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Fantastic dealer!
From first contact to the end, it was a smooth and awesome experience at Key West Ford. I inquired to the sales rep Kai through AutoTrader the day before about a 2008 Jeep Patriot. Within hours I got a response, and we scheduled a test drive next day. Following day Kai was awesome and texted me his ETA to the dealership, and made sure I was taken care of before I even came in. The test ride was smooth, and I loved the car and price. The finance rep Gurj was also fantastic, worked around some technicalities with the financing and got me on the road in no time. Within a few hours, everything was sealed and I drove home with the Jeep. Thank you Kai, Gurj, and everyone else who took care of me today. I appreciate the transparency, friendliness, and professionalism from everyone.
Great service from Pete & Brian
We bought two used cars, one from Brian and one from Peter. Both took their time to search for the right car and we went with each car on a test drive.
Best dealership
Peter Olson was very helpful with everything took his time to explain and show all. Management team was remarkable. This place is a friendly and amazing place to be. Recommend to everyone that want to have a amazing experience like myself.
2018 Ecosport
Great service from the staff a Key West Ford. I was surprised to pick up vehicle with a fill tank of fuel alot of dealerships don't do this anymore.
Going above and beyond to satisfy
Peter, while on his day off (what salesperson ever has a day off LOL) spent the entire day trying to find the best fit for us in a used vehicle. After shovelling many cars covered in a foot of snow, we realized that Peter was willing to shovel the whole lot if we could find what we were looking for. What really impressed us was not only his knowledge of the vehicles and the new technology but his desire to find us the vehicle best suited to our needs. Peter helped us narrow down the search and test drive suitable vehicles till we found this comfortable and economical vehicle with more options than we asked for. All the staff involved in our search were friendly, courteous and very helpful
Buying a truck from Key West Ford was a positive experience.
Buying our used truck from Key West Ford turned out to be a hassle free experience for my wife and me. The sales person, Jag Dhillon, and the two managers, Ivan Matulik and Michael Nokes, were professional, courteous and friendly. We encountered no high pressure sales tactics. We also were appreciative of the fact that Ivan allowed us to take the truck to our own mechanic for an inspection and appraisal. The vehicle was more than fairly priced and was in excellent mechanical shape. Their detail crew had the 2010 F150 looking like new. We would have no problem recommending Key West Ford to others.
Review of sale service
I had an exceptional experience dealing with the whole team at key west Ford, especially Jag and Nicholas T. They went above and beyond to help us get our new vehicle!! I would recommend to others for sure.
Excellent customer service
Peter was an ideal salesman. He was friendly, helpful and put us under no pressure. We got a great deal on exactly the right car.
excellent customer service
i googled vehicles, found a truck i was interested in and emailed dealer info request. salesman got back to me next day. went for a test drive and told them i love the truck. they washed, fueled, and did the spay bed liner before i was even ready to pick up!! i was very impressed with the efficiency!! a big thanks to Nick who was able to finance, Ivan the manager and Peter the salesman. would def recommend to friends and family looking to buy vehicle. I love my new truck!
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Used Ford Cars And Trucks Available In Seattle, Bellevue, And Tacoma Washington
Hop into luxury with the 2011 Ford Edge Limited! This is a stellar new car choice for anyone in the Seattle area and beyond. It excels through the inclusion of a wide range of interior refinements and dynamic driving performance.

Immediately upon settling into the 2011 Edge Limited, you’ll find there’s a lot to love. The driver’s seat is ten-way power adjustable, enabling you to find a position that suits you no matter your height and leg length. A memory function for the side mirrors allows you to quickly and electronically set them back into place in accordance with your preferences, helping to eliminate blind spots. Additionally, the entertainment is top class—the 12-speaker premium Sony arrangement delivers satellite radio in high fidelity.

Get ready to zip along the highways and byways of Renton, Bellevue, and Seattle. The Edge Limited is stocked with a 3.5L V6 that is more than up to the task of delivering a total of 285 horses and 253-lb.-ft. of torque. The transmission provides for a sport mode that gives you hands-on control over shifting, adding a sense of dynamism. Also, the EPA estimates you’ll receive a generous 26 MPG on the highway.

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Get ready to drink in compact SUV luxury. It abounds within the 2010 Ford Escape Limited, a car that offers a delightful collection of in-cabin conveniences and refinements. Additionally, consumers have come away vastly impressed with its engine performance. 

As you enter the Escape Limited, there’s plenty to grab your attention. You’ll find that the leather front seats carry heated functionality for these colder winter months. As you look to the side mirrors, you’ll notice they’ve been widened for this model year to combat blind spots. And starting up the vehicle, you’ll see a couple of other delightful inclusions. Headlamps pop on automatically, and the center dash displays a backup camera as you put the car in reverse—standard for the 2010 version of this SUV. As you get going along the roads of Seattle, you’ll also benefit from the six-CD changer.

After you select your favorite compact disc and get the entertainment going, you’ll have ample opportunity to focus on the driving experience. Fortunately, the Escape Limited continues to shine in this regard. The 3.0L six-cylinder motor pumps out 240 horses and 223-lb.-ft. of torque. Oh, and have a small trailer or boat to bring along? This SUV is more than up to the task with its 3,500-pound towing capacity.

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best deals on used ford expeditions seattle washington areaSo often comfort features inside a vehicle are reserved exclusively for the driver and occasionally their copilot. We’re happy to say that that is not the case for the 2017 Ford Expedition EL Limited. If you value the experience of all of your passengers, consider investing in a used model of this SUV.

Of course, the driver does get a few exclusive features, like a memory setting on his or her personal throne, as well as a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. But both the captain and the front passenger get 10-way adjustable seats with lumbar support, which are heated and ventilated. Good luck finding a chair with that sort of customizable comfort anywhere else.

But what’s most surprising about the Expedition EL Limited is what the folks in the second row get to experience. According to Edmunds, this lucky pair of passengers enjoys heated seats, which should cut down on sitting position competition on chilly winter mornings. This SUV is also equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control, so no matter where you’re situated, you’ll be cozy or cool, depending on your preference.

What are you waiting for? Find out if this SUV is right for you at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can also explore our complete pre-owned Expedition inventory online now.
The Ford Explorer line has always placed a premium on performance, and the 2010 XLT model is no different. It excels thanks to a powerful motor and excellent stability and control, enabling you to deftly whip around corners throughout Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue. Rugged, smart and capable, it remains a favorite consumer choice.

The Explorer XLT’s 4.0L V6 is a champ. It delivers impressive results—specifically, 210 HP and 254-lb.-ft. of torque. If you need to tow a small boat or other recreational vehicle or trailer, you can take heart, as this Ford can easily manage to haul up to 3,500 pounds. And you’ll also be relieved to know that this machine receives a generous 20 MPG average highway rating.

Safety and performance meet when you consider Ford’s AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control functionality. It operates to reduce the chance of dangerous wheel spin. The system works by utilizing the computer and various sensors to detect how the tires are operating on a second-to-second basis. Whenever there’s a loss of traction, it automatically brakes to compensate.

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Ford had the grand idea of taking arguably the preeminent mid-size crossover vehicle and pepping up its performance with a supercharged model, and boy, are we glad they did. The 2012 Edge Sport delivers both power and superior safety in a big way, and consumers couldn’t be more pleased.

First, performance. This 2012 Edge doesn’t believe in unnecessary humility—it struts its stuff openly and proudly. The 3.7L V6 is a barely tamed beast that explodes with power. It’s capable of producing 305 horses and 280 lb.-ft. of torque. Fuel efficiency remains great at 26 MPG highway / 19 
city. Also, the SelectShift transmission provides the ease of automatic operation merged with semi-automatic sportiness that gives the driver thrilling hands-on control.

Safety was a heavy priority when Ford’s designers dreamt up the Edge Sport. Side curtain inflatables join the usual assemblage of airbags to cushion passengers during a crash. These are augmented by a safety canopy that mitigates damage during a rollover. Additionally, traction control ensures your tires maintain a proper grip on the road across all conditions.

Stop by Sound Ford today to learn more about the Edge Sport!
best deals on used ford fusions seattle washington areaIf you’re having a hard time deciding between function and comfort, don’t. You can have the best of both in a used 2015 Ford Fusion Limited.

Choosing this trim level grants you a number of exceptional comfort features inside the cabin. For starters, there’s leather galore covering both rows, as well as the shift knob. The copilot’s chair can be power adjusted in six directions, while the captain’s can move eight ways. The driver’s seat also comes with a memory function, so if a differently sized person borrows the Fusion, you can return to your exact settings with the touch of a button.

If you’re in need of some extra illumination, the Fusion Luxury does not disappoint. Edmunds says that this trim level also gets you fog and security approach lamps, which are very useful for rainy Seattle weather. The outer mirrors are quite deluxe as both are heated and come with a memory function. The one on the driver’s side is auto-dimming, so you aren't blinded the glare of any bright lights.

Experience the Luxury trim level for yourself at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can take this sedan for a test drive and view the rest of our pre-owned Fusion inventory, which includes hybrid and plugin models.
best deals on used ford focus seattle washington areaIf you like getting up to no good, then consider a used 2017 Ford Focus RS. This performance car is sure to satiate your need for speed, as evidenced by it’s 4.6 second zero to 60 acceleration record. But that’s just the beginning of this sedan’s wonders.

Based on the melodic - and quite audible - growl that comes from beneath the hood, you would think that it houses on a monster. And you actually wouldn’t be far off. The Focus RS runs on a 2.3-liter four cylinder which wields a whopping 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Car and Driver says that the six-speed manual transmission paired with the all-wheel-drive traction, enables this sedan to catapult from stoplights with a true ferocity befitting its reputation.

The Focus RS offers four different driving modes: Normal, Sport, Track, and Drift. The last one is going to be your preference for when you’re ready for some tomfoolery. Selecting this setting will open the torque-vectoring rear axle, which allows more agility in corners. Basically, you’ll be doing exactly what the term implies: veering around turns with smoking tires. Definitely only try this in moderation and in a safe location.

Ready to have some fun? Come test drive a 2017 RS at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today and check out the rest of our used Focus inventory.
If you’re a fan of Ford, you’ve just got to check out the 2012 Explorer Limited. It’s a used car that comes with 2017-level features and engine performance. It’s no wonder then that it continues to earn rave reviews from consumers across America.

The 2012 Explorer Limited is outfitted with a heavyweight of an engine. The V6 motor generates 290 horses and 255-lb.-ft. of torque. Alternatively, you can turn to the option of a 2.0L turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder, which provides 240 HP and 270-lb.-ft. All-wheel drive is also available, meaning you can tackle the backroads of Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue as surely as you can the highways.

“Limited” means this is a luxurious vehicle on the inside, as well. The seats are leather and heated in the front, while dual-zone automatic climate control enables both the warming and cooling of each side of the car separately. The driver benefits from lumbar support, and each row features side curtain airbags for an extra dose of safety.

Ring us at Sound Ford in Seattle to experience the 2012 Explorer Limited yourself!
Whether you’re looking for a daily commuter vehicle to the workplace or a capable compact family hauler, Ford’s Escape delivers. The 2016 SE model is a wonderful option for anyone looking for an auto with fantastic performance and a slate of included creature comforts.

Pop the hood on this one to see a true beauty. Underneath is a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that really puts a lot of pep into the 2016 Escape SE’s step. It easily produces 240 HP and 270-lb.-ft. of torque, meaning you’ll be sent rocketing from 0 to 60 MPH in just 7.2 seconds. The six-speed automatic transmission provides for a spectacularly smooth ride, too.

The interior of the 2016 Escape is also worth admiring. The driver’s seat can be adjusted to your liking. Side mirrors are heated to deal with the elements and improve visibility. A rearview camera is standard and helps to guide you out of your driveway or parking spot. A digital compass indicates the direction you’re traveling, while the onboard computer and center dash display give out pertinent details including trip distance, average fuel economy, etc.

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The Ford Edge is one of America’s favorite crossovers. We move inventory of this SUV regularly, but we just got this 2017 Titanium model in at our Seattle lot. It’s a wonderful ride that offers smart features as well as immense roominess, making it perfect for either a single man or woman or a full family.

Safety is accounted for with the Edge Titanium. It provides front, rear, and side curtain airbags, as well as ABS for each tire. The latter is augmented by the automaker’s traction control system. It works to mitigate any issues created by mismatched throttle and torque input by selectively braking each wheel to account for current road conditions. It may one day help you avoid a crash by keeping your car on the road.

This 2017 Titanium also sports wonderful dimensions. It’s 188″ long x 76″ wide x 69″ tall. This leads to real-world use-ability. Cargo storage is 39.2 cubic feet with all seats up. However, if you place the back row down, it opens up a generous 73.4 cubic feet of space for groceries, luggage, and more.

Swing by Sound Ford soon to try out the 2017 Edge Titanium!