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Used Ford Cars And Trucks Available In Seattle, Bellevue, And Tacoma Washington
2017 ford expedition el xlt for sale in seattle washingtonWhen it comes to more rugged, off-roading SUVs, there isn’t another option that can beat out the 2017 Ford Expedition EL XLT. With an extended-length body style that adds 15-inches, this family-friendly vehicle is great for daily driving and camping trips. You can drop the kids off at school during the week and head to the lake on the weekend.

Powered by a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Expedition produces 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. Equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission and 4WD, it gets 17 mpg combined (15 city/20 highway). With the proper towing package, this beast can pull up to 9,200 lbs.

The XLT trim level adds 18-in alloy wheels and roof rails for more storage. The cabin features a leather-wrapped manual tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel that can be adjusted to suit your height. According to Edmunds, the voice-activated Sync infotainment system operates on a 4.2-inch touchscreen. Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling, and you may charge your mobile device using the USB port provided.

Want to take one for a spin? Contact Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Expedition today!

Hello, Seattle! Today, it’s time your accelerate your appreciation of the Big Blue Oval brand by taking a look at the spectacular 2010 Ford Edge Sport. It profoundly impresses with a satisfying mix of style and substance, standing as a vehicle that is visually dynamic and built for performance.

This crossover is a looker. It’s more “aggressive” in its appearance than other Edge trims, providing blacked-out and body-matching components in place of shiny chrome as well as darkened, smokier headlights and taillamps. Further, the rims are upgraded to huge 20-inch aluminum variants, while a sensational mix of simulated suede and leather adorn the seats on the interior.

There’s a ton going on under the hood of the 2010 Edge Sport, as well. Its appearance is consistent with what lies beneath—a throaty and performance-tuned 3.5L V6 engine that roars with 253-lb.-ft. of torque and 285 horses. That will blast you down local highways and byways with great haste; in fact, you’ll appreciate the 0 to 60 MPH time of 8.4 seconds.

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The 2011 Ford Escape XLT is an immensely appealing automobile. It has the style of an old-school SUV—a more rugged aesthetic and truck-like stance—but more importantly, it delivers in a big way when you consider its performance- and convenience-related advantages. Let’s take a full inventory of everything the machine offers below!

This SUV is outfitted to take the streets of Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue with gusto. Its 2.5L four-cylinder engine makes for an engaging experience, offering up a matching 171-lb.-ft. of torque and 171 horses. And don’t worry about having an issue getting the most out of this machine—a simple-to-understand six-speed automatic transmission is provided.

This may not be the Limited model of the 2011 Escape but you won’t necessarily be able to tell once you’re seated within. The cloth covering the seats has been upgraded over the base variant, supplying the driver and passenger with a much finer set of cushions. The satellite radio grants a range of sophisticated, genre-focused programming that goes far beyond what’s available on terrestrial stations. Also, if you encounter low-lying clouds, the standard fog lights will certainly come in handy.

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2018 ford escape sel for sale in seattle washingtonIn the flourishing market for compact crossovers, there’s one that stands apart from the dizzying array of options. Bridging the gap between standard and luxury models, a used 2018 Ford Escape SEL is the ideal option for small families and people who love to travel. 

Powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, the Escape produces 168 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque. Equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission and 4WD, it gets an impressive 25 mpg combined (23 city/30 highway).

The SEL trim level includes 17-inch alloy wheels and chrome exterior trim for a sleek appearance. The stylish cabin features leather upholstery and a wrapped steering wheel/shift knob, bringing elegance and class to the interior.

According to Edmunds, the voice-activated Sync 3 interface is displayed on an 8-in touchscreen. It operates with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphone integration. You can run a Google search or listen to your personalized playlists with ease. Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling, and the navigation system ensures that you will never be lost again. 

Come try one out for yourself! Contact Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in pre-owned Escape today. 
The Explorer remains a consumer favorite. It’s one of those vehicles that’s firmly entrenched in the minds of American consumers, whether they’re already Ford fans or not. There’s great reason for that—the 2016 model year variant is a big-time performer when it comes to performance and spaciousness.

Go ahead, grab some friends and family and hop into this SUV! No one is going to be at a disadvantage when they jump into the back of this one. “Stretch-out” capacity is immense here, easily outpacing rivals on the market. For example, Chevrolet’s Tahoe has only 24.8” of leg room in the rear. Eh… that’s hardly generous, is it? However, in contrast, Ford’s mid-size crossover boasts a total of 33” of 
leg area. Talk about a big difference!

The 2016 Ford Explorer can really roll once you have everyone settled in, too. It launches itself off the starting line thanks to a 3.5L V6 motor that produces an impressive 290 HP and 255-lb.-ft. of torque. As you cruise, a fantastic 28 MPG average highway rating is maintained. Plus, this machine is built for off-roading with its available all-wheel drive.

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The 2017 Ford Edge SE is a winner. Safety is a central tenet of its design, with the NHTSA lauding it with stellar scores thanks to the menagerie of intelligent, progressive features it offers passengers both in the front and rear of the vehicle. Let’s take a closer look!

This mid-size crossover is stacked with safety features. Your family and friends likely have never been as secure in an automobile as they will be in this Ford. Front, rear, and side-curtain airbags are installed throughout the cabin, and there’s even a knee inflatable located within the glovebox. Moreover, this Edge makes fantastic use of the Big Blue Oval’s enhanced traction control system. This senses road conditions in real time, selectively braking each wheel as necessary to accommodate and prevent skidding.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a huge fan of this 2017 Edge SE due to the aforementioned features. The crossover receives an overall five-star rating from the U.S. government body, as well as perfect scores in every subcategory except for “small-overlap frontal,” where the vehicle still received an “Acceptable” mark.

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2018 ford edge sel for sale in seattle washingtonWhen it comes to large SUVs, some may consider them to be dull and difficult to maneuver. If you are looking for a crossover that is pleasant to drive and has lots of cargo room, think about a pre-owned 2018 Ford Edge SEL. This mid-size vehicle is easy to park and gets better gas mileage than the GMC Acadia.

Powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the Edge generates 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. It can seat up to five people and has a fuel economy of 23 mpg combined (21 city/29 highway).

The SEL trim level adds LED headlight accents for a sleek exterior look. Heated side mirrors are ideal for the winter months in the Pacific Northwest, and dual-zone automatic climate control keeps all occupants at a comfortable temperature during the ride. The stylish cabin boasts upgraded cloth upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

According to Edmunds, the rearview camera and parking sensors assist with backing out. You will not have to worry about causing a fender bender.

Want to take one out for a spin? Contact Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a used Edge today!

Ford loves pulling out all the stops on their Limited models. They don’t hold back when it comes to power and premium comfort—instead, they devote only their finest engines and their most sophisticated in-cabin features to this range of vehicles. You can see this extremely well represented in the 2011 Escape crossover.

This car is chock-full of goodness. It’s the perfect example of a well-stocked 21st-century automobile, what with its heated side mirrors for enhanced visibility and the electronically warmed leather seats for your comfort in the winter season. Additionally, the inclusion of satellite radio really frees you from the monotony and predictability of terrestrial stations and their tired, repetitive set lists.

The 2011 Ford Escape Limited happens to have a big-time engine, too. It’s packed with a spirited 3.0L V6 that delivers 240 horses and 223-lb.-ft. of torque, which is plenty of “pop” to send you flying up and down Seattle’s many streets. In fact, you’ll be able to roll from zero to 60 MPH in only eight seconds.

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2018 ford ecosport se for sale in seattle washingtonIf you are in the market for a compact utility vehicle loaded with high-tech options, consider a used 2018 Ford Ecosport SE. This small SUV is fuel efficient and had plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

Powered by a turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, the Ecosport produces 123 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque. It gets an exceptional 28 mpg combined (27 city/29 highway) and is equipped with front-wheel-drive. With 34-cubic-feet of space behind the back row, you can easily load this crossover up with luggage, groceries, sports equipment, and more.

The SE trim level adds rood rails for more storage and LED running lights. The cabin features heated front seats and premium cloth upholstery throughout. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob bring a touch of class to the interior. For those beautiful summer days, you can open the sunroof and let in a cool breeze.

According to Edmunds, Sync 3 operates on a 6.5-inch touchscreen and has Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free calling.

Get in touch with Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned Ecosport today!
Ford understands that consumers care about how they feel when they sit in an automobile and also what the sensation is when they press down on the pedal. If either part of the experience doesn’t fully deliver, the car immediately becomes a chore to drive—an abject failure of design. That’s why the Detroit manufacturer made every effort to engineer the 2014 Explorer with these aspects in mind—and boy were they successful.

The cabin of this crossover is immediately welcoming thanks to the use of fine materials throughout. Premium leather cloaks the seats and the steering wheel—the latter is wrapped thick for an impressive hand feel. The cushions underneath both driver and front passenger are heated, keeping you supremely toasty even on the chilliest of days and nights. And because Ford knows how digital-driven our lives have become, there are four 12-volt DC power outlets scattered throughout the interior to charge up smart devices.

The 2014 Explorer Limited is a thrill to drive, as well. You receive instant response whenever you step on the gas thanks to the sophisticated and juiced up 3.5L V6 engine, which cranks out 290 horses at 6,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 255-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 RPM. And you won’t be making many pit stops, either, because this crossover receives a 28 average highway MPG.

Ring us at Sound Ford in Seattle now to get behind the wheel of this Explorer!