on one of the finest F-Series variants here at Sound Ford—the 2016 Platinum version.

This truck is a hot seller in part because of its smart inclusions that enhance its utility. The attention to detail by Ford’s designers is stunning. For example, the tailgate can be released remotely; all it takes is a double-clicking of the corresponding button on the key fob. In this manner, you can open access to the bed from afar before you load up your arms with luggage or lumber. Also, a step ladder and a stabilizer arm can be extended out of the rear of the tailgate area to make it easier to climb into the bed. Smart!

The 2016 F-150 Platinum is large and accommodating, too, ensuring that any passengers are well accounted for. In fact, headroom is 40.8” and 40.4” in the front and back, respectively. Even better, there are 43.9” and 43.6” of space for occupants’ legs in the fore and rear, respectively, ensuring no one feels “squished.”

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