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Used Ford Cars And Trucks Available In Seattle, Bellevue, And Tacoma Washington
It’s always a disappointment to arrive at a dealership only to find that the model you’re looking to tour and potentially test drive isn’t available. That’s why we take a quick timeout every week to keep you abreast of the latest additions to our Sound Ford lot. Toward that end, we’re thrilled to bring this 2013 Escape SEL to your attention, a compact crossover that delights with its road performance and spaciousness.

If you’re looking for ample passing power on the highways and byways of Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue, you’ve got it with this peppy Escape. It’s packed with a 1.6L four-cylinder that puts other contenders (or in this case, pretenders) to shame, offering 173 HP and 184-lb.-ft. of torque. Fuel efficiency remains high despite this welcomed performance, ringing in at a stellar average MPG of 23 city / 33 highway.

Also, don’t sweat it if you’re planning a big cross-town move or an epic family summer vacation—the 2013 Escape SEL will accommodate tremendously. It features dimensions of 178″ L x 72″ W x 66″ H, which in everyday scenarios actually means quite a deal. If you need to pack up the car with luggage and boxes, you’ll have a total of 34.3 cubic feet of room or 68.1 with the rear row folded.

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We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a dear friend, and your old yet trusty SUV definitely falls into that category. But although you’ve pampered it in recent years as much as possible, it’s time to finally let it go and move on to greener pastures. If you need a more modern alternative, a quick survey of the 2011 Ford Explorer XLT will show that it’s a wildly capable machine that supplies sensational spaciousness.

As you can well attest to through experience, an SUV is greatly diminished if it can’t function as a supreme hauler of goods. It needs to have the dimensions to cater to your kid’s college dorm move-in day or your next big fishing trip. Fortunately, the 2011 Ford Explorer XLT comes through in this regard. In its standard configuration with all seats in place, there are a generous 21 cubic feet of storage available. Things really open up when you fold the rear row down, though—you’ll have a max total of a whopping 80.7 cubic feet to play with!

As you’d expect, this vehicle is adept when it comes to road performance, too. It’s primed and ready to go thanks to its 3.5L V6 engine, which generates 237 horses and 250-lb.-ft. of torque. Additionally, the setup has mercy on your wallet whenever you head to the gas station, providing an EPA-estimated highway MPG of 25.

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2017 ford fusion se for sale in seattle washingtonSharp handling, punchier acceleration, and a quiet, stylish interior are what you can expect when looking at a pre-owned Ford Fusion. This model has been redesigned with the needs of a modern driver in mind. Engineers worked hard to devise a push-button ignition and rotary shifter that freed up space for handy cupholders and bins.

Sync 3 replaced the previous version’s MyFord Touch, providing quicker navigation and easier smartphone integration. This mid-size sedan can seat up to five passengers and has ample trunk space (16 cubic feet). The 2.5-liter engine generates 175 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque and has a fuel economy of 28 mpg combined (23 city/34 highway).

The 2017 Fusion SE boasts an automated parking system that makes parallel and perpendicular parking a breeze. LED headlights amplify the luxurious appearance of the exterior. Safety features like traction and stability control, antilock disc brakes, and blind-spot monitoring give potential buyers peace of mind and make the overall driving experience less stressful. According to Edmunds, inflatable rear seatbelts are another enhanced characteristic that help to protect backseat occupants in the event of an accident.

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Envelop yourself in luxury, Seattle! The 2010 Ford Edge Limited outclasses the mid-size crossover alternatives by blending sublime road manners with upper-crust in-cabin features that will dazzle and delight. Once you peruse the details below, you won’t want to settle for anything less.

Ford’s 2010 Edge Limited is poised no matter the situation. It is undaunted when you need to tow something, offering up to 2,000 pounds of capacity. However, when you’re simply cruising the streets, the machine is thoughtful and refined enough to deliver a sensational average MPG performance of 25 highway / 18
city. Of course, the beating heart of this crossover is the 3.5L V6 that proudly hums underneath the hood. It vigorously generates a total of 285 horses—serious power for those that need substantive speed.

All in all, the name of the game with the Limited is luxury. This Edge comes through with supple leather front cushions that are heated and provide the perk of six-way power adjustability, enabling you and your passenger to effortlessly slide into the most comfortable position. Each of these seats is also imbued with a memory function that intelligently recalls your preferences. Additionally, the back row folds down electronically, saving you from manual operation.

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2015 ford fiesta for sale in seattle washingtonWith high-tech features and an updated interior, the 2015 Ford Fiesta Titanium scores big in affordability and entertainment. Competing against the Honda Fit and Hyundai Accent, this easy-to-maintain vehicle is very attractive to potential buyers with its budget-friendly price tag and low cost in overall upkeep.

Equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, this subcompact car gets 31 mpg combined and produces 120 horsepower and 112 pound-feet of torque. Available in either a 4-door sedan or hatchback, the Fiesta comes in multiple trim levels. The Titanium is the best one with stylish features like 16-inch wheels and a chrome exterior trim for a sleek appearance.

The infotainment interface operates with a 6.5-inch touchscreen known as MyFord Touch. Eight speakers allow all passengers to enjoy a full jam session while listening to their favorite music. Keyless entry and ignition, heated seats, and automatic climate control provide comfort and convenience, while the rearview camera and parking sensors make driving in reverse an easy task.

According to Edmunds, the trunk space is ample at 12.8 cubic feet. It’s just the right car for everyday use, and the front seats can be adjusted to suit the driver’s height.

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Ford has been making amazing vehicles right here in America for generations but their latest have become increasingly refined. Even the lower trims of these lines are offering heightened performance and increasingly well-developed features, and that’s easily witnessed in the 2010 Escape XLT.

You may not associate an affordable compact crossover with sophisticated power but you can reorient your expectations immediately when it comes to this Escape. Its 2.5L four-cylinder motor produces some fantastic numbers—a matching 171 horses and 171-lb.-ft. of torque. Towing capacity impresses at up to 1,500 pounds. Plus, you’re not going to be forced to make constant pit stops at gas stations along your next route because the car easily manages a 28 highway / 21 city MPG rating.

You’ll appreciate the “extra mile” Ford went in outfitting the 2010 Escape XLT, as well. On the exterior, you won’t be able to miss the style afforded by the 16-inch silver aluminum wheel rims. Front fog lights serve to keep your path illuminated and clear even when low-lying clouds otherwise threaten visibility. Once seated inside the car, you’ll find that the premium cloth trim is a step up versus what’s featured in many competitors’ offerings. Additionally, AM/FM/satellite radio frees you from the constraints of terrestrial stations.

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Just completed some spring cleaning and have a little extra room in your garage now that those old boxes have been tossed out, Seattle? Great—sounds like you’re ready to make use of all that space. And what more exciting way than to celebrate with a new vehicle? If you’re in the used market, you cannot do better than the 2012 Ford Edge Sport, a mid-sized crossover with ample power and smart safety features.

Pile into this SUV and get ready to roll! The 2012 Edge Sport is no joke when it comes to hitting the road with aplomb and a sense of urgency. The 3.7L V6 ensures that there’s nothing holding you back when you feel the need to get somewhere speedily. It drums up 305 horses and 280 lb.-ft. of torque, and is mated to Ford’s SelectShift. This nuanced transmission offers the simplicity of automatic operation with a semi-automatic 
sport mode for thrills that more hands-on drivers will dig.

Now, chances are you’re cruising with other passengers in the Edge and safety is going to be of paramount importance. Ford was considerate in this regard, offering a bevy of side curtain airbags and assorted inflatables throughout the front and rear that deploy in the event of a collision and ahead of a potential rollover. Plus, all-wheel drive is available to make off-road situations and inclement weather conditions more manageable.

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2015 ford fusion hybrid for sale in seattle washingtonBetter fuel economy has become the wave of the future. If you are in the market for a hybrid vehicle that has plug-in capabilities, a used Ford Fusion Hybrid is a top choice. This higher-end model may be a bit more expensive than competitors like the Toyota Prius and Honda Accord Hybrid, but this spiffy car doesn’t skimp on the awesome features and high-tech amenities.

Coming standard in all trim levels is a rearview camera complete with parking sensors to assist in carefully backing up. Stylish attributes such as 17-inch alloy wheels and heated, leather upholstery give it an elegant look inside and out.

The 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium offers drivers the best characteristics for an even more luxurious and sporty ride, according to Edmunds. A rear spoiler adds pizzaz, while remote ignition, automatic headlights, and dual-zone climate control provide comfort and convenience. It is also equipped with the voice-activated audio system known as Sync, which boasts an 8-inch touchscreen and smartphone integration for receiving calls hands-free.

Powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack, this eco-friendly car can drive for up to 19 miles without using any gas. According to Edmunds, it can generate 195 hp and gets 38 mpg combined.

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It’s a constant battle here at Sound Ford in Seattle to keep the Explorer in stock. Consumers adore the mid-sized crossover and its legacy of greatness. If you’re in the market for one, rest easy in knowing we just received this 2014 Limited model; it will wow you with its energetic engine and sublime comfort.

This Explorer can rocket down the road! One of the most formidable weapons in its automotive arsenal is the 3.5L V6 motor. It effortlessly produces power, offering the vim and vigor of 290 HP at 6,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 255-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 RPM. And Ford didn’t arrive at those numbers thoughtlessly or lazily—considerate engineering was performed in order to boost specifications across the board. This is seen when you consider the fuel economy, which is stellar at an average highway MPG of 28.

The “Limited” in this 2014 Explorer’s name stands for something, too. You’re getting real luxury here, including supple leather that stretches across the seats and steering wheel. The front cushions are heated, and the side mirrors are powered up for simple on-the-fly electronic adjustment. Plus, this car is undeniably considerate of 21st-century lifestyles, serving up four 12-volt DC outlets for device charging.

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2015 ford f-150 for sale in seattle washingtonTo reimagine America’s best selling line of full-size pickup trucks, Ford went back to the drawing board to completely redesign the popular F-150 for the 2015 model year. Exterior styling modifications are minimal and include an updated grille and distinct headlights. The biggest changes are ones that will most likely go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Engineers have managed to shave off 700 pounds of excess weight by using lightweight aluminum all across the body and hood. This military-grade alloy is stronger than steel and comes at a fraction of the weight. This adaptation grants the F-150 a heavier payload of up to 2,286 pounds, better towing capacity (9,100 lbs.), faster acceleration, and optimized fuel economy (22 mpg combined).

The 2015 Ford F-150 XL has a 3.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine, generating 325 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque. This model offers trailer hitch assist, which makes lining up for towing a simple, one-person job. Also available is the top-down 360-degree camera view system to assist with navigating through tight worksites. According to Edmunds, this workhorse is the perfect option for getting the tough jobs done with ease.

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