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Used Ford Cars And Trucks Available In Seattle, Bellevue, And Tacoma Washington
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It’s not too late to hop aboard the hybrid train, Seattle! And, fortunately, you can do so in the pre-owned market thanks to the 2012 Escape Hybrid. This machine represents a tremendous effort by Ford to bring high efficiency and spirited performance to the masses—and let us tell you, the execution here is top-notch!

This compact SUV impresses with its under-the-hood technology. The Big Blue Oval brand has incorporated a 2.5L four-cylinder gasoline engine that creates 155 horses and 136-lb.-ft. all its own. However, there’s also a permanent magnet motor present that produces 94 HP, resulting in a combined total output of 177 horses.

Of course, that’s not the full story on the engine setup within the 2012 Escape Hybrid. Ford has implemented a smart system that enables the magnet motor and 2.5L unit to choose whether to operate by themselves or in tandem. This allows efficiency to be maximized at every turn (literally and figuratively), resulting in an EPA-estimated average MPG of 34 city / 31 highway.

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buy a used ford escape in seattle washingtonFord produces some of the finest cars on the road—and fortunately for you, it’s never been easier to get into one. There is a myriad of wonderful gently used Big Blue Oval machines available today, and few are more indicative of this than the 2013 Escape SEL. It’s a compact crossover with major credentials!

This auto will really impress you with its performance. You don’t always have to step up to an upper trim in order to enjoy great responsiveness when you push down the pedal—this SEL model gets the job more than done with its 1.6L engine. It creates 173 horses and 184-lb.-ft. of torque. It also easily manages a stellar average MPG of 23 city / 33 highway.

The 2013 Escape SEL is roomy despite the fact it slots into the “compact” category of crossovers. Its dimensions are 178″ L x 72″ W x 66″
H and, in practice, this results in some stellar cargo area to work with. With all the seats up and in place, there are a very healthy 34.3 cubic feet of storage to work with. However, if you place the rear row down, everything really opens up and you’ll have 68.1 cubic feet to benefit from.

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Happy Labor Day, Seattle! Many of you are spending time with friends and family but, if you’re taking a bit of that time today to catch up on your search for a new vehicle, you may be interested in hearing about the 2013 Escape SE. We feel confident this compact crossover will treat you and yours fantastically well.

The appeal of this machine is multifaceted. Under the hood, you have the spirited power of a 1.6L inline four-cylinder engine that creates 173 horses and 184-lb.-ft. torque. This is a pretty big improvement over the base S trim’s 168 HP and 170-lb.-ft. of torque, resulting in peppy performance as you zoom down Renton, Bellevue, and Seattle’s streets. Also, you won’t have to suffer at the pump, either, as this auto earns an EPA-estimated average of 30 MPG on the highway.

The 2013 Escape SE is an “all-arounder” in many respects and part of that equation is its interior spaciousness. You’ll have plenty of area to stretch out, as this model is 3” longer along its wheelbase and 1.3” wider than the outgoing 2012 variant. Legroom benefits in a big way as a result—rear passengers will enjoy 36.8” of it.

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Sometimes, buying a compact crossover can feel like a compromise. You’re getting the maneuverability of a smaller vehicle but you’re likely giving up interior roominess and cargo storage as a result. However, this isn’t the case with the 2013 Ford Escape SEL. The Detroit manufacturer has managed to craft a nimble machine that’s generous in size within the cabin—and it even offers peppy road performance, to boot!

This car may not be a heavyweight in a literal sense, but it is in a figurative one. It starts with its dimensions—178″ L x 72″ W x 66″ H. That isn’t huge relative to SUVs in other classes but it delivers a great amount of utility. If, for instance, you’re planning to pack up for a big cross-town move across Seattle, this Escape has your back. With all seats up, there are 34.3 cubic feet of storage to play with. However, if you fold the rear row down… bam! You’re looking at a maximum of 68.1 cubic feet of room.

The 2013 Escape SEL is a spirited road warrior, as well. You may not naturally associate a four-cylinder motor with power, but contemporary engines tend to surprise. This 1.6L thrills with 173 HP and 184-lb.-ft. of torque. Moreover, fuel economy is fantastic at an average MPG of 23 city / 33 highway.

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Another week, another amazing selection of cars to show you, Seattle! We’ll start with Ford’s compact crossover wonder, the Escape. This is a sensibly sized ride that comes packed with a surprising amount of serious performance, as well as a menagerie of standard features… even on the SE trim! Let’s dive into the merits of the 2016 model below, shall we?

While the lower S trim of the 2016 Escape is equipped with a very respectable 168 HP and 170-lb.-ft. of torque, this SE trim immediately kicks everything up a big notch. The 2.0L engine included here creates a monster 240 horses and 270-lb.-ft. of torque—on a vehicle such as this that’s so well-proportioned and light, it results in a zero to 60 MPH time of only 7.2 seconds! Coupled with this is a wondrous fuel efficiency of 30 highway MPG / 22 
city on average.

This Escape is packed with features that you might not anticipate seeing on a non-Limited trim, too. As you ignite the engine, the headlights will automatically sense the time of day and flip themselves on to adjust for night or dusk. As you travel, the digital compass will keep you steadfastly on your way. Also, if blind spots are proving troublesome on your journey, you won’t have to stop to manually readjust the side mirrors. You can instead simply alter their positioning electronically from within the cabin.

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So, let’s place this scenario: You want an environmentally conscious vehicle but you don’t quite have the funds for a Tesla or one of these overwrought, super expensive all-electric vehicles. You simply desire fantastic gas mileage at a reasonable buy-in price. Fortunately, Ford is here to cater to your needs with the exceptional 2012 Escape Hybrid.

Performance on this one is incredible! The Big Blue Oval brand has thoughtfully considered all aspects of what makes this car “tick,” developing something that was truly ahead of the curve upon its release and that continues to hold up extremely well today. This SUV benefits from a 2.5L four-cylinder as well as a permanent magnet motor. The former generates 155 horses and 136-lb.-ft. while the latter pumps out another 94 HP. In total, the automobile easily manages a combined output of 177 horses!

There’s more, though. Ford engineered an intelligent system—the 2.5L and the magnet motor can operate both independently or in tandem. The Escape Hybrid smartly chooses when it’s necessary to engage the services of each. As a result, fuel economy is tops—you’re looking at a wickedly awesome average MPG of 34 city / 31 highway.

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We’re back this week to detail some of our favorite gently used vehicles, Seattle! Cars like Ford’s celebrated Escape will get you where you need to go with aplomb. In the case of the spectacular 2011 Limited model, you’re in for a compact crossover that comes packed with performance and safety measures.

You won’t be hurting for lack of power with the 2011 Escape Limited. The mighty 3.0L V6 engine serves up 240 horses and 223-lb.-ft. of torque, meaning you’ll be the king of Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue’s various winding roads and freeways. The motor is good for a zero to 60 mph time of approximately eight seconds flat! Also, fuel economy is solid at an average of 23 MPG on the highway.

The fact this is a Limited model means that it’s outfitted with extras you won’t necessarily get to experience on lower trims. The supple leather seats are heated in the front to keep you toasty, while the side mirrors are also electronically warmed in order to improve visibility on cold nights filled with frozen precipitation. Additionally, those in need of more expansive entertainment options can get their fill of music thanks to the included satellite radio.

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Ford’s been forward-looking and futuristic in its car designs for years now. The Big Blue Oval company has worked to be at the forefront of the auto industry, and that dedication has yielded tremendous results. Case in point: the 2009 Escape Hybrid. It’s a crossover that offers consumers amazing hybrid performance that’s a year-long cost saver.

The 2009 Escape Hybrid eschews the limitations of gasoline motors for an incredible combination of conventional and electric engines. Firstly, the 2.5L Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder generates 153 horses at 6,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 136-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500 RPM. That’s a pretty hefty dose of power all by itself, but of course, this machine is capable of much more.

This wonder car is also bolstered by an electric engine that produces 94 HP at 5,000 RPM. When combined with the output of the gasoline motor, the crossover can easily manage a total of 177 horses at any time. Additionally, there’s a two-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT) that creates incredibly smooth “shifting” that’s effectively imperceptible.

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Stylish, spirited, and roomy to boot, the 2013 Escape SE is one of Ford’s finest. The compact crossover offers a ton to any consumer searching for a new ride that can comfortably occupy their garage for years to come. Critics absolutely agree on its merits, too.

You’re not going to suffer from lack of room with this auto. This Escape provides generous dimensions to accommodate you and any passengers you may bring along on your adventures. Compared to the previous generation model, the crossover has a width that’s 1.3” greater and, importantly, about 3” longer on the wheelbase. This aids with the all-important legroom specification—those sitting in the rear can stretch out thanks to 36.8” of space.

This 2013 Escape is one peppy ride, too. It’s a well-engineered marvel that we genuinely feel will win you over with its 1.6L inline four-cylinder engine, which produces 173 HP and 184-lb.-ft. torque. The lower S trim’s 2.5L motor makes 168 HP and 170-lb.-ft. of torque, so the SE trim is markedly more advanced in this respect. Additionally, the average highway MPG here sits at 30, meaning your wallet will be deeply appreciative.

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Ford makes dependable, performance-driven vehicles that consistently push the boundaries of their respective automotive generation. The 2012 Escape XLT is certainly no different. It serves up a wicked engine and sterling safety features that make it profoundly attractive to prospective owners.

Let’s talk motor specifications! This crossover may be small but it packs a mighty punch. There’s nothing here to hold you back from your aspiration to absolutely take the highways and byways of Seattle by storm—the 3.0L V6 motor hits top speeds in a thrilling rush thanks to its 240 horses and 223-lb.-ft. of torque. The six-speed automatic transmission is a cinch to operate, and fuel efficiency is a delight at an average highway MPG of 25. On top of this, the car is E85 compatible, which means it can work with fuel that achieves an octane score of up to 105. This equates to a potential performance boost beyond what you can get with premium gas.

Your passengers will be strapped in safely, too. The 2012 Ford Escape is stocked with front and rear inflatables that deploy automatically in the event of a collision. Additionally, side-curtain airbags are included to mitigate the effect of rollovers.

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